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How to have beautiful feet?

How to have beautiful feet? How to have nice feet?

How to have healthy feet?

This is the way to feminine beauty.

Before you get in your favorite sandals and favorite slippers, and exhibit foot views, treat them with treatments that will make them pretty, soft and cared for. Here are a few helpful hints.

* Daily shower use a soft brush to massage the ankle, heel and soles of the feet, especially the nails. That will remove dead skin cells and boost circulation. After that spread foot moisturizing cream or body milk.

* Once a week, soak your feet in water to which you have added a handful of salt and hold ten minutes. Then the feet apply a thicker layer of cream, wrap them with foil and get thin cotton socks. This treatment will make your skin softer and easier to help remove plaque on the heels and soles.

* It is recommended to regularly visit a pedicure at least every 20 days. It is best to nail care to professionals, but if for any reason you can not, do it yourself at home. Soak your feet in a warm bath and hold for 10 minutes, then cut and file the nails straight no sharp edges.

* Good polish review, any change in the color of the nail plate, and it's not a bruise from a blow or pressure of shoes, can be a yeast infection. If you notice this change must consult a dermatologist or a pedicure.

* If you have a problem with sweating foot cream instead of using talc, which is to put in the training to pick up moisture. Do not use products that prevent sweating, as this will keep the toxins in the body.

* Despite the best of care is going to be under the pressure of uncomfortable shoes or deformation of foot arch, creating blisters. The best way to remove them to a good pedicure. But, if you are willing to do that buy patches or remediation fluid blisters and follow the instructions.

Ingrown toenails
It often happens that the outer edge of the nail irritates the surrounding tissue first becomes painful and red and sore, with a very deep and painful wound. This change often followed by a blister that occurs beneath the nail. Nails can grow into the shoes that are uncomfortable pressure, or because of an irregular shape, so they must be properly formatted to their growth was normal. This problem is solved with the best pedicure.

Do not let painful condition exceeds the sick, because if a lot of complicated wounds, then the surgeon has to remove the entire nail, which can be painful and cause permanent growth disorders and nail looks. After several of these interventions and the nail may stop growing.
I alone can prevent the situation complicated. As soon as you feel pain in the corner of the nail, with impeccable hygiene, dab on a little piece of cotton 3% hydrogen, and under Place a nail that has grown (watt weigh well as larger piece can cause pain under pressure).

Then put on some cotton hidrocyclin, or a similar antibiotic ointment, and cover with the surrounding area. Repeat this procedure every night until the nail grows not sore, so it will boot from the injured area. Or shred cells or nail until it grows edge fingers, let her stay longer in the corners so as not to hurt again edge sensitive surrounding tissue.
When you grow the nail plate grows about half, you can install an artificial nail, as the hands. This must be an expert to do that under the artificial nail plate appeared not to fungal diseases. Upgraded nails look natural and real help grow correctly.

With regular exfoliating your legs will shine

Tight and great legs, imperative of feminine beauty, and as the summer approaches, more closely and dresses, shorts and skirts that will really put the focus on them.

- The most important is hydration, so after showering spread milk or moisturizer on your feet to keep the skin retain needed moisture - Daniel advises Mijic, beautician and adds: - With these tricks, your feet will restore shine for a few days and you will be restore confidence.

Easier to shave

If you have dry skin on your feet, be careful when you shave, and always do it in the shower.
- Hot water in the shower to soften the hair, so they will be easier to shave. Use shaving foam or gel and shave, and make sure that you always be razor sharp, and often alter.
Also, to refresh the skin after shaving, pat your feet moisturizing body milk - recommended Daniel.

Varicose Veins

Often standing and sitting for long periods can cause problems with varicose veins, which, if treated in time, it can alleviate. There are gels that can reduce visibility and reduce the feeling of heaviness in the legs.
- Veins in the legs require special care. Those who have them, you should avoid going to the solarium and prolonged exposure to the sun, and the warm wax hair removal - says beautician.
- The alternative is waxing cold wax, or better yet, shave. To gels and creams varicose veins have effect and should be kosristiti longer period - Daniel Mijić beautician advises.

Leather knee drained

Just like the skin on elbows and feet, and the skin on my knees is sensitive and prone to dryness. After every shower you should use fatty creams and Mazet these three regions to be soft and gentle to the touch.
- The knees are prone to dryness than the skin on other parts of the legs. On his knees, except that you will cherish them spreadable cream poorest, should exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells for which the knee may look dry and rough - says Daniel Mijic.


The feet are exposed during the summer looks, so do not forget that they need special care. If your skin is hard on the feet, once a week they spread a thick layer of cream, wrap them in plastic wrap and put socks, and wear them an hour or two, the skin absorbs nutrients. Vaseline is a great solution, because it will quickly soften hard skin.

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Foot care is important not only aesthetic but also the health aspect

Warmer during the call-out light summer sandals, shoes and even flip flops that are in the fall with longing in her eyes stored in a closet. However, although the warm weather fit for a walk in the city's favorite pair of sandals, you should take into account the condition of your feet. Many in the winter a little care neglect these parts of the body because they do not see, hidden under layers of solid shoes and socks. Not surprisingly, many remain shocked when they notice that their toenails grew a decent length and they cracked heels.
While the length of the nails are relatively easy to solve, cracked heels can turn into a serious problem. And the problem is not so rare, both women and men. Although it is more common in winter, when the skin due to poor circulation, cold and very dry, cracked heels are often state and during the summer months. Synthetic socks, closed shoes that prevent the "breathing" of the skin and lack of vitamins (especially A and B) can also cause problems. Peeling of the skin, thickened and rough skin, especially on the heel edge and even pain when walking are just some of the symptoms of dry feet.
One way to avoid such problems is to go full pedicurist. But since you're so something that few can afford, pedicures, treatment can be done at home.
At least once a month you should afford the legs warm bath into which you can put a handful of salt and a few drops of essential oil or a bit of bubble bath. In such prepared plunge bath legs and let it hinder ten minutes. The skin will become softer and podatnija and easier and you will need to remove dead skin from the feet.
To remove dead skin, thickening and natisaka that occur on the feet is best to use a special pumice stone that is rough enough to remove what should not be on your feet, and gentle enough that you do not damage the skin. For additional "rough" it, you can also use a coarse rasps foot or rough towel that will make peeling the feet dry.
After removal of excess skin, it is necessary to feed the skin of the feet make it soft and attractive in open shoes and sandals. Home remedy is very simple. Rub your feet and legs with olive oil, and if you have extremely dry skin, you can push the foot into freezer bags and leave the oil to soak for half an hour.
If your feet are in worse shape than you thought and you've discovered that your cracked heels, you will need to seek professional help in the form of special cream for cracked heels, like Scholl cream for cracked heels, to rejuvenate and soften rough, dry skin.
"Annual service" foot should all be part of the monthly routine and enter the lighter shoes or sandals will not pose a problem, and you will not be ashamed of their feet.

To refresh the skin on your feet is best to immediately exfoliated. If you do not have the right product at home and you can do it yourself


The right moment to girth your favorite sandals, but before you do expose your feet and treat them looks good treatment. You can do this yourself at home, preferably at bedtime, and here are a few helpful tips.

* To refresh the skin on your feet is best to immediately exfoliated. If you do not have the right product at home and you can do it yourself. In a bowl grind two lemons, then add three tablespoons of coarse sugar, three tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of cream and a tablespoon of honey, and mix everything well. Then apply this mixture to massage your feet and ten minutes. Then wash your feet with warm water.

* For a perfect foot care is essential and a good bath. So scrub your feet after 15 minutes in warm water to which you have added a little bubble bath, a handful of salt and a tablespoon of almond oil. Pay special attention to your nails, it is best to clean them with soap and brush while they are in the water.

* At the end of your feet spread nourishing cream or milk for oily body massage them for a few minutes, so obujte cotton socks will help to keep the skin soft.

My feet are easy to care for themselves. This will go down well, and the legs will always be neat and nice. Of course, if you regularly follow the instructions Mastilović Lepe, beauticians, and do more of what she advises. So, do not treat the corn, ingrown nails, calluses ... For this you need the experts.

First In a bowl with lukewarm water, pour a few drops of essential oil or a little sea salt. Soak your feet and keep them fifteen minutes, and if necessary, in the meantime, add hot water.

Second Cut nails straight softened, but not too short. That will avoid the problem of ingrown toenails. Noktnu file the plate on each finger one by one, slowly and patiently, taking care not to damage the cuticle.

3rd If you have a thicker heel, gently file the file or stone. Do not overdo the grinding, often it is better to remove thin layers.

4th Apply the product to soften the cuticle cuticles, wait a few minutes and then push them to the oval wand nail root. Work carefully and gently to avoid cracking.

5th When this is all done, wash your feet with warm water and wipe them well. Apply nail polish and let dry completely with de. Only then rub the foot nourishing cream and massage them. If your skin is rapidly absorbed cream, add more, it will be comfortable to your feet.

There is summer and you want to train a beautiful sandals, but your feet are dry and cracked?
Wondering what happened to the skin, which used to be soft and smooth?
Unfortunately, most of us have this problem, which contribute to improper diet, insufficient intake of water, air, the aging process, some diseases (foot infection, diabetes), poor hygiene and lack of shoes foot.
Many reconcile with the situation, thinking that it must be so.
In the busy pace of life is hard to find time for proper foot care and hygiene.
But you do not have to put up with all my life unpleasant feelings of dryness. Conditions foot can fix in 3 simple steps, just for 15 minutes a day.

First Step foot baths
Each starts with proper foot care bath. Bath and relax tired feet, improve circulation, restores freshness and soften hard skin.
Every night take a warm bath for the feet, to which you can add salt and a few drops of essential oils.
The bath is a good use of essential oils of tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus because they have antiseptic properties and protect feet from bacteria, fungus and warts.
Fill the tub with warm water, immerse your feet in the water and leave it for 15 minutes.
Do this every night before going to sleep - until the position of your feet is not improved. Afterwards, treat yourself to a bath 1-2 times a week.

For special foot care occasionally a bath of 1 cup lemon juice, 4 tablespoons olive oil, 1 cup of milk and a pinch of cinnamon. Fill the tub with warm water. Mix all ingredients well in water. Immerse your feet in the tub and hold for 10-15 minutes.

Second Step Peeling
And your feet need peeling. Peeling is a method by which removes dead skin cells, beneath which hides the new, shiny and smooth skin.
You can buy already finished peeling for the feet, but I recommend peeling the mixture to make it yourself, which is very simple.
Make a mixture of olive oil, brown sugar and salt. Rub hard with her in the foot.
Dead skin cells can successfully remove the stone or scraper heels.
Peeling is not necessary to work every day, enough to make it 1-2 times a week.
If you have a crack in the foot, just repeat the first and 3 step until the cracks are healed. Only then you can add the peel.

3rd Step: Good Foot Cream
After peeling wash your feet thoroughly and wipe with a towel. Moisture on your feet is not desirable because the growth of fungus.
Now is the time for a moisturizer and massage. Rub your feet with a good quality cream for the feet.
It is best to use a natural moisturizer for the feet, which you can buy in health food stores and natural cosmetics.
Instead foot care creams you can use shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil or coconut.
While applying the cream, you can gently massage your feet. Foot massage has a beneficial effect on the whole body.
Your finger several circular motion to the foot. After that, rub them with a fist, pressing the foot throughout its length. Do not forget to massage the toes, gently rolling and squeezing.
After bathing, massage and exfoliation wear clean cotton socks. Leave them on their feet for at least 4 hours. Go to sleep.

Care for each day
Take care of your feet every day. If cracks appear, sores or blisters, just pay attention and treat them accordingly.
Keep your feet clean and dry and Nurture them daily with natural creams - so your feet will still be in excellent condition.
Often, the poor condition of the skin associated with a lack of nutrients in the body or insufficient water intake.
Therefore, make sure you're getting enough vitamin A, which is essential for healthy skin. Carrots, sweet potato, kale, spinach and pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of this vitamin.
In addition to quality food, drink lots of water. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and your skin will be naturally smooth and soft.
You do not have to suffer from cracked, dry feet. Just follow these simple steps and soon the skin on your feet will be soft and velvety.

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Salt baths remove deposits from the fifth

Care of heels and elbows: Salt baths should be applied several times a week. When you remove thickening from heels and elbows should be applied to the skin moisturizers

Thickening of the skin anywhere, especially on the heels and elbows, mostly the result of pressure and friction, mainly due to excessive weight, static disorder foot (flat feet and dropped feet feet), then wearing inappropriate footwear, and in rare cases due to some genetic diseases (keratodermia ), or fungal infection.

- To avoid swelling on the heels of the skin should be regularly maintained. Salt baths (about two tablespoons of salt per liter of water) should be applied several times a week, and then remove the plaque rough heel file or stone for a fifth or a specially designed razors (chalk) - advises Dr. Rajko Jovicic, a dermatologist in the clinic "HOLIMED".

- Then, the skin should apply some of the products that work keratolytic (peel skin), and contain a higher percentage (20-30 percent) of salicylic acid or urea. Can also be used for preparations containing propylene glycol and acid derivatives of vitamin A.

When after repeated treatments to fully remove the plaque skin at least three times a week creams and ointments to treat a lower percentage of these products. At this stage they seem more moisturizing, and maintaining good skin elasticity and prevent the formation of plaque orožalih.
For healthy skin heels need to wear comfortable shoes. Most modern in sports shoes with excellent anatomical proofreaders, although they increase the possibility for the development of the fungus on the feet.

In folk medicine against skin thickening recommended baths of nettle, calendula, chamomile, trim the cabbage and onion. All these preparations seem slightly peel and moisturizers, so it can be applied to care, but in the case of larger deposits on the heels can not solve the problem.

Source: Evening News

Proper foot and nurtured one of the best indicators that a woman keeps to himself, and many men admit that they are most attracted to just this part of the female body. Grooming foot requires little effort and time, and it is enough that they devote at least every week twenty minutes. We present to you the five steps to a trim sexy feet:

A relaxing scented bath
Fill a bowl with warm water, pour salt bath and a few drops of essential oil. The best oils are lavender and eucalyptus, because, besides being a nice smell, protect your feet from fungus. Foot plunge into the prepared bath and relax for ten minutes. Salt and essential oils also have anti-stress effect, and the skin will be softer on the feet. After the bath, towel dry your feet well and spray an antiseptic spray that will remove the rest of the bacteria.

File heels
The thickened excess skin on the heels scrape rough side files for the fifth, and then go again gentler side.

Nail Grooming
Toenails should be clean and in hand. Remove excess skin, pushing it down, and then shape the nails with scissors and nail file. After that, apply a little olive oil or foodstuffs for babies.

Nourishing Cream
Since you took care of your nails and heels of your feet, apply nourishing cream to feed the skin and repeat this ritual every day before going to bed. If you feel the thickness of the shower at his heels, and immediately file the way your feet will be clean and soft, and often you will not have to go to the pedicure.

Peeling and night care
The feet can sometimes refresh and peeling, made from olive oil and sea salt, which you rub your feet well. Do not forget them after that first apply oily cream, put socks and let your feet soak up the cream until morning.

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Reward your feet the royal bath

For this relaxing treatment you need to take only half an hour!

If the current lack of money and spread your pocket, do not despair. Royal Pedicure, except in an expensive beauty salon, you can afford in your own four walls!

This way you will save money and time on your feet start to prepare for better times. For the pedicure, which you must present to separate only 30 minutes.

First Soak your feet in warm water for at least 15 minutes. Take this time to rest and relax. You can use an ordinary plastic bowl or tub with separate legs. To minimize any swollen legs or ankles, a quarter cup of water add sea salt or your favorite foot baths. Although it may not immediately notice, your feet will thank you from the first second.

Second Peel the skin, concentrate on the toes. We encourage you to download dead skin use a variety of gadgets. If you want to do the whole exfoliating foot or try special rasp wet stone toe. Removing dead skin, with the use of peeling, ten times easier. Rub the peel in the foot to perform a basic remove skin and then scrub calluses over separate file. When you are finished scrubbing, rinse and dry your feet.

3rd Apply foot cream intensive moist. You can use your favorite moisturizer or buy a special cream intended for the feet. Try peppermint lotion because it will cool your feet after hot water. Observe that, except legs, spreads and articles.

4th Color your nails. Although it is not yet time open sandals, nail polish, but now you can! Choose your favorite shade and make your Facebook.


* After the royal bath, make sure you clean and disinfect the heel stone, a special rasp and what you used for a pedicure.
* When you paint your nails, you can use a base and top coat. While the base coat full of burrs on the surface of the nail, the nail coating provides extra protection.
* Treat yourself to a royal bath once a week. When you care for your feet into the habit, preparing baths will become routine, advises Practice.

Get rid of the calluses

We are all eager to sunny days we literally "chase"  out and go for a walk. However, the arrival of more beautiful days, take off and put on my boots lighter, new shoes. How do you blisters on your feet not to spoil the enjoyment of spring, listen to our advice if it does, however, appear.

Indoor blisters

Indoor or blister is not accidental puncture, otherwise bacteria or viruses can enter and infect the wound. Protect the damaged spot and wait for the blister bursts and then I disinfect it.

Open blisters

If the wound is already open, it is necessary to clean it, then top with cream and sprinkle with powder coat the wound and plaster. If you notice that your shoes always rub in the same place, you can stick a patch and prevention.

We present you a few tips on the easiest way to sort out your feet.

Relax your feet. Pour hot water into a bowl and add the usual handful of sea salt and a few drops of essential oil of lavender. It relaxes your feet after just ten minutes you will feel your legs are no longer heavy and tired. After a bath towel, wipe them, but so that the skin remains moist. Only the skin between the toes must be completely dry.

Peeling and feels cherished. While the bath to some extent soften calloused skin on the feet, do a thorough scrub. So you remove calluses. If you have the time, Scrub gently rub circular motions from the feet to the knees. This will relieve ingrown hairs and remove dead cells from the knee.

Take the fifth. In people who rarely do pedicure, peeling usually can not completely soften thickened skin on heels. In this case you have to use a special rasp or stone toe. While the skin is still moist and soft, file or stone Rub heels, but do not overdo it.

Pamper your feet regularly. When you remove the thickened skin, apply the cream on your feet, which will give them the softness. Massage cream you only need a few minutes, and this will certainly improve circulation.

Feet smell like lemon. Impurities and odors are removed efficiently foot rubbing a slice of lemon. In addition, fresh lemon juice can whiten your nails and remove yellowing that occurs after the use of low-quality paint.

Nail polish. Final as paints in various colors. Choose your favorite and proudly show her feet in new sandals!

What you can and what you do not care when your feet

Foot care is equally important as the care of the whole body, especially in the summer months when feet are exposed to view, and their care than health reasons, important because of aesthetics.

During the summer months, it seems that the foot could reveal a lot about you, and will often get the impression some of you just looking at your feet.

Just think what would you think if you see someone with messy feet, long toenails full cuticle, rough heels and the like. - Yuck.

Proper foot care is extremely important, because it gives a general impression about our personal hygiene, but, in that order, and sometimes you can not overdo it and cause an adverse effect.

Therefore, follow the instructions on what you can and what you do not care when your foot.


• When you wash your feet and towel dry them, make sure to dry well and the areas between the toes.

• Feet should be washed daily, preferably at bedtime. When you dry them well, plenty of them apply a moisturizing cream or lotion.

• Try to wear only cotton socks because they will be able to foot to breathe, and will prevent the development of unpleasant odors.

• The hard parts of the skin to gently rub the feet movements, with a stone for foot or toe nail file.

• Toenails shred cells or straight and never too short.

• Be careful when choosing shoes due to the activity for which you are preparing.

• Use a deodorant or foot powder. This will keep your feet dry and prevent odors.

• walk daily. Walking is not only good for your overall health but also for circulation in the feet.

What not?

• Do not ignore even the slightest pain in the foot, because it may be a sign of greater injury.

• Do not apply any cream or lotion between the toes as this can lead to infection.

• When cutting the nails on your toes, be careful not to cut corners because it can cause ingrown nails. And you do not want to experience.

• Do not accidentally removes calluses and hardened skin, razor blade or scissors, as you could very easily cause infection.

• As much as possible, try to do not wearing the same shoes every day.

• Do not put on socks or stockings that are too short or too narrow because it will disrupt circulation in the feet or facilitate the appearance of calluses and thickened.

After you've done the proper care of their feet, reduce the risk of any infection that may worsen their beauty, apply your favorite nail polish put  thongs, sandals or whatever you want and go for a win, says Male. Make this summer your feet will be one of your most powerful assets.

Introduction to the season of sandals, flip flops and platform editing pedicure feet long in order to fix the rough and hard skin that bleeds irreparably beauty of our feet. Here's how to give yourself your feet proper care at home.

Once a week, soak your feet in a basin of water and a few drops of tea tree oil, which is an excellent antiseptic and kills all species of fungi on the feet. Keep your feet in the water for about ten minutes and thus soften rough skin.

Select Foot Scrub with large granules that will most effectively remove dead skin cells. Good choices are the peels on sea algae.

Moisturizing cream should be applied feet daily, especially during the summer months when the temperature is high due to increased sweating feet, making the skin dehydrated and starts shooting. Apply the cream before going to bed, and you'll make a good choice if prinađete cream containing AHAs, which further softens the skin.

Particular care must provide and nails. When you cut them, you should try to be a flat shape, because in this way you will prevent painful ingrown Nokru. Hard skin around the nail or shred cells or scissors, as this increases the risk of fungi and bacteria. For this skin, you can use a special pen on an oil that will soften.

Treat your feet to the clay-based mask or olive oil that softens skin and penetrate deeply. Apply them on your feet and let it work for 10 to 15 minutes. In this way, we will provide a natural foot care.

Make a lotion for heels and elbows from beeswax

Olive oil, beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E ... really no better thing for dry, damaged skin that has lost its moisture.

Provide much needed care skin heels, elbows and knees this lotion that you can make yourself at home.

The lotion is very nourishing and caring, and some will find it leaves a greasy residue that deficiency. Use it for preserving the feet and hands before going to bed.


* 240 ml olive oil
* 120 ml of coconut oil
* 120 mg in beeswax pellets
* Five capsules of vitamin E
* 20 drops of essential oil of your choice

In a clean jar, put the olive oil, melted coconut oil (it is solid at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius, and the warmer the liquid) and beeswax (if you want a less frequent lotion texture, add a small pellet).

Jar, then plunge into the pot to pour in hot water to cover three-quarters of the jar. Water must not enter into the mixture. Put on the stove so the water could be warm and occasionally stir the mixture melts.

Allow it to cool to room temperature, and every 15 minutes a fork, stir the mixture. When the liquid has cooled, to room temperature, add oil with vitamin E and essential oils that will give your lotion smell.

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