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Beauty Tips

The nails may indicate disease in the body

Nail changes are harmless and often a result of injury, infection or fungal diseases. But sometimes they can be the first sign of more serious health disorders.

Problems with the heart, liver or lungs are reflected on the nails. Yellowed, darkened or cracked nails are associated with the condition of the internal organs. Here's what you stuff your nails in order:
- Yellow nails: thyroid disease or psoriasis
- Bluish nails: lack of oxygen, a sign of lung disease
- Corrugated nails: inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis
- Dry, which break easily: thyroid disease
- Dark lines beneath the nail: Melanoma and Skin Cancer
- Red inflamed cuticle: connective tissue disorder such as lupus
- White nails with dark edges: for example liver disease. hepatitis.

Cold water feels veins

Fully healthy veins in the legs have only a few. Bluish veins that are visible, and often painful, or swollen legs, a widespread phenomenon.
Of the various problems of this kind - the easiest ones, such as cracked capillaries, to minor and severe varicose veins - affecting about 90 percent of people. Difficulties are particularly reinforced during warm weather.

Hereditary factor
When it comes to appearance, undoubtedly plays a major role genetic predisposition. Therefore, sometimes the legs varicose changes develop even well-trained athletes. Additional risk factors are considered overweight and lack of exercise.

How Are:
The cause of venous diseases, among others, and is often caused by a genetic weakness of the connective tissue. It causes the veins in the legs especially the lower blood pressure, which are submitted to them working from within. Results in a characteristic enlarged and twisted veins.

What contributes to this development:
Formation of varicose veins favor certain factors, including lack of exercise and long sitting at a desk, because the muscles of the legs at the same time almost no use. For the formation of varicose veins are often, however, the curve and the profession in which she has a relatively motionless that is - eg. hairdressers, waiters and vendors.

What can happen
If vein valves do not function properly, resulting increasing pressure on the relevant portion of diseased veins. The veins are therefore broadly, and blood flow slows down more. In advanced stages of the liquid penetrates into the surrounding tissue, which leads to inflammation, edema, formation of open wounds, and in the worst case, and thrombosis.

Prevent the problem
1 Alternating hot and cold shower water stimulates the flow of blood through the veins and strengthens them. Morning to take a shower your feet alternately hot and cold water, with a jet of cold ends.
At night it is recommended that when the knee is filled with cold water, and that the five-ten minutes stomping on it vigorously.
2 Red grapes reduces the islands. The active substances of this plant can be found in pill form, for example. "Antistax extra" or as a gel for rubbing ("Efasit vital Pflegelotion").
3 chestnut strengthens the vein walls - an extract of this plant can be found in capsules or gel composed of liniment.
4 Trends. Jogging, walking, skating or walking on skis are a good exercise for the function of venous valves. Simple exercise in the sitting position lies in the fact that both heels lifting off the floor and come down again.

Minor changes in the veins can be treated sclerosing. It is performed by injecting the active substance inside the vein closes vulnerable. The body then this neprokrvljenu vein within a few months I just break down. The best known method for removing large varicose veins is called striping. Is done by introducing the probe, which is attached diseased vein and then removed it. There are also so called. thermal techniques (burning veins), which with the help of laser rays or radio waves to produce heat ill right vein and thus is closed. Although it might seem painful and dangerous, this intervention is painless for the patient because it is done under local anesthesia, the patient immediately after that it can stand up, and the next day and return to work. The advantage of thermal therapies is that they are better tolerated body, the wounds to heal faster and have less side effects such as spots and bruises on the skin. In addition, after this kind of treatment rarely leads to the appearance of new varicose veins.

After surgery
After performing the operation does not need a lot of rest. It is recommended to move the muscles act as a pump and stimulate the flow of blood through the legs. After surgery, however, about three weeks not be exposed to sunlight or artificial ultraviolet radiation, in order to avoid unwanted stains pigmentacione. In addition, the intervention of the sea one day to wear compression bandage, and a week or elastic stockings.

Elastic stockings
Wearing elastic stockings are normally recommended during heavy load for varicose veins, such as long-standing, sitting or traveling, if a person has poor veins. Compression, namely, mechanical encourage the return of blood to the heart. The pressure squeezes the veins that have lost their elasticity, thus preventing deadlock and restore blood, edema formation, and of course the most dangerous phenomenon - thrombosis. Avoided many stockings for aesthetic reasons, but nowadays there are very nice models for women and for men completely inconspicuous.

Exercise and massage to firm breasts

As we age, gravity is getting stronger effect on our bodies, especially the part that we want to remain elevated as long as possible - breasts. If one adds to breastfeeding, toll quickly noticed. However, plastic surgery is not the only solution, there are several things you can do to make your breasts firm and remained elevated as long as possible.
Start on time
Like the face, chest, and you should start caring at the time, which means even in his youth. This is the only way to not have serious consequences for their beauty overcome the most sensitive periods in a woman's life - pregnancy and climax.

Shock Treatment
After 35th or after pregnancy to strengthen the care of his chest. So every 15 days on the chest, and the area above them, including the neck, apply a nourishing mask based on collagen and elastin. Previous skin thoroughly clean. Mask leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Useful for maintenance and feeding addition skin tone breasts.

Gymnastics every day
Every day, about 10 minutes, it is advisable to perform gymnastic exercises aimed at strengthening the chest muscles because it prevents relaxation of the chest. Sit cross-legged, raise your arms to shoulder height. Fingers together and place on the shoulders, and then move your hand to the body. Repeat the exercise 30-40 times, relatively quickly. It is recommended that sports, especially swimming, boating and, remember, keep your back straight while sitting and while standing.

Try to make every day of the breast skin cream rubbed special care of that part of the body, which is a great opportunity for a light massage. This will allow for better absorption of creams and improve microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue. Massage your fingertips, at least five minutes. Movements must be gentle and slow, bottom-up. Pay special attention to the nipple and areola.

A strong jet of water from the shower will refresh and strengthen the chest. It is important to flush move from the middle of the chest under the armpits, and the water is lukewarm or cold if you can handle it.

Tricks that erase the

Podmladićete is if you choose lighter shades of hair and lipstick, and contribute to youthful looks neat and groomed brows teeth
Almost no woman would like to look younger, and most cosmetic products which to some extent is to expensive. However, with a few simple tricks without effort and a lot of money you will be able to "remove" a few years off your face.
To revive his face and gave him a youthful freshness and glow, use a translucent bronzer. Put it on the cheeks, chin and forehead on each side. Just be careful not to use too dark a shade, because in that case the result may be the opposite of the desired.
Emphasize the Eyebrows
Edit your eyebrows, but be careful not to be too broad or too thin. Find the perfect measure them and maintain them regularly. Make hajlajter and further emphasize to them instead of the dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes and concentrate on the upper part of the eye.
The older you are, you should avoid dark shades of lipsticks, as it will add unnecessary years. The dark tones replace the more vivid reds and soft pink shades. Lighter shades will make your face look fresher, and therefore younger.
Thick bangs will hide wrinkles on the forehead and removes fatigue from your face. However, before you decide to shorten the bangs, ask your hairdresser. It will be easier to determine the shape of bangs that best fits the existing features and hairstyle.
Hair color can do wonders. Right shade can hide a few years, on the other hand, poor selection of colors can be added. If you want to look younger, choose the natural color of your hair, preferably lighter shades. Will give you extra freshness and discreet highlights a few shades lighter than the main color.
Nothing that is not "abolished" as healthy white teeth. Need we point out that it is necessary to maintain a daily dental hygiene. If your teeth over the years acquired a nasty yellow color, consider teeth whitening, either at home or at the dentist. White healthy teeth in a snap off at least ten years.
There is nothing that a woman more years younger than her sincere smile. Therefore, arm yourselves with a smile the whole reason for laughter and good humor.

How to improve the complexion and get rid of acne

Improving nutrition and addressing bad habits can greatly help to improve the complexion and reduce acne.
Acne usually occurs in people who reach puberty. This problem occurs in 80 percent of people between the ages of 12 to 14 years. Acne occurs most commonly on the face, and rarely on the shoulders, back and chest. So, all in that period we ask how to solve this problem.
Often, the main cause of this problem to be foods like chocolate or mayonnaise. Besides food, there are factors such as genetics, oily skin and male sex hormones. It should also be noted that alcohol, unbalanced and unhealthy food, and cigarettes can make things worse.
Polycystic ovaries can cause acne
One of the causes of acne in girls may be polycystic ovaries. Such ovaries lead to chronic hyperandrogenic anovulation, more specifically, the cycles are due to excess testosterone without ovulation. ovaries do not throw eggs. If symptoms such as menstrual disorders - acne, hirsutism, hair loss, and obesity, and many others, you should see a doctor.
- A diet certainly can affect the complexion, as well as the appearance of skin. When it comes to acne, it is known that there are two types of people - explains Dr. Ivana Nola
In one group, she smoked and cured meat and chocolate lead to severe deterioration, while a second group this type of food does not change the condition of the skin. When it comes to creams used for acne-prone skin, there is no single formula, but local therapy applied level of the problem, often combined with medication by mouth - said at the end.
First step is to stop squeezing
Apart from various medical products, you can naturally improve the condition. The important thing is to stop squeezing acne because this damages the tissue and leaves scars on healthy skin can transmit germs festering. As we came to the time of year where we have sunshine in abundance, then the best way to sun. It is best combined with the sea, because it contains salt, which further dries the skin. And in the winter you can go to the tanning beds, but stick to the limit. Do not over do it with natural sunlight, or, because it can lead to skin damage, which we wrote about in one of the past articles.
Apart from a balanced diet, acne can be caused by clothes. Avoid synthetic clothes, especially in summer, when people sweat more. Such clothing does not allow the skin to breathe and thus clog up the pores.
Make-up can cause a bad complexion, but it can also improve
We believe that summer use less makeup avoid heavy makeup. Oil-based products can clog pores and make things worse. But today there is make-up used for the treatment of acne.
- During the summer, there is no reason for heavy makeup should not be applied only for the period that is full of light and such makeup is noticeable and aesthetically acceptable on the skin - says Dr. Nola.
- It is not without reason, created the term 'heavy' and 'light' makeup. In the summer, the administration of lightweight powder which cover the face, giving your skin a beautiful tan, should only determine the right shade. Frequently used foundation for oily skin on the T-zone pressed powder, dry skin with a creamy flavors - concluded Dr. Ivana.
So, if you have problems with your skin, it is best to consult a physician to prescribe a specific therapy. There are different types of skin, so there is no therapy that is universal. But by ditching bad habits can affect the improvement of complexion.

Additional care for blond hair
Blonde hair is back in fashion, it has been shown in a recent global celebrity events. However, blonde hair, and blondes to know best, and requires special care, especially if it is not natural, and the color drained.
Day care is best to choose products with protective filters that protect tresses from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and create in them an invisible protective film. In addition, such products are enriched with other ingredients to care for, such as vegetable oils and vitamins that help prevent dehydration and nourishes the hair without weighing it down. There are different formulations (gels, sprays, fluids ...) so you can choose the one that suits your hair.
* Oil: Not greasy, have extremely nourishing effect and are therefore ideal for dry, damaged hair and long (Tenin choice: Aphrodite Cosmetics Thistle oil, vitamin E and essential oils, which prevents excessive hair loss and nourishes the scalp and strengthens all hair types ).
* Fluids and emulsions: Protect your hair and make it softer thanks to the wealth of nutritional and moisturizing ingredients. Suitable for all hair types, especially for dry and brittle.
* Gels: Excellent for fixing short hairstyles for Unmanageable Hair.

In the sun
After a day in the sun hair needs special care products that are enriched with nutrients hydrating and regenerating action. In the evening, wash your hair to remove it from the traces of sweat and sunscreen products you use. For this purpose, it is best to use a mild shampoo that gently cleanses the hair, food, moisturize and make smooth. It is sufficient to apply a small amount of shampoo, a walnut-sized, gently rub into the hair, then rinse thoroughly with warm or cold water. Avoid hot water as it further dries out your hair.

Three Tips
* Buy dry oil that will give your hair a new brilliance. Select oil with a high SPF. The lack of gloss may be a result of traces of gel, spray and shampoo in his hair. This problem can be solved so that the water (hladnu!) for the last rinse add two tablespoons of vinegar. * I do not want you to lose your pigment color, do not expose it to sunlight wet hair. * To stimulate circulation, daily small circular movements massage your scalp.

Famous Blondes
That the blue color of the hair back into vogue, and are confirmed at the recent Venice Film Festival, and the other starry events. From natural blonde flashed the young actress Scarlett Johansson has long been artificial, but very convincing blonde Paris Hilton was just as young star Jessica Simpson, Pink and Kate Bosworth, who simply glowed. Something like neuvjerljivija novopečena blonde emerged in Venice Juliette Binoche, but because the colors are well defended veteran British actress Helen Mirren and French diva Catherine Deneuve


Hide tired face and eyes


Others may not notice, but you know full well when your face is tired and fatigue at each site shows a special way. However, accentuated wrinkles around the mouth, greyish skin or gaunt look that increases the fine wrinkles and gives the face and adds otvrdlost year, we are all known side effects of fatigue, which are becoming more prevalent as we age.

Three things help: exercise jedrost back skin and muscle tone, as it stimulates circulation to the skin san provides battery charging and water gives it fullness and purifies the liver (which is less work when you are tired, which is reflected on your face or eyes).

Some products, such as masks, creams and pilinizi for the delay, all of which have only surface effects, can help, but you must choose carefully.

In the search for better-equipped perfumeries concentrated serum to "rejuvenate" the skin. Before you buy, make sure they contain ingredients that invigorates the skin, such as mint, rosemary, orange blossom, essential rose oil, etc.. Like other "pomade" Serum keep in the fridge, and sprinkle it on your face before you put the toner and moisturizer.

Tired face nothing will revive so as lipstick, especially the right shade of pink or red. Beige and brown lipsticks are totally wrong, and lip gloss is often not strong enough pigment to notice the difference. Choose lipsticks and strong natural colors, especially all shades of red, pink and apricot colors. When this does not hold, cheap lipsticks too fast, "Away", and in the end it seemed to not even put them.
Apply the cream on your palms, serum or any essential oil, warm them by rubbing your palms and gently massage the face. Forefinger yarn, a little more intense, above and below the eyes, to squeeze the fatigue that accumulated there.

If your face is "hung" from fatigue, you need a cream to tighten. Creams with vitamin C, an antioxidant that is great, really back freshness to your face.

MAC Strobe Cream is something you will not see in our perfumery, and as it was originally created to revive skin models during the fashion show. This is one of the best biserkastog gloss surface that can be purchased, and gives skin rosni glow that seemed to come from within. Put it on strategic points (brow bone and cheeks, temples, lips peaks) or mix with the powder.
Daily exfoliation would be too harsh for your skin, but occasionally download odumrlog layer using a fine cream blush and skin softness returns, and preparing for the mask.

Blush gives an instant facelift. What the cream is easily applied and mixed with the substrate, and the best ones are the most natural colors, so as not to look stilted or nafrakano. Apply it on the head in round cheeks and spread upward and toward the edge of the face.
An important tool for self acts as an antidote to the tired face, but it may seem strange at this time of year. Mat powder you can further postariti. So take a powder that is a mixture of different colored balls in order to illuminate the person in the right way, at this time of year, which shows the face of the harsh light.


Of course it is important to have a good sleep most and it will respect the safe when you're on vacation, but daily activities so you impose full day program that is always a bit off from the rest to arrive at all to do. And even though all it's easily fooled when it comes to the mind or body, your eyes do not lie. They are red, tears and some of them appear dark circles under the eyes, a sure sign of fatigue which lowers your overall appearance. However, there are some simple steps to help you revive your tired eyes.

Step One: Do not put contact lenses. If you wear lenses, you know it can be a cause redness or dry eyes. The effect is even worse if you have a little sleep. In those days, because the lens and avoid redness and irritation will be smaller. And one more thing - sunglasses will help you to camouflage tired eyes.

Second step: moisten the eyes. Several eye drops that are used for purifying may dampen tired eyes and they glow with the help of more. Some will drop and reduce redness.

Step Three: Apply shadow will cover fatigue. When you protect your eyes from irritation, you can make sure that they look more rested with make-up. Use SVTeam shadows that shine with a little sajmera. Use ivory or bananas from lash to brow, a slight edge over bookmark with medium toned eye shadow.

Step Four: Remove the line. with minkeri usually use two or three that were brighter eyes - dark blue eyeliner on the upper edge of the eyelids, and the line along the lower lash line, draw a pencil color or white. Dark blue lines will make your look even whiter whites of the eyes, and the bottom line will even intensify this effect.

Step Five: Curl your lashes. To make your eyes look bigger and really, use the reel to curl eyelashes and mascara that twists them. This combination will cause your eyelashes go up, which will automatically visual "wake up" your eyes.

a sixth step: Finally put the white crayon. Look good photos of celebrities with the prime minister or other important events. Their eyes look big and bright, is not it? Look even better and you'll see that in the inner corner of the eyes are a bright shade. Achieve the same effect as that of the interior under'll put eyes sparkling white crayon, then gently smear the finger.


Hair loss:

- When it comes to your hair, you should know that each person has about 100,000 hairs.

- Stages in the normal cycle of hair growth are:

First Anagen phase (growth phase), which lasts from two to five years, during which the hair grows an average of up to 1.5 cm per month.

Second Catagen phase (phase mode) only lasts two weeks. It is so called. transitory or transitional phase stops when the root function and stops hair growth.

3rd Telogen phase (phase relegation) lasts up to three months. Dead hairs usually fall out combing.

- In cases of excessive hair loss usually shortens the anagen phase, and telogen becomes longer.

Why falling hair:

- Hair loss sometimes occurs because of inflammatory foci in the body, such as, for example, sick teeth, chronic sinusitis, tonsillitis, ovarian ... In these cases, it is often limited to a circular hair loss, alopecia areata. If you change interventions entire scalp, it is a complete alopecia areata. These causes are not yet entirely clear and tested.

- Many people (men and women) every morning frantically counted fallen hairs on the pillow. There are many reasons why hair turns out - from gene to disease and stress. If the cushion or comb notice dozen out-hair, or something stronger if the hair falls in spring and autumn, there is no reason to panic because this is quite normal. However, if the number of hairs protruding above 100 and it takes months, then you should seek help from a dermatologist.

- The causes of hair loss can be different internal or external factors. External, which commonly damaged hair, the scalp injury, prolonged mechanical pressure on the scalp or hair curling prečvrstog tightening braid hair or nervous hopping (trihomanija). In addition, hair can be damaged and chemicals. Hair fall evenly throughout the scalp often cause hormonal shifts. Such as increased or decreased function of the thyroid gland. Under the influence of hormones hair can be harder to decline after childbirth, miscarriage, and menopause.

- Male pattern baldness (high forehead) or loss of hair on the top of the scalp, caused by hereditary factors and the male sex hormone. Bald men have higher levels of the hormone.

- Hair falls and after acute infectious diseases were conducted that high temperature (scarlet fever, typhoid, influenza) and chronic disease (malignancy, tuberculosis), but also because of anemia caused by iron deficiency or after a sudden and strict diet. There is also the intake of various drugs for the treatment of malignant disease (cytostatic) or to prevent blood clotting (anticoagulants). Not to forget the stress, which is a common cause of hair loss.

- So, the causes of hair loss can be numerous and complex, and therefore need the help of a dermatologist.


There are countless shades of hair colors, but we can not always "know" the right color, it can not be all nice to us standing. Here are some rules when choosing colors:

If you have naturally dark hair, dark eyes and very dark eyebrows and blonde hair is not the right choice for many reasons. It is very difficult to hit the blue tint on the dark hair, usually resulting yellowish orange varieties that are the worst kombinacja for your appearance. Lighter hair requires constant care and coloring izrastka and you will only achieve cost to the hair, not natural.

Brown suit everyone. The easiest way to maintain it is to najlepeše achieves an elegant look. However, if you have a pale complexion, avoid dark brown color, you can refresh the locks, but be careful that their color is not strikingly different from the primary colors.
Red hair is not for you if you have a problematic complexion and if your hair is dry and cracked. That in itself attracts attention and we need to be healthy. Also with the red hair, you should not overdo it with the makeup.
Black hair is the best fit for women olive, dark complexion, dark circles without pronounced. Otherwise, maybe even a complete make-up will not be enough for a fresh and healthy appearance of the entire hairstyle.


For each person, the face, the hair is the most striking.
Women know that since ancient times cultivated, shiny, soft and fragrant hair, well built and aligned hairstyles, and can and improve its appearance. So it is not unusual to have paid a lot of attention: the nurture of youth to an advanced age.

As the hair is part of the skin, its properties are the same as the properties of the scalp (scalp). Each individual scalp hairs coming sebaceous glands, which secrete oily scalp and keeps hair supple. If excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, hair and scalp are oily, if it is too low, then dry.

As with the skin, scalp cells are discarded in the form of dandruff. Easy creation of dandruff is normal and every hair washing automatically removed. If dandruff occurs to a greater extent, it is a disease. In addition to acting as unaesthetic and messy, damaging the scalp and prevents healthy hair growth. There are dry and greasy dandruff, depending on the type of hair.

Normal hair is shiny, but not fat fast. It is healthy, no dandruff and not damaged.

Kosaje mostly dry, dull, brittle, often damaged, broken or split ends. Difficult to shape a hairstyle. It should be protected from excessive exposure to the sun, frequent tapiranja, dyeing and bleaching, and drying quickly and prevrućeg. Prone to the development of dry dandruff.

Normal dry hair should be brushed every day, if possible, from the occiput to the forehead 5 to 10 minutes, to head at the same time be bent. Detergents should be mild. Recommended massage Burdock, castor or olive oil. The oil is dripped on the scalp and gently massaging the fingertips in a circular motion. After that, the hair scarf wrapped, leave overnight and wash in the morning.

Greasy hair very quickly after washing grease, firmly fastened to the head and it is very difficult to maintain hairstyle. Fat head and scalp can be of varying intensity, from moderate to almost oily greasy hair, small to large mekinjastog flaking dandruff, redness, scabs and other phenomena that require medical intervention.

In moderately oily hair proper care can improve the situation, but you need to look for a balanced diet. As with oily skin should stay away from too fatty and sweet foods, and eat more fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

Oily hair should not be brushed to not irritate the sebaceous glands. Do not wash it often, you can also use a. "Dry cleaning" hair powder or sprejpuderom. These powders are usually based on sulfur, absorb excess oil and wash your hair time delay for 2-3 days. Simply sprinkle the powder or sprayed hair, isfrotira and thoroughly brushed. Exposure to the sun and the wind has a positive effect on oily hair. More tips on resolving the concerns of oily hair you can read here.

A particular problem is the loss of hair (alopecia). Normal day to lose 30-60 hairs. To a greater extent the hair may fall out after a severe infectious diseases, hormonal disorders and certain skin diseases.

Hair loss in women is less common occurrence than in men, and is often caused by hereditary. If you notice a sudden thinning hair, you should keep an eye on cosmetic care, avoid too hot, dry, alkaična funds, tightening the hair, making hairpin.


As you probably know already, sun is not only necessary, but your skin and your hair. Heat, damaging sunlight, swimming in the sea or pool - all this can be quite damaging to your hair. Because you are on vacation over the required special UV spray and mild shampoo, and some other little things for hair.

Whether you're at the beach or a walk whenever you are in the sun, protect your hair must hat, especially if the paint. If your hair is long, and strapping on the beach in a ponytail or braid making, protect the ends of the regenerator that is not blooming. Wet hair, regardless of whether you come out of the sea, the pool or the shower, do not rub the towel, but only slightly tap or let it dry out itself.

After you've spent the whole day at the beach or pool, you have to rinse your hair in order to recover from the sun, sand and sea (or chlorine). After shampooing, apply conditioner and, to compensate for their hair all the nutrients that the sun is "eaten".

No matter what kind of shampoo you normally use, for the most recommended summer of mild shampoo and wash your hair every night. This shampoo is also practical, because it is easily washed and does not irritate the scalp. Necessary to you, too, and conditioner after washing, and every evening.

Why? Well, keratin and melanin protects the hair structure against UV radiation, but, after a long stay in the sun, melanin oxidizes and fades hair, regardless of whether it is painted or not. From the sun to dry out the scalp and disappears, and the little water that contains hair, and lipids that give hair shine. For all these reasons, you should use a good quality conditioner that contains moisturizing ingredients and nutrients for repair.

His hair can provide additional care in the form of nutritious masks. Masks and nourish the hair surface and depth, while on summer vacation is ideal to apply three times a week. The mask is applied to the hair after washing, and it maintains 10-30 minutes (the package says exactly how much you have to hold the mask).

Many women like to use on the beach hair oil - feel it protect the hair, and the hair slicked down like that looks like it was wet. Contact, however, note that it does not contain any oil protective UV filters, so be careful when choosing. If you use oil on the beach hair, wash your hair at night, wash the oil out of it and put conditioner. Keep this in mind when you make your hair oils fats and nutrients, but not wet. Therefore, the most appropriate dry and curly hair.

You would like to find at sea hair always looks natural? Nothing is easier than to put your hair still wet rubber trim and let your hair so dry. You will get a modern, casual hairstyle, effortlessly.


Many still prefer the traditional shaving. It's cheap, easy and feasible. Although a razor you can achieve a very good result (much better than an electric razor) is unfortunately short-lived - but after 2 days you grow hair again. To better shave, use a razor in November and gently pull, do not press hard on the skin. Good Rub gel or shaving foam (avoid soap as it dries the skin) to keep the skin soft and moist. Start of articles up, the opposite of hair growth. After shaving, rinse your skin, apply body milk.


After shaving the bikini area often appear red pimples. To avoid this, dissolve two aspirins and a drop of glycerin in 1/4 cup of distilled water. Apply this mixture after waxing. You can help cream with glycerin.


You can opt for removing hair temporarily depilacijskom cream. Creams to remove the hair follicle at the base. Ideal for larger areas, like the legs, but they are not suitable for use on the face, because irititaju facial skin, and it will not remove all the hair.


Waxing is a very popular method of hair removal for permanent results. When the wax is warm, it enters the follicle and pulls the hair from the root. Hair will grow by about 3-6 weeks. The downside of this is that waxing can be painful for women with sensitive skin. Immediately after waxing gently press the area, and even better would be to go through the skin with ice to reduce pain.


Bleaching is the most convenient method for mustaches and facial hair, because hair becomes invisible, and the face is very sensitive to other methods of shaving. Not suitable for other parts of the body because it removes hair, and the skin will not remain smooth.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a method that is becoming more popular, thanks painlessness and longevity of results. However there is no guarantee that you will permanently remove hair in this manner, and can be quite expensive.

Source: Ladies' Corner

Seven surprising solutions for the flawless face

Honey against burns, pillow against pimples and pink against the gray are just some of the tricks of the beauty that will save you time and money, but also facilitate the daily "beauty" routine.


Burns to the face of the ear or presses hair or honey will soothe Figaro. Click on a burn cold compress and then apply a little honey and then cover with olive oil. Honey acts wannabes inflammation, and olive oil restores skin moisture.

The rest of Rose

Do not throw spent the rest of lipstick. With a teaspoon handle 'dig' remains and put them in an empty box of cream or lip balm, mix with a small amount of shea butter. The instant you get tinted lip balm.

SOS Mascara

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wait for the mascara to dry, replace the waterproof mascara plain that dries twice as fast and can not be mapped onto the eyelid or under the eye area.

Wear pink

This warm color can refresh every complexion. Blush, shadow or glow pink in small amounts apply to the face and refresh your face and your entire daily appearance.

Impeccable eyebrows

Old mascara brush wash with soap and water. After applying makeup brush spray with hair spray or apply to it a little gel and comb your eyebrows a few moves that will remain stable.

Persistent artificial eyelashes

If you are not skilled in putting artificial eyelashes and already you are going to make your eyelashes fall off, try this trick. Apply glue to the lashes and wait 30 seconds. Glue will tighten, which will help you apply.

Clean pillowcase
Hygiene is a very important person for a flawless complexion. Change your pillowcase once a week because the hair grease can cause pimples and acne, according satisfied.

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