Friday, January 11, 2013

How to get smooth legs?

Ten tips for the best hair removal

Smooth legs without hairs are the most desirable "accessory", but often inflicts maintenance headaches. Especially when flying feet on a daily basis. With a few good tips you can put an end to unwanted hair that flies faster growth and show a smooth and cared for his feet.

First Peeling, peeling, peeling

Before hair removal razor, it is essential to do a good and thorough exfoliation. Exfoliation helps to ingrown hairs pulled to the surface, thus joining the onset of the growth cycle. The hairs in this way to a smooth, because your razor manages to reach those who are otherwise trapped under a layer of dead skin. Particularly effective are the peels on fruit enzymes.

Second Massage oils

Exfoliation removes all deposits on the surface of the skin, so it is important oils nourish the skin after waxing. For this purpose, use almond oil, rich in vegetable protein, which contains three types of essential fatty acids. Ideally, after waxing as anti-inflammatory, and rarely causes allergies.

3rd Discover a brush to apply shaving cream

Brush with natural hair that some men are only applied shaving cream to the face and is ideal for women. Dermatologists say that applying shaving foam with brush softens and relaxes skin, making her the proper way to prepare terror shaving.

4th Choosing the right barber

The choice of razor lot depends on the type of your skin, choose a random model is not a good idea. If your skin is dry or sensitive dial razors with moisturizing strips. Choosing the right you will avoid razor cuts and the removal of the surface layer of skin.

5th Cream to slow hair growth

Various products on the market are designed for just slowing hair growth, so invest in some of them. Before removing hair, apply a cream or lotion that will slow their growth and do not forget to roll the razor off after two uses. Although it sounds complicated, and as a blow to your pocket, keep in mind that the investment will pay off. But after some time the hair will be thinner and less often.

6th Recipes from the kitchen of anti-hair

Perhaps you are a skeptic and do not believe in magic homemade, but this tested recipe you must try our grandmothers. To remove the excess hair on the face, apply a mixture of flour and turmeric slanutkovog where you add a few tablespoons of warm water. The obtained mass rub a thin layer and allow to dry. After a few minutes, wash your face and rub the towel. To reduce fine downy hairs on the legs, try a mixture of lemon, sugar and honey, apply this paste in a thicker layer on the entire surface of the leg, let it stand and rinse well.

7th Soybeans against hair density

Studies have shown that soy slows hair growth and allows you to grow all the hair evenly. Ispalti try, especially if you know that hair can grow in three stages, which makes it difficult to remove one session. Lotions that contain ingredients like soy principal ideal in this case.

8th Healthier diet to reduce hair growth

Act outside the hairs were not enough, the real impact on health will be achieved by changing diet. Healthy foods rich in vitamins have on the efficient operation of the hormones that are closely related to hair growth. Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates, white sugar, flour, rice, which are the enemies of your health. Foods rich in vitamin B6 is also effective in your daily menu include the carrots, broccoli, bananas, cabbage, watermelon.

9th Try a depilatory cream sugar

If you are tired of razor and waxing sounds too painful, try sugar waxing cream. Sugar is known as a natural laser, alternate treatments with regular shaving, hair growth will reduce drastically. Sugar waxing is less aggressive than waxing, though waxing period lasts twice as long, because it's worth that kind of waxing the top layer of skin remains undamaged.

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