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Secrets of beautiful skin

Six ingredients for shiny skin 

Salmon is an ideal food for a number of reasons, and as far as the skin, the most important is that abundant omega-3 fatty acids. It will help to retain moisture in the epidermal cells and accelerate healing of the skin after exposure to sunlight.

First Omega-3

Acids are rich in sardines, walnuts and flax seeds (grind them before use).

Second Carrot
Carrot is rich orange pigment beta-carotene, which the body entering distributed in skin giving it a healthy glow. Studies show that the pigment can prevent premature aging of the skin, which is the result of exposure to UV rays.

However, beware, do not go overboard with carrot juice - you could turn orange. This condition is rare and occurs only in those who do not really measure.

Beta-carotene is found in sweet potato, red pepper, grapefruit

3rd Avocado
In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition showed that people who use a lot of olive oil have fewer wrinkles than those who eat plenty of butter. Why? Butter is full of saturated fat, while olive oil is rich in monounsaturated. This makes the same good fat and 50% of the calories in avocados. But why eat avocado, not olive oil? Both are good, but avocados have the added bonus of B vitamins, which also helps the skin appears radiant and smooth.

Monounsaturated fat includes: olive oil, almonds, peanuts (not roasted in the shell)

4th Pulses
This means that you need to eat beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, and peanuts. Wrinkles will become milder. Australian scientists have concluded that high consumption of legumes, vegetables along with healthy fats and, eventually resulting in 20% fewer wrinkles. This is probably the effect of isoflavones - powerful antioxidant.

Isoflavones are rich and: alfalfa, tempeh (fermented soybeans), tofu

5th Grapes
As well as protect against heart attack and stroke, polyphenols, antioxidants from grapes and prevent relaxation of middle-aged skin. Polyphenols maintain elasticity by strengthening collagen.

Are rich in polyphenols and: blueberry, grape juice

6th Water
No wine, but the water - the most powerful weapon against dull gray skin. All bodily processes depend on water, and during the day if you do not drink enough, you will probably have a slower metabolism and, among other things, skin dryness.

One study showed that it takes half a liter of water to create a measurable increase in blood flow through the capillaries in the outer layers. Drink water often and you will have a face like babies.


The importance of skin care after the summer - how to preserve a tan?

What kind of preparations used, and for which cosmetic treatments decide to keep your tan

Facial moisturizer do not neglect after their return from the sea, in the sun and UV exposure, dryness of skin that are favorable and are one of the biggest culprits for the first signs starenja.Koži should provide enough moisture that it strengthens and protects. Otherwise you will be tightened, to be dull and prone to wrinkles. Moisturizing cream can supplement face mask, gel, containing thermal or sea water, essential oils, panthenol. Serum samples are recommended to improve the performance of moisturizing creams and cosmetics company offering a great variety of moisturizing emulsion that moisturize the skin, and lotions.They are excellent and creamy fluids.

How to keep a summer tan

Almost all who have spent part of the summer in the sun and swimming, and exposed to sunlight, the skin had darkened, and suffered intense UV radiation. After a summer of intense recommended, but mostly gentle that it would maintain a summer tan as long as possible. What kind of preparations used, and for which cosmetic treatments decide to keep your tan, we inquired at Diana Vukovic, owned hair and beauty salon "Zara".

"There are two main issues that bother after the holidays," How long you keep the passion reached ten? "And" How to tame the faster the sun and salt water drained, coarse skin? ". Suntan skin is very load. UV rays are absorbed by various layers of skin and are mostly converted into heat. Infrared-rays actually heat, increases performance, affects all layers of the skin and can lead to dehydration. After the holiday does not peel should be performed with large granules or strong massage brush, because they istančavaju skin and contribute to accelerated fading tan. They should also avoid showering too often or too hot water shower because such schemes skin even more dry.

Dry "summer skin" after cleaning requires a lot of moisture and fat. With treatments repair mechanism to protect their skin. If you have skin after the summer stocked with enough moisture and fat, not only will again be soft and supple, but will stop aging and skin orožnavanje. Donors of moisture, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, extracts of algae, bamboo and honey, silk proteins and mineral salts are something we need everyone who is exposed to the sun.

Thalasso treatments

Our informants recommended mandatory trip to the beautician and masks flizelina with substances such as collagen, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. "If the skin is irritated or are under stress, moisturizing active ingredients are used in the soothing substances, in which case I recommend collagen biomatrix with allantoin and panthenol. However, what I would definitely recommend the Thallasso treatments that contain active ingredients from the sea and, unlike synthetic products, penetrating deep into the skin by removing harmful substances, regenerating hydro-lipid layer of the skin and hydrating it. In fact, all the ingredients must contain vitamins and trace elements, minerals and eliciting our skin which supplies vital substances.

Alginate protein supplies energy skin cells and protect it from drying out. Vitamins and beta-carotene protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, fight against free radical damage and act as a natural anti-aging complex. For all skin types, face and body are important extracts from algae and plants that refresh the skin, regenerate, moisturize and mineralized. At the very treatments used different algae species specially adapted to the face or body, and after gentle exfoliation for body seaweed, body wraps nemašćući in a special gel-packs of algae. This wrap moisturizing effect, provides the body with minerals and stimulates metabolism.

To sun-damaged skin of the face is not to be denied, is treated SPECIAL refreshing and soothing packs "hot-cool" masked promote metabolism, and soften and reduce fine lines.

Ever since antiquity undoubtedly in active ingredients from the sea and its plants the power is accumulated to the health and welfare of the face and body. Thalasso treatments removes harmful substances, broken, bring moisture and cause regeneration - in short: a nice feeling to the face and body at the end of the summer, "says Dijana Vukovic.

Still UV protection

The sun is still strong, and continue to use products containing UVA and UVB filters. It is recommended that during the winter, although less radiation, caring for a person living creams that contain adequate UV protection. This is the best way to prevent aging as UV rays have proven detrimental effect on the skin. {}

Is the old dry skin faster?

If you have dry skin, you can be relieved - for aging skin "responsible" many factors, but the type of leather that has no effect.

However, do not relax too much because dry skin during the fall and winter requires extra care.

Avoid long baths, showering is a better choice if you have dry skin, and the water should be neither too cold nor very hot.

Do not use care products that dry out or irritate the skin. Products you use should not contain alcohol or menthol or camphor. Very perfumed products also are not for you.

To aggressive peels and rough gloves forget to shower, and recommended use of liquid soap.

Make sure you're getting enough fluids and vitamins, as well as in your diet are represented healthy fats (such as, for example, those found in olive or flax oil).

For cleaning use a mild skin care products that contain antioxidants and fat ddovoljno and gentle exfoliation is allowed once every ten days.


Legendary cream

Today it is easy for women to live without food than without creams for face and body care. However, the obsession creams is not recent. Records of the Egyptian queen of the 14th Nefretiti century BC reveal that they were then in vogue clay scrubs, face masks from ostrich egg and milk, and palm and olive oil.Unfortunately, he really looked Cream Queen Nefretiti or what is the texture of the lotion rejuvenation beautiful Helene, you probably will never find out.

On the other hand, how much do we really know about the'' modern'' antique creams, which were previously used by us and our (great) grandmother? Besides the indisputable excellence, making it more Nivea, Zagreb Eudermine or balm so successfully parry nepoštednoj competition? What is it that makes a cream - mythical?

LOSION a Geisha
The search for the oldest mythical'' cream'' which still happy to use, takes us to the 19-century old Tokyo, respectively - from the first Shiseido cream Eudermine.

The literal translation from the Greek,'' eudermine is good for the skin cream'' and the Land of the Rising Sun Pharmacy came to the West'' as a universal guide for nurturing silky skin''. First Shiseidov product continuously maintained moisture, protect the epidermis from dehydration biohijarulonskim shield and rapidly renewing tissue - that its properties today may sound ordinary, but then they were revolutionary.

Good skin lotion, Japanese women have started to buy their daughters as a'' first'' lotion, and he soon became part of the beauty of Japanese heritage. His pack in today's modern luxury red bottle is inspired by antique glass bottles from the 19th Euderminea century. As the lotion was reddish in color, with nurturing, and had a decorative function. Geisha have loved it!

11 billion BLUE CREAM

Nivea cream is probably the first one we heard in your life, and the first one we used. Since it was built in the first decade of the 20th century, not as fascinating as its formula was advanced for the time, as the fact that the date was not changed because it simply was never any need! Moreover, it is the only cream to which no one has ever been allergic. The fact that having sold more than 11 million small blue boxes in more than 150 countries, is proof enough of the quality Niveinih cream.
The story of Nivea leads to the 1911th year. Then they all face creams and body have a very short shelf life because they were based on plant or animal fat, and they are separated from the liquid component of fat.Emulsifier Eucerit invention is achieved stable textural. Pharmacy owner Beiersdorf soon 'concoct' cream of Eucerit, glycerin and citric acid, and oil of rose and lily of the valley, which gave her a unique fragrance.His snow-white cream is Nivea decided to call, which is derived from the Latin noun, nix, nivis for 'snow'.

It is little known that Nivea initially sold in a yellow tin packaging, and all the familiar blue'' dressed'' is only the 1925th Beginning today Nivea popularity begins recorded thirty years ago, when their outlets with pharmacies spread to drugstores and perfumeries.

With distinctive quality, flavor and packaging, Nivea was about ten years ago and got an acoustic icon!French composer Gabriel Yared gave her the sonic identity - a blue and white tone, which became the soundtrack of Niveinih commercials.

As a counterpart to the Japanese and European 'mythical' Cream, America is gripped Eight Hour Cream, Cream universal cosmetic visionary Elizabeth Arden.

Always original Miss Arden launched it in 1935. years, with an unusual slogan:'' Try it! I use it for my horses!'' To form a new Eight Hour Cream, ointment, without which the world's supermodels today can not live, and make-up artists use it in all kinds of purposes, including as a lip gloss. But the list does not stop the application of this miraculous healing creams that heal small cuts, nourishes cuticles and lips, and acts as a restorative night cream.

About eight hour cream has always circulated in countless legends, and Elizabeth did not have to advertise.How is this amazing cream is so bizarre story of its genesis. Miss Arden, in fact, had a stable of racehorses that fostered various creams, wanting to be "the most splendid race ', and this was apparently originally used'' for'' horsehair shine. Name the 'cream of the horses' last chance gave the friend of Elizabeth's, causing a baby boy, on a scratch, which is healed by the miraculous eight hours.

Elizabeth Arden, whose real name Florence Nightingale Graham, like its European namesake was a nurse, but the resemblance stops there. Elizabeth was at some ways was a pioneer of the cosmetic industry. First hired beauty-ambassador, invented the Total Look - compliance nail color, blush and lipstick - and in her salon 'Red Door' on New York's 5th Avenue suffered its first makeover in America. It was really climb for the poor nurse, who won her first cream against sunburn 'shaken' in an old family kitchen.

One famous American journalist and columnist of the 30-ies, said that the world's most famous three American brands: Singer sewing machines, Coca Cola, and Elizabeth Arden!

EXOTIC Fifties
Of all the'' golden'' cream, moisturizing fluid Oil of Olaz only one who has three names, three of the world! In continental Europe, known as Oil of Olaz in Asia like to be called Oil of Ulay, in America knows him under the Oil of Olay. Its inventors, two South African chemist, named it Olaz - simply because they like some exotic name.

Lancome La Crème Nutrix exotic is another way: it is the only, neither more nor less'' political'' cream. Also known as a remedy for sunburn, insect bites rescue, and male cream for cuts after shaving, this is a regenerative night cream 50's, in a strange way, entered the political arena. In the event of nuclear war, the British defense minister felt that it is best healed burns caused by radiation.

Formula today nutriksice modernized from ekološkig reasons, because at that time contained ingredients of animal origin, but its legendary characteristics remain the same.

With the same passion as the British Minister of Defence, beauticians are preporučavale Dior Nail Cream - Crème Abricot is named for the striking color moisturisers in minjaturnoj packaging. In the short term has become a fetish-care creams, accelerated growth and strength of the nail, which is deservedly remained in Dior's shelves until now.

Dramatically different lotion
That proper skin care consists of cleansing, exfoliation and hydration all know today. But the idea of'' 3'' steps, was first published revolutionary 1968th, the editor of American Vogue article Carol Philips and a New York dermatologist.

The potential of this discovery, first recognized the company Estée Lauder, and on that occasion opened Clinique house and almost immediately launched unprecedented novotriju - line 3 step: Soap, 7-Day Scrub Cream and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. The lotion has become so popular that fans call him just DDML. House reiterated the success of the men's line, step 3, a few years ago launched a new DDML, in the gel.

Drrugi equally revolucinaran product, came from Sisley. When the 70-them out on the market Emulsion Ecologique, they changed history fitokozmetike. Their protective product, except as a classic cream acts as a serum before moisturizer to improve the function of the active ingredients. A simple formula contains the finest essences tiger grass, gisenga, rosemary and hops.

World record
'' Be good to your skin, it's the only one you'', said one of Estée Lauder. Its best-selling product Night Repair, creamy serum for nighttime skin renewal, has launched twenty years ago. Every 30 seconds in the world to sell a bottle Repair, unique formula which nobody has been able to copy. That night serum'''' is the essence of beauty-philosophy Estée Lauder, which advocated a mandatory hydration. As Night Repair perfect base for regeneration of the skin, and is now used for day care.

Estée are often compared to Elizabeth Arden, its eternal rival, with whom she competed in the innovation and marketing tricks. Thus Esty first got the idea of'' test'' samples. From her salon no woman refused to leave without them, even if Esty had to tear off the tip of a rose and put it in the envelope. The charismatic, funny and above all cunning biznismenka and American cosmetics pioneer, was known for zločastim statements. When she heard the tragic news of the death of Elizabeth Arden, is said to have calmly said, 'At last he did something first!'

The orbit of the world'' mythical'' cream, and broke through the one next door - universal cream Croatia - Zagreb balm.

The protective lanolin cream today is Croatian selling product, but also one of the most sought after in the international market. The properties are just countless Melem: used for dry feet and elbows, irritated lips after waxing or insect bites.

It seems that the balm used for decades. Was launched, however, the late 90s, it was invented by a chemist Zagreb Ninko Niksic. After a 40-year old in the Australian and German chemical industry, Mr. Niksic returned to Zagreb and founded a company Chemco. Inspired by the story of a printing press workers in Sweden who use protective hand cream, Nik began to explore how he came up with a similar product.Recipe which was ultimately satisfied called Balm, which was later renamed in Zagreb balm.

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