Saturday, December 15, 2012

The consequences of bad makeup

Avoid makeup mistakes that will make up older. Make, if used wrongly can often ensure a person.

Here are some mistakes to avoid in a wide arc.

First With all the make-up starts with a good foundation, so do not make the mistakes right away in the beginning. A thick layer of powder out of the question because it hides the natural moisture of your skin. As seen more skin the better.

Second Never use a powder that is lighter than your skin, always take two shade darker and you will look more natural, and therefore younger.

3rd Although you dark circles greatly suffer, it is not advisable to put a thick layer of concealer. Gently spread it under your eyes and let it soak. It will look sophisticated.

4th Loose powder is good in places where the skin is greatly shine like the nose, chin and forehead.However, if it is applied to the rest of the people to be a small class, as loose powder out wrinkles and imperfections. In particular, avoid the eye area.

  5th Avoid applying blush on the cheeks because it emphasizes aging. Instead, apply cheek blush around the cheekbones and avoid the color of the wine and cinnamon.

6th Your natural lip color fades over time and why lipstick before going. In order to prevent this happening Borders lips with a pencil and will remain stable for longer ....

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