Friday, January 11, 2013

Exercises for a pretty face

Different parts of the face can tighten and reduce wrinkles without costly creams and surgical procedures. You need to follow certain exercises to remove traces of aging

Remove traces of aging with exercise

And NO costly creams and surgical procedures, it is possible to tighten different parts of the face and reduce wrinkles and remove traces of aging.

* Eyebrows

As the eyes and skin around them is very sensitive. In this part of the face is visible every, even the slightest wrinkle. There are many exercises for the face that can reduce these linijice even do to become invisible. One of them - raising eyebrows. Fingertips to push your eyebrows up as much as you can, while squinting. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise five times.

* Eyes

Put two fingers on each side of the temple. Open your eyes and close your eyes quickly. Repeat this five times. Or, try this - sit relaxed, gently close your eyes, and so, with eyes closed, "look" up and down, you still can not straining your eyes. Repeat ten times.

* Forehead

This is another area prone to wrinkles, and this is especially true for the area between the eyebrows. To avoid or reduce the existing lines, try these simple exercises. First, squeeze the very lips, eyebrows and slide down (like you want to drag them through the eyelid). Repeat five times. Next, mild exercise, you can do in bed. Lie on your back staring at the ceiling, his head slightly tilted over the edge of the bed. Eyes wide open, his eyebrows lift as much as you can. Do this about ten minutes, but before each repetition of a break.

* Lips

They are the easiest to bring in the desired state. To begin, simply cuddling up to each other, and lift them towards the nose. Stay in this position for five seconds. Another good exercise that involves mouth is closed, and the teeth of the upper and lower jaws hit each other. Now I laugh as widely as possible, without opening your mouth. Hold for five seconds. Relaxed, grinned lips as if you can send a kiss. Hold for five seconds. Repeat the exercise ten times in a row.

* Cheeks

First, take a relaxed, sitting position. Look at the right (it is best to focus on a particular subject), and pursed his lips as if you want to make a funny "fish face." The point is to feel that something is going on with the cheek muscles (that you will discover the right path by touching the pads). Stay in this position for ten seconds and repeat ten times.

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