Saturday, December 15, 2012

Remove milk residues from the face

Do you have a habit that when cleansing, removing mascara violent movement, or immediately after waxing or shaving underarm deodorant place, not realizing how such practices are harmful to the skin.

Here's what else you should not do while caring for your face and body?

Milk Cleaning

Milk Cleanser is a product that contains chemicals, not moisturizing cream should be left on site. Thus, the remains of milk should be removed to clean the face with water or toner. If you leave the milk on the face, with him on the leather will keep impurities and traces of makeup.

Superficially delete

In the morning, when every minute was precious, it often happens that a quick wipe and dress, although not quite dry skin. If you will want to avoid redness and irritation of the skin after the bath must be well clear.People who sweat more should be deleted after a sprinkle powdered skin to remove all traces of moisture.

After waxing

Regardless of whether you use a razor or wax, you remove underarm hair, along with them, and remove the protective layer of the skin. This skin is very sensitive, and when you put deodorant containing alcohol, causes irritation, which can be very uncomfortable. How to prevent unpleasant odors and protect the skin?Wait a few minutes after waxing and then apply a neutral alcohol-free deodorant.


Changing the face of cosmetic products during the year is a great habit because in this way the skin gets all the nutrients it needs.
So the cream with antioxidants (vitamin E and enzyme Q10) should be replaced by the lighter cream (with vitamin C and arbutin), a cream to regenerate it (with fruit acids and retinol).


When milk Download lashes with makeup trying to remove mascara and smeared it on the field under your eyes, do not rub it vigorously. To remove mascara, without risk of redness around the eyes, always use a special tool for removing makeup.


Improper plucking eyebrows violate their shape and symmetry. It is best to go once a year for beauticians who will suggest the shape and density that best suits your face, and keep after them yourself.


It is a temptation which is hard to resist when you arrange your nails at home. But it is enough to suppress just cuticles stick after you've held the hands of a few minutes in warm water. The foreskin is actually a natural nail root protection and its removal could potentially develop infections.


A person starts to shine and you immediately put the powder? When applying powder to the face is shining, you get an uneven tan with spots. What should I do in order to have a uniform and matt complexion? A person cleaning product that is designed for oily skin, apply a cream that neutralizes fat and then gently press a tissue on your face to soak up any excess cream. Only then put powder.

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