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Quick tips for better appearance

-Eyebrows not need to constantly twitch if you already have a desired shape. Bring them in turn an old toothbrush. Then fix them hair gel. 

Short-nails require less care than the others. If you do not want to shorten it, reminds oval tops that is rarely broke.

-Do not overdo it with a hair dryer. It is best to blow dry the hair roots only (since you previously squeeze excess water), and then gently rub the towel. In the meantime nasminkajte and the hair will still be just as wet as necessary to better shape.

-The only effective way to remove the smell of garlic from the mouth to chew cardamom seeds, herbs and spices that can easily be found in our stores.

The faux-blondes: If you do not mind the fact that the chemicals dry out the hair with your hair after coloring the longer you kept the color in the final rinse water add one large tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (sold in pharmacies) to a pint.

-The simplest means of cleaning person: Izlupajte one egg and mix with the olive oil. After cleaning, rinse with cool water.

-Old secret to youthful looking skin: liquid paraffin (paraffin from a pharmacy - no paraffin for heating) Rub the entire body before bathing. This tool makes it especially works wonders for dry skin. If you do not have enough time for the whole treatment, at least in the bath water add a few drops of oil.

-Hair will soon get lighter tone in the sun if the prior session Scrub the lemon juice.

-The best diet for the skin should contain a minimum fat and maximum grain and fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Hair-American Indians, the famous beauty though is always susceptible to the damaging effects of wind, sun and salt. Their secret is coconut oil. However, equally good effects are achieved with the olive oil. The hair thoroughly rub olive oil and then wrap a warm towel around your head for half an hour. Wash your hair as usual.

-For dry skin: one tablespoon rose water mix with two tablespoons of glycerine and leave on the skin overnight or for several hours during the day if you do not go anywhere. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

-For Protection of hands: Mix equal amounts of glycerin, water and cologne.

-If your hands are heavily soiled: Rub petroleum jelly on your hands and rinse after five minutes. Another means: use the palm of a vegetable oil and a little sugar and a good scrub.

Yes tklonite odor from your hands: Use lemon, vinegar or salt. Each of these impacts on different types of scents.

Fingers-yellow from tobacco can clean just hydrogen peroxide.

Treatment for varicose-pore: over boiling water and covered with a towel Napare face ten minutes. While the face is still wet and hot rub with wide pores of a slice of lemon. Leave the lemon to dry on the skin, and then rinse with cold water. If you have blackheads in the pores, remove them after mating, and then Napare face and rub with lemon. You should always remove blackheads when the skin is hot and the pores open, because only in that way you will not damage the skin and tissue around them.

-If you paint on your hands after traces of color remain the best means to fix it is a mixture of paraffin and white spirit or turpentine and linseed oil.

-How long perfume scents? Oils have properties that retain the smell of perfume. At the place where you put the perfume previously apply a thin layer of oil with a neutral scent. Smell of perfume is the best feeling when you put it in the hottest places on the body: the arms, to the point of measurement of the pulse, and the neck, on the side rather than behind the ear and on the bone as it is often wrongly done.

After a long-combing, especially dry hair, it happened to appear static electricity which is why hair becomes unruly. The only way and the fastest to "collect" electricity is combing metal comb.

Nature has arranged a-grave injustice that after crying eyes visibly shrivels, not only to feel but ugly and looking like that. Fortunately, nature has created and cucumbers. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and keep them through the eyes until they warm up and then replace them.

Trend "smoky eyes" do not stop, a celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilburi explains how to perfect themselves putting your makeup on your eyes in five simple steps.

"Smoky" look is achieved by a dark gray or brown shadow, and you can experiment with other colors. With this look, make up the rest of the face to a minimum, apply a slight blush and neutral lip gloss, and sparking the glamorous look in a few minutes.

First Curl lashes special gadgets, and as close to the root. This will twist the outside, and immediately give the eye a more open look.

Second Apply the base color of the shadow from the inner to the outer side of the eye. Choose quality shadow, so as not to collect the rebates.

3rd Pencil in a shade darker than the shadows pull strong, but not too thick line along the upper and lower eyelids. Cotton swab gently rub the line to soften it a little edge. For a more dramatic look, you can apply the pencil and the inner edge of the eye.

4th Seductive form of "cat" eye is achieved by extending the line a few millimeters at the corner of the eye.Line extending in a direction toward the outside, with a gentle slope upward.

5th Complete the look with a few coats of mascara and eyelash brush, pull outward, rather than upward.


Adequate makeup and hair care, tailored style of dress can make couple and look fresh and youthful.Follow our tips.

Careful with dark hair
Leave extreme colors teenagers. Forget about wildly blajhanje lose time because the effect of various gold tones that give hair shine and freshness and youthfulness of your face. Too dark colored hair also looks unnatural, and more highlights of the year.

Return shine
In blow drying and styling takes its toll, leaving the hair dull. Cosmetics are, thankfully, long way, and today there are various products that can restore radiance hair. Make any hairdressers or treatment by some of the serum, drops or silicon crystals to shine.

Concealer wherever needed
Why should we stop at the Black bags - put a little concealer on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, the outside of the nostrils, and the wrinkles around the corners of the mouth. The whole tone of your face will suddenly raise, and your environment will wonder who your cosmetic surgeon.

Makeup that dries out the skin - no way!
As you get older your skin is drier in all, so consider switching to lighter powders and creamy with a sparkling effect. The same goes for blush and bronzer.

Natural lifting eyelids
To lift the lid which is easily going to be down, use a lighter shade along the lash line, and the darker osenčite arch above the crease. Light shade will visually raise the lid and open your eyes.

Full lips despite years
It is undeniable that even the juiciest lips lose volume over time, so you should know that a dark, matte lipsticks only highlight that fact. Move on to brighter colors or pink glow, and your lips will get a fuller look.

Find the perfect bra
Ask the prostitute in lingerie shops to help you in choosing a bra. Breasts change with age, so you probably will not fit the model that has long wear. Today there are different bras that lift breasts, give the body a natural look, without unnecessary cuts and folds of skin. Torso, therefore, becomes elongated, slender waist, and you'll look at least 5 years younger.

Choose the right jeans
His cheeks are not the only places in the body that over the years subject to the force of gravity - the same thing is happening with your butt. So be sure to follow the composition of jeans that you buy. They must be at least 2% Lycra, and preferably more. Otherwise jeans will stretch and will not provide any support to your butt.

Poigravajte the style
Do not try so hard to be everything to you perfectly packed style. Add some unexpected detail - tousled hairstyle or casual leather jacket can be an interesting addition to elegant dress. This will give you an incredible youthful energy to your styling.

Oliver Vucetic, Flash


- You put eye shadow on the eyelids and want to put on mascara, you're restless hands or brides makeup.How would zamazali eyelids, lean slightly handkerchief to his eyes, then put the mascara and it will pick up the entire wipes excess mascara.
- Eyeliner you always smear? Put it in the refrigerator.


- Never nails trimmed because noktaricom will start shooting, better best scissors and cut to shape and still nail files and always from left to right.

- Always quick to paint, thin layer and a first step in the middle, then a left and then right. If you create a manicure is a really good concealer for nail polish in pen form, which you can fix improper line when painting (for example, if you make yourself french)


- If you have a lot of freckles on his face suit the hair so warm red or blue colors.
- A person who can not accept the red tones of red hair, are recommended ash blonde or ash brown color.
- Yellowish color face fits golden copper color and hair.
- If you have pale white face and tan do not, paint the hair in dark red - purple (violet) color.


- Help for acne natural lemon juice, which contains oil acne faster by using the pass. . Simply a Cut the lemon in half, use a clean swab lemon juice and apply on the acne (never put the toothpaste that can lead to inflammation).

Beautiful legs

- Scrub for smooth and beautiful legs you can make yourself ... Pomještajte 1 cup whipped cream made of foam (thick) with 10 tablespoons of sugar. Whipped cream gives the grease, until sugar is used as a scrub.

Fungal diseases of the feet

- Solve a fungal disease that frequently affects the feet and nails so that you can put plain yogurt on the affected area, and if the spread between the fingers and place, put a piece of garlic between fingertips, leave it overnight. Yogurt disinfected, until the onion leaves enough space for air between your fingers.

White teeth

How to make your teeth look white, you make yourself a mixture of:
Some baking powder mix it with water, put on your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Once a week, for three minutes and your teeth will be white and polished.

Breast Mask

Natural beauticians recommend as the best advice for the firmness of the breasts:
Mash banana and add honey. Mixture distribution in the basket and put on a bra so ten minutes, twice a week.
Banana contains vitamins that can not be found in creams.

Yellowing of cigarettes

Often we see the yellow fingers in smokers, particularly ugly looking women with long fingernails.
Take a simple lemon juice, dip a piece of cotton and rub your hands, and do not forget between the toes. If that does not help, then the same way you do with hydrogen peroxide (hidrogeniom), which shall not be greater than 3%.


- You look exhausted and tired, and you can expect an important meeting. It helps just a quick ice-cold facial reconstruction. Take an ice cube and gently rub her face until lightly blushed. It will get a nice natural pink color and become smoother. Do not put lotion or make-up, as usual.


- Sea salt is very good against cellulite. Massage your body with sea salt while showering or
- In zmite old leggings (leggins, tights), soak them in a mixture (1 tbsp sea salt to 1l of water). Put them on and carry on until you are dry. Not only will buff your skin but after frequent use will reduce the amount of your legs. It is recommended to measure the circumference in centimeters more before and after use.


- If you were not able to do your eyebrows, put hairspray on your fingers and go lightly on the brow of the sky. 

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