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How to get beautiful hair?

Beautiful hair is the hallmark to your appearance, but not all women nature to quality hair without a lot of hassle that can maintain an healthy. With the advice of Zeljko Dobricic, fashion stylists and salon owner "Gruppo L'ultima", learn to properly tertirate their hair perfect execution to its growth and improve its volume.

I have wavy hair, no Paint, I went down to every three months, and now every month. I avoided hair, used packaging and silicone drops .... but my hair away from your shoulders can not grow without being harmed. Can you give me some advice on how to long hair. Already I'm starting to think it's impossible for me. Milena

TIP: I have to be honest and take a hint that some hair is exactly the problem that you are having a bad hair quality, it is finer wavy hair. When it comes to such an example, it can be played to infinity hair, but she herself has a limit to what lengths can look healthy. Maybe you are at length that reaches to rise to the shoulder, and from there began to be thinner or to tears.
But there are a lot of factors that affect the hair that fails to be bijnija. For example, you said that you were sucking every three months. If you know that hair grows an inch per month, then three months to reach even 3 inches long. So there should barber to do a key role, not always cut hair as much as it has grown, but that hair cut half of it. Time you in the black for the hair 1.5 cm and has a shape and line that goes to the longer. Another thing that is very important, and I noticed at various colleagues, to be quite thin hair artificially with scissors! Of course it gets taken off the effect of the mass in the right area, but much faster izcveta hair and it has to be sucked and that part of the tanjen, and a little more for a healthier-looking. I advise you to never Tanja hair, as this will make himself an even bigger problem.

HOW DO luxuriant hair?
I have long hair, use a press for four years, the iron straight, but I got bored and I wanted a lush hair, coarse curls. We propose a solution for longer, which will shorten my hair everyday sorting. Vanja

TIP: You did what Neve is your natural hair structure. If your hair is naturally slightly curly with a special cutting techniques can achieve the desired effect of increasing the volume and design of locks that you can easily maintain at home. With cream for hair curling wrinkled and dry diffuser or even allow you to naturally dry hair and always have. Also, the thing you have to know that the hair that's longer and heavier, so it pulls its weight curls and soothes them. But if your hair straighter structure is then perm. There are the latest techniques that do not dry out and will not damage your hair during this treatment. Many times we did perm curls after which seem perfectly natural and we are proud to have been quite satisfied clients.

How to boost hair volume?
I am 23 and very shabby hair, long, dyed. I do not use any medicines or hair, so could you please let me know what is best to do in order to improve root and hair volume. I also have problems with hair loss, but I do not have any illness? Sue

TIP: As far as preparation, conditioner is required for long hair. It serves to close the hair structure, electrostatic naelekterisanje prevents and protects the hair from external influences. If you want to get the volume, this is best achieved by sucking. We have a special cutting techniques, when it comes to volume, there is a certain angle that the hair must be shorn to achieve this result.
Many hairdressers cut hair so you end up with two hairstyles, the upper part is full, compact and acts as a helmet, and in the lower part of the thin tails that are constantly swaying from excessive thinning. For further style your hair, you can use foam structure that strengthens the hair and gives it strength.
It is normal to waste a day to 100 hairs, but if your hair is in a ponytail more days, and this is not combed hair that needs to be retained within the Waste tail tied so when you wash and brush your hair looks that you waste more than they should.

Source: Blic women

Long hair is a favorite decoration on the head: dissolved, built back or bent in a special hairstyle, it provides multiple opportunities for creative play with their own appearance.

Also, one of the "imperative" is a good-looking healthy and nourished hair. In many advertisements for shampoos, paints and other tools for fostering hair, bright falls on the heads of the models seem unreal and unattainable - reference to his own conclusion about the hair urodiće Hrajem ragged, failing that shine with advertising and a series of similar defects.
There are two main types of errors they make when thinking about the "health of the hair." The first is a random purchase of expensive shampoo commercials with which a priori may not be effective and create "instant" healthy hair. In addition, there is a myth that trimming makes hair healthier tresses. And this is wrong: one should bear in mind that the hair is actually dead matter, and that her health depends on the condition of the hair follicle. That just gives shortening comfortable and fresh looking hair, while the rights and care of nutrition-related condition of the scalp.
There are several things that look and condition of the hair may be somewhat improved. First of all, we should take the shampoo to your hair type (including Humectante speed, the type of hair volume ...). Hair does not need daily "sapinjati" in the strict bun or tails: even if you're a fan of these hairstyles, it is necessary to occasionally let their hair flapping free. Also, brush with sharp plastic or metal teeth can contribute to mechanical damage to the hair.
Taking certain vitamins can improve the condition of the hair follicles and regulate "the metabolism of the hair." And, of course - not wildly raščešljavati hair: Although Scarlett O 'Hara numerous times passing a comb through his hair, in reality it results in weakening of the root and damage to the tops of the hair.

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