Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tips for Beautiful Hair

Hair is an ornament person and he deserves the attention and care regardless of the annual age. The misconception is that hair should be arranged for special occasions.

Summer or winter, your hair deserves special treatment, and we bring you some useful tips to make it nice and groomed every day.

Protection from the cold
Because of the low temperatures during the winter many dandruff occurs because the cells of the scalp are dying too fast. For this disorder unless proper hair care is very important and nutrition. So try your best to consume less sugar and alcohol, because they are more lethargic cells, and instead eat more fish, vegetables and nuts.

Great hair
All yearn for shiny hair, but besides expensive hair treatments sometimes we like it seems like mission impossible. But from now on it will be fun, and here's how: after washing rinse the hair with mineral water.This will remove dandruff and scale from the water that clings to the hair, which is why it loses its shine.

Feed the
Dryer is necessary "to treat" after every other wash nourishing mask. That's why we bring you advice on how to feed your hair mask from her kitchen, two egg yolks mix with a spoon of olive oil and apply the mixture to the dry areas. Wrap hair towel and let the mask work for an hour, then rinse.
Give love to your hair and it will render the beauty that will remain rare immune!

Tips for a more beautiful hair stylists

The three tips that you should do your daily routine for beautiful hair.


Plenty of soap means cleaner and dryer - sometimes means quite the opposite. Shampoos that are usually much foam water full of products that build up in your hair, making it look dirtier. So opt for a sulfate free formula.

Second ADD A LITTLE COLD streaks

Before you go under the quieter, turn on the cold water for a second and quickly rinse. It helps to close the cuticle, giving smooth your strands.

3rd Play it HOT-COLD WHILE dried

When drying your hair strand by strand, and use a round brush at the same time, start at the roots and blow dry to the bottom, dragging the brush to the tips of your hair. Allow the hair to cool itself in this way for five seconds, then repeat with the next strand. Changing between the heat and the cooling time for you to help your hair beautiful set, and your blow will have more volume.

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