Saturday, December 15, 2012

Secrets of good looks

Tips for long lasting fresh and youthful appearance.

First Daily face wash several times may not always be positive. Exaggerating dries the skin and removes the oils that protect the skin. Sometimes it is better to take wet wipes that as an ingredient, vitamin E and so refreshing face.

Second Although you might be tempted not to put moisturizer, let you always be remembered that every skin needs moisture. Try a lotion that does not contain oil.

3rd Acne is one of the biggest enemies of a beautiful complexion. You can prevent cheating them with products that contain Retinol - A, but do not overdo it. Large amounts of retinol can worsen and cause facial redness.

4th Choosing the right foundation is half successful make-up. For oily skin, use a pressed powder, while the current perfect for dry skin. For sensitive skin prone to acne use the mineral-rich surface.

5th For a subtle and distinctive look using black, gray or brown eyeliner. Apply it dashed strokes, so that the lines are sharp in the middle and slightly smudged in the corners.

6th When applying mascara brush yields close to the lash and wave them from root to tip. Possible to remove lumps eyelash comb.

7th How do you make lipstick smeared or faded, surround the lip pencil or light color of your complexion.

8th Do not fight against the natural hair type, but you learn to get the best out of it. If you have fine hair using Conditioner. If you have curly or dry hair conditioner with silicone search. Hold it for five minutes and then rinse.

9th Look after your hair for a week straight using oils and protein, and for dry and curly hair conditioner once a week with keratin.

10th In the end a little advice about shaving. It is best to shave by applying a shaving cream and a razor drag from bottom to top.

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