Friday, January 11, 2013

Summer and our face

Summer brings with it a lot of good things - sun, sea, vacation, swimming, relaxing ... But just as the summer months tend to be very unpleasant. Especially during the summer our skin suffers. Solve main summer skin problems!

Your face is fat
During the summer, it seems to us as we face smeared with oil. To at least partially alleviate this problem, twice daily clean face tonic. A week, apply a face mask that will cleanse the pores. Be careful if you have sensitive skin.

Your arms and legs look like chicken skin
If you notice on your skin red spots that are rough to the touch probably suffer from the so-called keratosis pilaris, which is also called chicken skin. It is the red spots that often appear on the hands. Use a lotion with beta-or alpha-hydroxyinom hydroxyinom (check the back of the product).

Ingrown hairs
Summer shave more often and therefore often have problems with ingrown hairs. Once a week, make a good scrub, also in the bikini area, to get rid of dead skin cells that have an influence on ingrown hairs. Be sure to use a shaving shaving cream. And after each use shaving cream that will soothe redness and prevent ingrown hairs.
Avoid waxing the same day as you go to the beach. Of course it is difficult to avoid, but it is better to wax it before bed, but in the morning before heading to the beach. In this way, your skin can rest and prepare. Because the salt and the sun certainly irritate an already irritated skin.

Pimples form of sunscreens
It is not uncommon for our skin to the sun-reacts irritating boils. For your face use a special sunscreen and make sure it does not contain oil.

The sun on your face

Experts have warned for years all risks of harmful UV rays. Due to the spread of ozone holes, global warming and related environmental disturbances on earth - the sun is becoming more and more dangerous to the health of ... Especially for skin health, because it is constantly exposed to the sun during the hot summer months.

And this summer it seems to be hotter than ever before. A lot of time you spend outdoors in the sun. To protect the facial skin from excessive dryness, pimples and prevent the outbreak of premature aging, especially be wary of the following:

First Cosmetics
• Regular morning and evening care and cleansing quality cosmetics are extremely important.
• At least half an hour before leaving the house put moisturizer with an SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) SPF. Pay particular attention to the protection of the mouth and the landscape below and around the eyes.
• When choosing makeup, before you opt for milder variants and natural look. When the makeup for the day, a better choice as shadow and powder, but creamy variants, as a result of sweating facial makeup that is creamy can lead to further clogging of pores and increased production of pimples.
• Loose powder apply several times a day to avoid excessive shine.
Second Liquid
• Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This way you will purify the whole body, and keep the skin hydrated and healthy.
• Wash your face every 2 -3 hours. When you wash, make sure the water is neither too hot nor too cold, because in both cases they can cause tiny blood vessels visible. Water will your skin in any form.
• Avoid carbonated and sweetened drinks. Plain water is the best
• You can opt for milk. In addition to acting as an antioxidant, milk is full of nutrients that will have a positive impact on the appearance and health of skin.
3rd Nutrition
• Avoid heavy foods, with plenty of protein and sugar, reduce acidic foods and grains.
• The season fruits and vegetables, so take advantage of it. For a nice tan is recommended that all vegetables is composed of a lot of water, such as carrots, zucchini, lettuce, celery.
• Also - and you have a wide selection of juicy fruits that are recommended for the skin, such as grapes, peaches, apricots, mango, etc..
• So, no matter how hungry you are, keep in mind that your skin will be more comfortable to salad and spiced with a heavy meal or a piece of cake.
• 4 Vacation is well known that stress and fatigue caused by pimples and lifeless skin. No matter how hard it seemed to make an effort not to annoy you and leave yourself plenty of time to rest ... At least the maximum possible.
• When you feel anger and frustration, odbrojte to 10, think positive, we should consider a relaxing activity that you pleasure.
• As far as sleeping - let it be the longer and better. Dim lighting and cool bedroom, bedding use of natural materials and quality, anatomic mattresses and pillows to make your position during sleep, which was more correct.
5th Some additional tips
• Avoid going out in the sun in the hottest parts of the day at least between 10 and 16 hours.
• If you still have to go out and when the heat of the strongest, be sure to place a protective face cream, lip balm spread, put sunglasses and a hat or cap that will block out the sun.
• If you are involved in sports - let it be early morning or late evening.
• Pay special attention to the feet - avoid wearing closed shoes in which they can be paired - better to opt for sandals that will allow them to "breathe" and prevent odors.
• After spending time in the water - or renew oil layer of sunscreen, and the same goes if you can not swim, but stay in the sun for a longer period of time.
• Note - harmful radiation from the sun, and it is during cloudy

During the summer moisturizer replacer Sun

During the summer, the more fat a person, so you should go to the special care unit treatment. Beauticians recommend regular moisturizer you use every day replace sunscreen. This way you will give your skin the necessary moisture, and can protect it from the sun.

True measure of milk sunscreen to put on your face fits in one teaspoon. In addition to protect you from unwanted UV radiation, this cream helps the skin to control sebum and shine. Choose the ones that are mineral based and which additionally feed your skin. To control the glow, even if it is not prone to greasing, the hot days of dial dvopostotnu means containing salicylic acid. These products remove the natural oils from the pores, and without draining too much skin.

During the summer it is best to forget about the powder. It is simply because of the high melting temperature of the skin and clog the pores, which leads to more production of natural oils that "fat face." Therefore, it is best to use a tinted cream that will be comfortable to the skin.

As far as night creams, choose ones that contain salicylic or glycolic acid, which regulates the secretion of fat. It is good if the night cream contains caffeine, which tightens pores and nicotinamide, which acts against inflammation.

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