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Quick Tricks for beauty

Work in the area where the air is not exactly the healthiest for your skin? Here nekolio tricks for homemade beauty ....

Banana against fatigue
PROBLEM: You work in a place where the air is not exactly the healthiest? Do you smoke? You are sleep deprived? At least once a week, apply a face mask on a banana because it is a fruit rich in potassium, a mineral that gives skin a fresh look. At the same time will solve the problem of bloated face and swollen eyelids.
RECIPE: Crush the banana puree and fork obtained apply to the face. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Remove the mask with warm water and cotton wool.

Basil cleaning
PROBLEM: The skin of your face looks tired and lifeless? You have the impression that you closed all the pores on your face? Call for help basil!
Recipe: Pour a handful of dried basil cup of boiling water and add a tablespoon of milk powder. When cool, use a product obtained instead of milk cleanser. Especially recommended for dry skin.

Eggs for mini lifting
PROBLEM: If you need a mask for skin tightening, eggs are the best solution. Contain albumin, a substance rich amino acids that tighten skin's surface layer.
RECIPE: To soften fine lines and tighten the face, whip the egg white snow and two teaspoons of sugar. Apply to face and leave on for 15 minutes, then remove with cotton wool soaked in water.

Cleopatra has been known for centuries as a symbol of feminine beauty, and often its beauty tricks used today. Try them and you

The legendary ruler of Egypt, known for his wisdom and beauty, is still inexhaustible inspiration, so the recent announcement that the film is, after Elizabeth Taylor, Vivian Leigh and Sophia Loren, should embody one of the most beautiful women of today, Angelina Jolie.

Cleopatra was especially known for her beautiful skin, and many people say that the reason it was bathed in milk. And modern laboratory today confirmed that milk is a terrific cleanser - it cleans the deepest layers. In addition to milk, in the time of Cleopatra as many as 21 women have used aromatic oils to protect your skin from the sun, get rid of the stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite ... They knew the medicinal properties of olive oil are also regularly used for embellishment.

Make a Cleopatra milk bath in a style very easily. While when full, slowly add two to four cups of milk. When you fill, soak it for about twenty minutes. Also, during the soak gently rub the skin washcloth to make it easier to separate the dead skin cells. After soaking gently rinse your skin with water. (Warning: Do not use too hot water for a bath because it dries the skin. Avoid this beauty treatment if you do not tolerate lactose).

Milky cleansers skin not only enhances its beauty, but also its softness and moisture. For this, you need a quarter cup of milk, buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream.
Fingers gently circular motion applied dairy product on the face. Finally rinse with warm water and a towel while tapkaj face is not dry.

In addition to milk, an essential ingredient of Cleopatra baths, treatments for hair and face was honey. The skin's ability to stay hydrated is essential for maintaining the softness, flexibility and thinness. As skin ages or is exposed to external influences, loses its ability to retain water, becomes dry and wrinkles appear. Honey attracts and retains water and is therefore great for a variety of moisturizing products including cleansing lotion, creams, shampoos and conditioners.
In addition to skin care, Egyptian women were very skilful in making the first fragrance. Were bathed in a mixture of oil, perfume and lime juice to keep it beautiful and seductive scent. Perfumes are made from special types of flowers and trees, and mixed with oil or grease. Adding oil slightly, because the smell of perfume guarded, Egyptian women used a variety of ingredients, cinnamon, henna flower, iris, lily, rose, bitter almond and fig.

Strange, but effective tricks for beauty

In most cases, you just need to look your best, something goes wrong - you get out of pimples, your face swells, no way to putting your makeup properly, even if you manage somehow to smear all at once ...

But fortunately, there are simple and a little strange, but 99.9% of the effective tricks to emergency in beauty. You probably never thought you would in an emergency against bubljice use eye drops, anti-cellulite cream puffiness, you'll strengthen makeup hot steam ...

Steam for permanent makeover

It sounds contradictory, but in order to successfully fix a makeover (and thereby not have none of fixing you normally use), water vapor will quite certainly help.

Once you put on your makeup, jump into a hot bath for 10 minutes (but of course not kvas person) or zapareno bathroom. Water vapor that evaporates from the bath, reinforce your makeover, and that amount of moisture will also help your face look fresh and natural. This trick is perfect for summer days.

Anti-cellulite cream AGAINST puffiness

Whatever the reason was puffiness of your face, one solution - anti-cellulite cream. Apply cellulite cream to the puffy area and a little out of the area.

Most anti-cellulite creams contain caffeine, which as a diuretic, pull off all excess fluid and reduce swelling. The effect will last only a few hours, 2-3 hours, but it will be enough to shine somewhere in its full glory.

! CAUTION! - Do not apply the cellulite cream on the eye area and do not you come to my eyes!

Eye drops Blackheads

When persistent, large, red bubljica want to spoil the day or night, coming to the aid of no less than eye drops.

Instead of the bump on your face apply a combination - a bunch of powder + concealer + loose powder, simply apply a drop of anti-irritation or redness. These drops, thanks to its ingredients, constrict blood vessels, and thus erase redness and inflammation and pimples like that no more.


You feel like a balloon? Suddenly you can not wear a panatlone you want to wear, and even a corset does not help ...

Half a cup of water, mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and drink it on an ex! Throughout the 30-minute slow down the enzymes in the production of vinegar želudačanog juice and you will slowly start to get pumped.


Linseed oil for longer and thicker eyelashes

While it's not a trick for immediate action, you will definitely come in handy, because it will not be a need for emergency interventions in this area.

In order to have longer and thicker eyelashes every night before bed, to the line on the eyelids, eyelashes, apply linseed oil. Flaxseed oil contains Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin B and lecithin. All these ingredients help restore lashes and encourage their growth.

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