Saturday, December 15, 2012

Secrets blush

What is your beauty secret weapon? Cosmetic surgery, beauty treatments, or just a well-balanced makeup with blush on the cheeks? 
Many women avoid blush, but what exactly can be your secret weapon of beauty.

It can give you a natural look for day and for evening glamor. However, most women who use it and not know it right cause you get exactly the opposite effect - they look anything but natural and look like clowns.

Here are some tips on how to use blush, given the shape of your face, and what color to use as the color of the complexion.

Types of brushes and blushes

The first thing you need to know about the blush, it is to emphasize the contours of the face and that is very easy to hide facial defects and vice versa. Another thing to remember is that for blush and powder of stone that you need a wide and a soft brush. The one that is most commonly offered to blush, not good, because they are too small and too rigid and they can not be evenly distributed across the face flush.

If you do not know exactly which part of the person you need to apply blush, laugh. Lifted part of the cheek is the best place for blush. Also, do not forget to shake off a little blusher brush to offer your bodies before her face, so as not to put too much blush on your face. If you and this happens, gently wipe it with a tissue or cotton pad.

Lately, the popular creamy blush. They apply only fingers and spread the correct circles on your cheekbones.

Skin tone and blush

Blush customize the color of your complexion. So for a brighter complexion, use shades of pink blush. But if you have a light complexion with a touch of yellow, use blush peach, and shades of orange. Olive complexion will best suit of brown and red shades of blush. If your skin is darker, try a caramel hue.Powder blush is better suited oily and mixed skin type, while excellent for dry skin cream blush. 

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