Saturday, December 15, 2012

Selecting and applying concealer

Proper selection and application of concealer most important characteristic of a good concealer is its color and tone must match the color of your skin, but it is also important to its proper application.

When choosing a concealer be sure to try a few shades that are most similar to the color of your skin, but it is important to choose the day, natural light. Therefore it is best to have a mirror with you so you can get out of the store or check the window tint. The one that looks great on the artificial light of the day might look awful.

Many women make mistakes by trying concealer on the back, whose skin color is different from the one on his face. Concealer is best to try to čeljusnoj bones, so you can choose the tone that will fit the base of the neck, not just the face. Be sure to choose a shade that is almost invisible after smearing.

It is very important to the season during which you buy your complexion corrector is not the same color in the summer, fall, winter or late spring.

Before buying ask about the properties of the corrector, concealer, because today, in addition to conceal skin imperfections, protect the skin, does not dry it out or turn moisturize as needed and contain ingredients that help prevent premature aging of the skin.
Concealer is applied to a thoroughly cleansed skin cream that you feed and wait for at least 10-minutes so that the cream is absorbed. Excess cream can be removed with a simple wipe. Concealer is applied gradually: first, directly to the desired area, and usually in the points, and then it is distributed evenly and the skin utapka small cosmetic sponge.

Remember the word and add the tap in her epithet 'soft'! Why? If you rub into your skin, you will get the opposite effect - the skin will redden, and the place you want to be covered, and even more pronounced.

Once applied concealer, gently apply foundation over it, as well as through other parts of the face in order to get an even and natural color. This will keep more concealer and firmer skin.

The procedure is reversed only when you use a creamy concealer and foundation. Then be the first to apply makeup, and only then concealer.

It does not matter whether you choose a concealer stick, one in a thick creamy texture or one rjeđoj almost vodenkastoj, but the more prominent dark circles smarter to choose a denser mix concealer, then the stick.

If you use a pale powder and proofreaders because you have light skin color, their texture must be thick to cover the all the flaws on your face because fatigue and redness on a lighter background is underlined.

Most often buy concealer in color, but in hiding certain flaws are effective skin and other colors. For example. green concealer will neutralize redness and glow will be achieved if the overlay peach color corrector. There's even a purple concealer is used to cover up unhealthy, grayish complexion. However, you simply must have white concealer that gives shine to all skin types and is perfect for special occasions.

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