Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stretch scarring

Even as a little girl you hear about stretch marks - how to drive you crazy girls and women who care about their looks, but did not know what was going on and why it raised so much noise and squeal. 

Then you were too young to be occupied by some trivial problems of the skin, but as time headway, and you are like a sexy girl found face to face with that ugly whitish, pink or even purple stripes on body. Now, you might be a little late in the prevention, because you are in puberty already noticed the cracks in the skin, says, "The voice of the public." 

No matter what is occurring in men, mainly stretch drive you crazy members of the more tender sex, which is the skin suffered most during pregnancy when she could not endure drastic change in body weight. 

Small break in the skin that occur when they are over-stretched, and the changes affect dermis, or deepest layer of the skin. Scars caused by shooting and a drastic deterioration of tissue fiber elastin and collagen in the skin usually occur somewhere along the hips, abdomen, chest and buttocks (during pregnancy), the lumbar region of the back, the back of the thigh (the time of the rapid growth in puberty). On the inside of the upper arm stretch marks usually appear as a result of sudden weight loss as well as in the aging process. 

Permanent skin damage 

Unfortunately, ladies, experts point out that the phase is well underway, in fact, these changes permanent damage to the skin that will stay there for life. If you're late to prevention, the only thing you can do is to undergo certain treatments that will mitigate it somewhat. 

Dermatologists recommend that the best time when you should start with the prevention of the occurrence of the first menstrual cycle. This means that lead an active life, maintain good physical shape, follow a healthy diet and off bad habits such as smoking. 

If they only appeared reddish furrows, maybe there is salvation, because in the initial phase. It takes daily rub into skin oils and creams that will nourish and restore its elasticity and natural processes to start production of elastin and collagen in the skin. 

Also, are recommended and preparations containing vitamin E, as well as treating skin with stretch marks directly with ampoules of this vitamin. In America it is used as a home remedy cinnamon oil and cocoa butter, and used the gel from the aloe that is highly nutritious and beneficial for the skin, regardless of whether you have a dermatological problem. 

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