Saturday, December 15, 2012

Super beauty gags

You've probably at least once in a situation you some cosmetics can disappear just when you need it most, and have the opportunity to buy it. Then the scene comes your resourcefulness. Most of the products would be based on similar substances, so that your hair will not cause any harm if they sometimes wash shower gel, or if instead concealer on dark circles, put some black eye shadow. 

First Hair Shampoo - SHOWER GEL
Shower Gel is an adequate substitute for shampoo. Hair washing procedure is the same as with the shampoo, and the result. The hair will definitely be clean. That the end would not be stiff, they apply a balm or packaging for hair.

Second Balm - body milk
Instead balm to damp hair, apply oil to the ends of the body. Its nourishing properties will protect tresses from drying out and will be flexible. It is enough that a bit of oil mixed with water, rub the edges, and then rinse well.

3rd PACKING FOR HAIR - Face Cream
Dripped on the ends rub a little moisturizer. When you dry your hair, you'll notice that the edges softened cream just as you do this packaging for hair.

4th LIQUID POWDER - corrector and cream
Concealer Stick can replace foundation. Apply it on the face of which you want to cover, such as the cheeks, forehead and nose, and then the sunđerčić put a little moisturizer and spread.

5th KOREKTOR - beige eyeshadow
If you want to hide dark circles, capillaries or pimples on the face, and you do not have concealer, you will benefit from matte shadow beige color. For the evening, the dark circles can be placed and pearly white shade, but to a lesser extent.

6th Eyeshadow - powder or blush PLUS GLOSS MOUTH
Eyelids can osenčite and darker pressed powder or blush. The shimmering effect for the evening if you can achieve the central part of the lid, pour a small colorless lip gloss.

7th Karmin - eyeshadow
If you do not have lipstick, lip color in the shadow of the corners and toward the center line mouth or lip pencil and gently move your finger across the line was easing towards the middle of the lips. 

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