Saturday, December 15, 2012

The most common women mistakes

 First Clothe in accordance with age. If you have 50 years does not mean you do not need to follow trends, but despite what you once had the best legs in town, miniskirt is not for you. If you are over 25, naked navel is just a sign of bad taste.

Second Long hair has always been a sign of femininity, but if you do not think nurture regularly cut and fear grow, forget it. There's nothing worse than a messy long hair and hair growth.

3rd Few women can boast proportional body constitution, and in case you're not that lucky, you should know that your goal is to align the upper and lower body. If you are bigger in the upper body shirts and blouses forget to follow the line of your body, especially the bright colors and the emphasis put on npr.vitke legs and hips that you can highlight a narrow jeans, leggings today ultramodern or short skirts.

If you are pear-shaped material is light colored trousers or skirts are grateful selection or shortened trousers that will shorten and widen your figure in the lower body.

4th High heels are, we all know, sexy, but if you do not know to walk in them, do not. Little is uglier than a woman who awkwardly "push the" in high heels.

5th It would be useful to know how odijenuti when and in what circumstances. If you go to your afternoon coffee strong makeup and smartness from head to toe can look tacky and have a counter effect.

6th Powder used to unify the complexion and conceal flaws, but it's easy to overdo it. If you are troubled pimples, unfortunately, there is no foundation that will make them invisible. If you overdo it and put on more layers you'll just yet

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