Friday, January 11, 2013

Makeup for a leaner look

If you have chubby cheeks, highlight your eyes as this will divert attention, or a big wide nose can visually reduce the right shade of foundation ...

The easiest way to hide his tiny imperfections is to highlight what they consider to be the most beautiful, whether it's the eyes or mouth - the choice is yours.

Attention with chubby cheeks divert the eye. Emphasize the upper corners of the eyes with black pencil and mascara, and what are your eyes bigger the rest will look slimmer person. However, apply mascara to the upper lashes only, and not on the bottom, because you'll be visually reduced.

THE fuller lips will look slimmer
If you want to instantly look slimmer, highlight the lips. If your lips look small in comparison to the rest of the face looks great with them. After you have applied lipstick, put on lip gloss environment because they will be to increase the visual. Also, avoid lip liner, it will only reduce the visual lip.

Cheeks and nose REDUCE the right shade of Powder

If you want to visually reduce the cheeks, apply bronzer underneath the cheekbones for a shade darker than your skin, and the cheek bones or slightly brighter pink.

But make sure you do not see the transition between them or you will achieve the opposite effect, it says 24 hours.
If you want to visually reduce the nose, apply a darker shade of powder under the nose and on the top.
Would you like to expand your nose looks narrower at his side, apply a darker shade, and the bridge of the nose lighter shade of powder.

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