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How to look beautiful?

Wash your hair the right way

While whole life wash your hair, you might not even know that we are doing it incorrectly. Since hair is the most delicate when it is wet, when washing is necessary to pay more attention. These steps may require more time and attention to spend in the shower, but make sure that your hair will be grateful.

First Before washing your hair comb to avoid further umrsila. Then, thoroughly wet it with warm water to washed the dirt and grease. During this time, the fingertips pass through the hair. For best results, wash your hair again rather cold or warm water - that will make it shine.

Second Apply shampoo first in your hands, rub them to one another, and then apply it to the hair - the first theme, and then the rest of the hair. It is important not to make a mistake and pick up all the hair on the topic and so washing - so not only will you have a umrsiti will contribute to a shooting areas.

3rd Whenever you have time, wash your hair twice Sapone. After the first time you clean your hair of dirt, another application should ensure that the shampoo works, so it's good to leave it on your hair a few minutes before rinsing.

4th Before applying conditioner to make sure you squeeze the water out of my hair. In this note it is not uvćete hair, but simply squeeze. Apply conditioner length hair - from root to tips and leave it to act for 10 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly.

Makeup tricks that all defects are corrected

Do you want fuller lips, beautiful skin or nose thinner? With advice from professional makeup artist to learn how to turn weaknesses into strengths!

Eyes bigger

"The effect of larger eyes is best achieved through a pencil, but skip the black pen (narrows eyes) and use one color to define the upper lash line. If blue and green are not to your taste, be sure to use a gray, with whom there is no fault "says renowned artist Karmindi makeover. After that, the inner corners of the eye, apply pearl white shadow must then curl lashes so that they almost touch the brow will widen your eyes immediately. Finally, remember to apply two coats of mascara for added length trepvica.

Fuller lips

Colorless balm with a slight glow spread just above the lip - the area between the nose and upper lip lines. Adding to this filed of light creates the illusion of full lips. After that grease moisturizing lipstick that contains a high gloss. Avoid matte lipsticks that do not contribute to the visual impression of fuller lips. The final touch of decoration run the lower lip, on which you will in the middle of a small amount of leave a mark glossy balm that you have inflicted above the lip.


"With a concealer brush cover blemishes and cracks making short and quick moves. Protection with a brush? Brush bristles effectively fill small cracks than when applying concealer with your fingers," says celebrity makeup artist Mali Ronsal from New York. After you cover the small flaws, the corresponding level out the complexion powder.

Seductive Cheeks

How to make rounded cheeks look more seductive, you need a lighter powder and bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone. Make a fish face and apply the bronzer on your cheeks resulting cavity. Then laugh, brush posvetljivač to move your eyes from the eyeball to the temples. "The contrast tones define and shape your cheeks," says makeup artist Joanna slip.


If you're tired of constant repair bad eyebrows pulled out then see how this funkconiše. Skin scar is thinner and has fewer pores which makes the pencil and powder adapt. Tinted wax or creams are a much better option. Choose one of these two products in a shade that matches your eyebrows and make short strokes in the direction of hair growth. Shape your eyebrows by eyebrow pencil make a move along the eyebrows (not only problematic part).


It is well known that the bangs immediately fill the space between the eyebrows and the hairline, but if you do not want to get a haircut brozner mat (not pearl, it will only further emphasize the forehead) and a large powder brush. "Bronzer creates a shadow, it helps to look less big area," the slip. Insert the brush into the bronzer, then remove the excess to avoid shine and get a more natural look. Move the brush along the hairline on each side several times, and then make a full circle around the brow brush to fit the complexion.

Tanja NOS

Greater than or spread thinner nose do in just two steps: Apply the usual powder on the nose, and then drag across the middle of the nose posvetljivač a straight line to the bottom, then go back. "Cream were inflicted in the middle of your nose sandwiched powder will make the nose appear darker and narrower in seconds," says Karmindi. When you do this, the entire face, apply a translucent powder that will not harm the appearance of the illusion.

Remove makeup with cheap tricks

To maintain the beauty and freshness of the face, you should always remove makeup at the end of the day before bedtime. Besides the domestic market, there are numerous products to remove make-up, here are a few ways to remove makeup with ingredients you can find in your refrigerator:

Juice of fresh cucumber

This liquid can be used for downloading by going makeup strain it through cheesecloth and used instead of toning your face. Cucumber is great because it refreshes your skin, so you get a double effect.


Effective Make Up Remover of food is milk, vitamins and proteins which make the skin soft. Every night, clean your face with a piece of cotton wool dipped in the drink, and rinse with water. If you have problem skin, add maločaja mint.

When your makeup products for downloading or you have sensitive skin, you can use yogurt, sour cream and even butter! Like milk, yogurt moisten a cotton ball and gently rub your face.

Olive oil

Make a mixture of castor and spoon as much olive oil and two tablespoons of oil soaked kanole.Vatica'll take off even waterproof mascara, and vitamins A and E ublažiće circles.

Coconut oil

Excellent remover mascara and eye shadow and coconut oil, but make sure you have it in your eyes.

How to test make-up products?

When choosing makeup in the store, most of them using testers who inflict the wrist trying to determine which is the best shade us. However, when it comes to different products makeover, there are tricks that will help you accurately determine if you can tolerate.

Liquid Foundation - apply to the neck, which has a universal skin tone. If you try it directly on your face, it will be noticed when you leave the store.

Concealer - try on the inside of the wrist, and you will not go wrong even if you take a bit darker.

Blush - also apply to the inside of the first joint, but pay attention: blush looks different when you put on clean skin, and it is different when applied to the skin to which you've already applied foundation.

Eye Shadow - do not try on the fingers, because the surface coating on them can change the color of a snack. Therefore, it is better to use a cotton swab, which will cause a shadow on the wrist.

Ten tips for thicker hair

Cheats for abundant hair and more volume.

Thick hair with volume is feminine and sexy. Every woman wants a lush and thick hair, but many have thin hair that grows slowly. There are many reasons why the hair is thin and lifeless. Stress, genetics, poor diet, oral contraceptives, aggressive hair care products and pregnancy affect the quality of hair. She advised that these are tricks that give faster results and current look beautiful, lush hair.

First Sulfate free shampoo: wash your hair often can Jesus, and when you wash it less often, it is hydrated and not as prone to cracking. Sulfate free shampoo contains no harsh chemicals that damage hair and thinner hair.

Second Shampoo: Many manufacturers offer special shampoos for hair more volume. When you wash your hair Concentrate on the roots and tips of your fingers firmly massage the head to remove dead skin cells and accumulated fat.

3rd Blow his head down: Hair experts use this trick when drying curly hair. Try each time you dry your hair head facing down. Hot air blowdryer will raise the hair at the roots and give it a look of density and volume.

4.Četka hair follicle of swine: Improper hair brush that can be damaged. Use a round brush of pig hair to give volume and natural shine. This brush properly distributes natural oils on the scalp.

5th New hair color: The new hair color gives the impression of volume because it visually gives each strand density. Thin hair dyed quality paint looks thicker than before.

6th Warm coconut oil: In order to have naturally thick hair coconut oil massage. Heat the oil and apply it to your hair with your fingers in circular motions. Apart from coconut oil, you can use olive, jojoba or almond oil. After you have applied the oil, wet the towel with warm water, wring the water and wrap it around the hair. Repeat once a week to stimulate hair growth and make hair was thicker and stronger.

7th Shampoo for dry cleaning: Frequent shampooing is not healthy for the topic and because it dries out your hair. A good solution to refresh hair between washing the shampoo for dry cleaning. Increases the volume and density of the hair, and removes excess fat.

8th Head Massage: Stimulate the scalp massage with shampoo that contains peppermint oil and eucalyptus. Oil improves circulation and blood flow to the follicles and accelerate hair growth. Before washing, massage the threads 30 seconds.

9th Changing hairstyles: Long hair can look thinner, so consider changing hairstyles. Bob and bangs give the impression of thicker hair, and her hair gradually as the number of layers. If you want to install the locks of the hair, choose one that has a structure most similar to your hair follicle.

10th A healthy diet: A healthy and balanced diet is important for hair health. Must include fresh fruits and vegetables (citrus fruits, carrots, spinach), nuts, whole grain cereals, eggs, soy, dairy products (cheese, yogurt). A sufficient amount of protein, calcium, zinc and B vitamins, B3, B6, A, E and C is required for healthy hair.

First aid for these crises

Surely you happened countless times that you need to go to an important business meeting or romantic, someone's wedding or any other occasion in which it is expected to look tip top and you just pop a pimple that day, swollen eyelids, and the like. We present you a few tips on how to deal with this crisis very easily.


Use a gel-based moisturizer salicylic acid twice a day until the acne is completely withdrawn. You can act preventively by regularly washable gels based on salicylic acid which will work mild exfoliation to get rid of impurities from the pores.

Herpes (on the lips)

Pamper place where it appeared purposeful herpes ointment (acyclovir ointment or zinc) that you buy at the pharmacy. When the crust is formed, the Mazet naslavite Vaseline to prevent cracking. Kamuflirajte place by applying a small amount of thick concealer and translucent powder. Straighten this layer is a small, flat brush, and then apply some lipstick.

Swollen eyelids

A few minutes hold a cold compress, and then pat the skin eyelids anti-inflammatory cream that contains caffeine. You can act preventively by night, before sleeping, drink a glass of water, and the eye area gently rub ANTIRID, in the form of gels or creams.


Drink aspirinradi decrease pain and swelling. He then burned the place to put a cold compress of milk or water, and when you feel relief, apply hydrocortisone cream painful places that you can buy at the pharmacy without a prescription.


Whatever the cause, cool place after an injury as quickly as possible, to the narrowing of blood vessels and the reduction of the island, and thus the size of the hematoma. In the next 24 to 48 hours in some trouble spots put ice several times a day for 10 minutes.

Ingrown hairs

Exfoliated in the shower, then brush the problem area on the basis of preparation of salicylic acid. Then apply hydro cortisone cream to calm the redness and swelling. If you can see the top of the hair above the skin surface, pluck a sterile forceps (alcohol will be enough), but do not "dig" beneath the skin.

Expert makeup Meli Ronkal corresponds to the three most common questions.

First Whatever I do, I can not hide the dark circles under her eyes, a trick or a new product?

A good trick to camouflage dark circles to brighten the inner corners of the eye where we all have a little dark and uneven color. Apply hajlajter bending it into a C-shape of the corner of your eyelid to the top of your cheekbones. It really opens up the eye.

Second What are the three most important things to have in your bag?

My top three that I need to have are: concealer, mascara and blush. Concealer and mascara can instantly brighten your face and blush will accentuate your tan. Choose creamy formula concealer and blush, and you will not have to carry a brush. Using your fingers is the quickest and easiest method of application, and the best way to intervene product into the skin, not to be seen.

3rd How to choose the best surface?

Make it your skin type when choosing a substrate. For example, if your skin is oily, choose powdery base. If you have dry skin, I recommend that you try the creamy base instead. To choose the right shade, apply a little powder on the collarbone, and compare with their skin tone.

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