Saturday, December 15, 2012

Today's not my day

• Whenever possible, hydrate your skin with masks and creams.
• Neutralizujte redness powder of yellowish hue, and look at the space around the nose.
• discrete makeup, avoid strong tones and sharp lines.
• Choose products that are difficult to spread, for example. waterproof mascara.
• blush when so jago-dice.
• Use lipstick that also hydrates your skin, this will prevent your lips crack.
• During the day, often puderišite face and wearing a handkerchief that you wipe the excessive fat.


• Bags are best concealed yellow or peach color. Pink shades are a good choice.
• Apply Concealer sunđerčićem in two layers, then powder your yellow undertone foundation powder.
• If you have dark circles, use a warm color blush.
• Akcentujte lips. Use a striking lipstick to draw attention to the eyes.

Large pimple

• There's no way squeeze a pimple!
• Put some zinc paste, and if not, can serve toothpaste. Hold as long as possible.
• Powder should not put their hands, but a clean brush or sunđerčićem so precisely.
• Use a corrector that soothes irritated skin. There are pharmacies.
• Put a concealer, powder and liquid and then powder.

Fatigue and paleness

• Wash your face with warm and cold water.
• If you have time, put moisturizer on your face. If you hurry, apply a thick layer of moisturizer before makeup and wait for the skin to absorb it.
• Put the powder texture transparent or tinted moisturizer cream. Thick liquid powder will only emphasize wrinkles and fatigue.
• None of the makeup should be a strong color. Also avoid cold tones, as they say pallor.
• Use a neutral, warm tones. Shadows should be in color of sand, peach colored blush and lip gloss put your natural lip color. This makeup will make you look fresher.
• When putting your makeup, spray the face with thermal water, which will further refresh your skin.

Red Eye

• Put on eye bags of chamomile tea or potato slices. Keep them for five to 10 minutes.
• Place the artificial tears.
• The eyes are tired, makeup should be more discreet.
• Avoid pink shades, they emphasize the redness of the eyes. Shall be in the shadow sivobež tones and pen in cold shades.
• Redness will visually cut if the inner bottom eyelid oiling or bluish white crayon.
• In the worst case, not at all eye make-up. Use only blush and lip gloss.

Swollen face and eyelids

• Apply cold compresses to the eyes and face, rub an ice cube.
• Do not use shiny or oily shadows, they amplify the effect of flatulence. Choose matte texture.
• Bags under the eyes prikrićete concealer with powder two shades darker than the color of your skin.Brighter tones emphasize inflation.
• The upper eyelids views without shadows or light brown, with a flashing vice Apply darker, but not black crayon.
• Lower eyelids do not even make up. 

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