Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recommendations for Beautiful Hair

A beautiful, shiny and healthy hair is not a myth. However, you can have it only if you stick to some rules.Here are ten tips that you will surely succeed.

First Proper washing of hair

In order to properly and thoroughly washed your hair is enough to put your hands on a comparable amount of shampoo to the size of hazelnuts. Rub shampoo in your hands and put then evenly. When washing up to concentrate on the area of ​​the scalp, just because there is a hair grease. However, if the hair foaming at the first washing, does not need to shampoo again. It is also important to rinse your hair thoroughly, otherwise there is skin irritation.

Second Different hair, different care

Each hair has its own factor, another factor. Natural hair needs different care than coloured. Get advice hairdressers and improve the quality of hair.

3rd Cold water keeps the hair

If you are intolerant to cold try to grit my teeth and rinse your hair with cold water. We will give you shinier and more lush, since cold water causes the closure of the follicles, and the surface layer of the hair will be smooth. Cold shower promotes circulation of the scalp and will grow stronger hair.

4th When hair says a lot

Trying to brighten up do hairstyles big mistake by using different products. Gels, sprays, conditioners, hair treatments, if you use too much at one time, and comes to excess hair can not absorb any ingredient. Take a break, the hair will thank you.

5th Do not rub the towel

Wet hair is more elastic than dry. If unduly stretched, rip, rub a towel there is a great opportunity to create dandruff. Roll up your hair in a towel and it so dry.

6th Combing

Be aware of the equipment to brush or comb your hair. Best brush with rounded tips of natural hair because that way it keeps the hair and prevents the rapid Humectante.

7th Drying

Previously dry hair before blow drying wet hair because it is especially sensitive and do not respond well to hot air. If it is possible to adjust the coolest hair. This way you will avoid sweating in the head because that hairstyle is not stable and the sort you want.

8th Careful with devices

If you are straight or curl hair conditioner it will become brittle and rough. In order not to have caused much damage there is a special spray to protect hair from the heat that the surface is covered with hair care and prevent hair dryness.

9th The magic volume

Volume can be obtained by blow-dry your hair after washing over her head, then wrap a large semi-arid curls. You get glamorous volume and shiny hair.

10th Help wavy hair

Curls are best left alone. While the hair is wet do not touch it, hold it to dry and then Intervene. The corresponding products are: liquid care tips, hair shine spray and hair mask that provides the necessary moisture.

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