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Proper skin care

Bath and nourishes skin 

Baths to relax, be heard, increases circulation and make your skin soft and supple.

Body care, especially those cosmetic, based on the water. Water is the main ingredient in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the skin, and therefore the various baths that practice can help to prolong the beauty and skin health.

Showering with warm water should be part of daily hygiene. Taking a shower can be a specific type of massage if you use a strong jet of water, and it is good for relieving stress and tension.

Baths to relax, be heard, increases circulation and make your skin soft and supple. There are different types of baths, and each has a different purpose. The choice you make bath to meet your needs, and you can do a special ritual dedicated to the beauty of life.

When preparing for a bath it is essential to remove dirt showering with skin, and after a bath do not forget to skin care. If you have oily skin is moist and recommend products that are less oily, while the dry skin should use products based on essential oils.

Bath and you can make your own without a lot of investment money from the products you have in your home.

Bath yogurt
Mix a cup of yogurt or sour milk with a tablespoon of honey and a spoon of salt. Make a uniform mass that will rub your entire body and massage for five minutes. then, lay in the tub with warm water and fifteen minutes to relax. Then take a shower first hot, then cooler water. (Mondo)

The skin has a surface area of ​​1.7 to 2 m2 (varies depending on the amount of physical and material), and 18% of total body weight is allocated to the skin. Her role is really great because it has a protective role and the sensual, and her look is aesthetically important.

The increasing air pollution, the food we consume and stressful lifestyle we lead culprits for the increasing presence of serious skin problems such as acne, dryness of skin, pigmentation changes.

Most important for healthy skin are vitamins A, E, C and B vitamins.

Vitamin A include carrots and papaya, and gradually release vitamin A, which has an antioxidant effect and retains the youthful appearance of the skin without wrinkles. Also found in orange, yellow and orange fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk and cream.

B vitamins are found in yogurt, peas, mushrooms, lentils, cheese, almonds, meat, fish, grains. B vitamins are essential for clean skin, youthful appearance, helps renew skin cells and fight against various types of skin infections.

Vitamin E is found in olive oil, seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, dark green vegetables, and the eggs and milk. It helps heal wounds and restore the skin. Prevents wrinkles, skin dryness and postpones the appearance of age spots.

Vitamin C include citrus fruits, lettuce, oranges, broccoli, tomatoes, raspberries, currants. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen and prevents wrinkles. Except for the production of collagen, vitamin C is very important in protecting against radiation utraljubičastog.

In addition to the above vitamins for healthy skin are important and beta carotene, omega-3-fatty acids, lycopene and minerals: zinc, selenium, copper, and magnesium.

Intake of fluids such as water and unsweetened tea (soft drinks are not taken into account, but should be avoided) is also an important factor for the skin. It is desirable to bring about 2 liters of fluid a day to hydrate enough body and skin.

For healthy skin not only essential nutrients that enter your body. One of the key factors is the quality of the air (eg, exhaust fumes from cars in populated cities have a negative impact on your skin!).

So try to spend more time in nature, away from city traffic and city noise. In addition to being in the nature of the air quality is much better, you can relax from everyday worries and stress because it's another factor that affects the appearance and health of skin.

Beware of excessive sun exposure damages the skin as much. Peeling skin therefore does not mean anything other than the way in which our body fights against the damaged cells. When the skin was peeled or "peeled", the cells affected by solar radiation suffered to a great risk of becoming cancerous. Emerging new layer of skin does not mean that the danger is behind us, since almost all burns may permanently remain in the body and create cancerous cells. The immune system is, in fact, may be scheduled.

Prepuštajmo therefore not "will" our defense mechanism in the body! Without a broad-brimmed, lightweight clothing we should not in the sun. Risk of melanoma is not worth the short tan! If you're already a supporter of the dark body rather than the head-to-toe cover with self-tanning cream.


Skin as the largest organ of our body requires adequate preparation for the upcoming summer days.

First of all, the soft and moisturized skin, it is necessary to ensure sufficient intake of healthy omega fatty acids in food. We will find them in olive oil and fish, which should be an indispensable food on our plate at least once a week. Good choices are certainly nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios.

The arrival of warmer weather more common and sweating which can cause acne and skin problems. This problem can be solved with green leafy vegetables that contain essential vitamins A, B, C and E and the mineral zinc and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

The skin is the most sensitive organ of our body, and its care requires special care and tenderness.Therefore, medications and herbal preparations are the best solution for all skin problems.

Gel of aloe vera - the best choice to rejuvenate the skin, especially after the injury, a nutritious and beneficial for all those who have problems with dry skin. Gel of the aloe vera also soothes the rash that often occurs after waxing sensitive skin.

Chamomile Oil - A mild herbal supplement that soothes and antiinflammatory effect, accelerating the recovery of damaged skin.

Neven - creams, lotions and coatings of these herbs are used as first aid for burns, cuts and bruises. Neven also reduces inflammation and fights against all infections.

Rosewater - This great product cleanses the skin, tightens the smoothing wrinkles, and also effectively soothes inflamed acne. It also helps restore skin softening its leakage and scar formation.

Proper care for every skin type

Oily Skin

It's good clean to prevent the formation of pimples ...

A typical teenage problems
Sometimes, unfortunately, does not appear after puberty. If you have blackheads on my nose and forehead, as well as an oily T - zone on the face, it may be a matter of hormones. But, and lifestyle changes can also produce tallow unbalance.

Do not go overboard with cleaning
Not too oily skin clean as this may encourage more production of oil.
After that refresh your face with toner to prevent the formation of pores.

Removal of fat
Women oily skin usually covered with powder. However, they are better or leaf tissues to absorb excess oil that ec remove unsightly shine for several hours. Apply creams designed for oily skin.

Sensitive Skin

Search hipoalerganske preparations coating ...

Many women will tell you that your skin is sensitive
Even though their number is growing, in fact it is only 20 percent who really have this skin. But the toughest skin can become sensitive if its conservation rebates due to hormonal changes, stress and harmful influences. This skin type usually do not correspond to many care products because kožaalergijski reacts to various substances in skin care.

Conservative Care
Najvažnijij aspects of care for this type of skin to alleviate irritation and strengthening the protective layer of the skin. It is intended that cosmetic products at no additional colors or preservatives, and hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin.

First Aid Emergency
If the facial skin, to treat some preparation, itching and burning, will help you compress of chamomile.

Dry skin

It needs be provided with sufficient moisture.

More and more women have dry skin
Dermatologists cause of this phenomenon seen in frequent aggressive skin cleansing products. So, the first step in dry skin is a rejection of cleaning skin is degreased - these are all products of foam -

It is very important to restore skin moisture!
Use cosmetic products with a high proportion of fat and moisturizing ingredients. Hidratantnija resources used during the day and night for more oily preparations.

Very gentle exfoliation
The lack of protective fatty layer enhances increased extinction layer of skin, which is then peeled into tiny flakes. Once a week, make sure to peel.

Normal skin

Five different skin types, each of which requires a special way of care. Find out what it's best for all skin types make it healthy and radiant.

Normal skin
Easy to cherish and always impeccably beautiful
You can envy: you belong to a very small group of lucky 15 percent that without a lot of effort and investment have beautiful and radiant complexion. You are light enough day cream, night, some night, and your skin will be beautiful, solid and smooth to the touch. It lacks of excess fat, no dry or blobs or any impurities. This type of skin is common in children, but much rarer in adults.

Vitamins Wrinkle
Normal skin should only anti-wrinkle, and that's about it. In that sense, it will help her vitamin A, C and E and our skin's own coenzyme Q10. They will not only effectively prevent premature aging of the skin, but it will alleviate the existing fine lines and make a fresh complexion and pink.

If you stayed up the night or you're stressed
They do not move enough fatigue will affect your skin will become gray. This problem can easily stand on end. Wash in cold water, apply a light moisturizer and skin will be healthy zarumeniti.

Combination Skin

This is probably the most common type of skin.

In addition to young people, often occurs in the elderly where the skin is not in perfect shape and does tasko quick and effective mechanism of regeneration. Middle part of the face, known as T - Zone, is fattier and tougher than the rest of the face. Cheeks behave differently and often tend dryness or even a feature of normal skin types. It is the skin that is prone to occasional spotting, redness and dry, flaky areas.

He combined skin type

Do you have this skin type then you probably know how it can be a demanding person. Specifically, certain parts of the face must be treated differently. This is a skin that does not tolerate soaps and avoid them when cleaning. This will prevent further drying and dry parts of stimulating the sebaceous glands. Dry skin areas should be put on moisturizing preparations, a very slight oily parts and cleaning preparations are tonic for oily skin type to improve skin texture.

Feeling tense after washing, texture, flakes, more or less peeling, lack of elasticity, redness or itching everyday problems faced by many people. The causes may vary, but the lack of fat and hydration, environmental (wind, sun, cold) and hereditary factors, lack of vitamin A and B.

Here are some useful tips for the care of dry skin:

Use a rich moisturizer-Kemo which will be applied several times a day,
-Avoid soaps, tonics and other similar preparations,
-Apply a few drops of vegetable oil after you put moisturizer for the face,
-Never the person applying products that contain artificial colors and fragrances,
-Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and more Onos body fluids, while avoiding alcohol and caffeine,
- Do not smoke because it dries the skin and avoid smoke-filled room,
-Face regularly and thoroughly nourish and nourishing massage creams
-Avoid powders that contain drying ingredients.

Honey and olives, and is known for its medicinal properties, it makes your skin soft and supple, so it is often used in cosmetics as an addition to skin care products.

Use it priridnog - we bring you a few tips for natural products that you can make yourself at home.

Face masks:

- Honey and cucumber

Peel a cucumber and chop it into a blender, then remove excess liquid. Add two teaspoons of honey and mix thoroughly. Apply the mask on your face and neck with a cotton bushes. Allow to dry, then rinse with water.

- Honey and apple

In a blender place one peeled apple and tablespoon of honey, and blend on high until the mixture is completely and truly uniform. Apply the mixture on your face and leave on for 15 minutes - then rinse.

Peeling Face: honey, almonds and oatmeal

One tablespoon of honey, almonds and spoon, two tablespoons of oatmeal and a little lemon juice or yogurt.Massage the face gently resulting mixture, and then rinse with warm water.

Hot bath with honey

This is perhaps the best thing you can do for your skin - add to your bath ¼ cup honey - this will leave your skin soft and velvety.

Hair conditioner

For healthy, shiny and supple hair conditioner make natural half a cup of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil. Massage the scalp with this conditioner, the hair and then put a shower cap and leave the conditioner on your hair to stand for 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse as usual.

Lightweight product for facial cleansing

1/4 cup of honey, one tablespoon of liquid soap and half a cup of glycerin (available at drugstores). Gently apply the mixture on the face using a soft sponge. Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly face.

We hope you find at least one tip that you will use. Enjoy it!

5 bad habits that our skin does not like

Do you know what is harmful to your skin and how to correct bad habits everyday, that you may not even know that they are harmful? We bring you the top 5 biggest mistakes.

Exfoliation with granular formulations

Pearl peels with various Granulić, seeds and flaked, although natural, more damage to our skin but we can help. The sharp edges of these micro Granulić can cause damage to our skin cells. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you need a scrub, devices which were issued their own mixture of baking soda and warm water, which will remove all damaged and dead skin cells on the surface of your face.

Long, hot showers

If you're a fan of long pleasant showering under warm running water, you know that your skin is not exactly thrilled with it. Specifically, thereby removing surface fat layer that connects the cell surface and protects skin moisture. Also, we have witnessed a large amount of chlorine that is now in the water, and that will still further dry out our skin. Therefore, showering reduced to about 10 minutes, and do not forget hydrating creams and lotions.

Wrinkles around the eyes

Doctors suggest examination by ophthalmologist at least every 2 years, and to those people who do not have any problems. Permanent muscle movements such as squinting, eye strain, and with the avoidance of wearing glasses, is certain to lead to immediate creation of indelible wrinkles around the eyes. Do not forget your sunglasses, so you'll save your eyes will not only help your health, but also beautiful and youthful appearance of your face.

Face Wash and set hairstyles

Beauticians warn that most women after cleansing and makeup person approaches fixing hair and hair treatment with various paints, gels and the like. preparations. They say that it is very harmful to the skin of the face, because all mentioned products contain substances that close pores and cause acne, especially along the border edges of the hair and face.
Therefore, first edit the desired hairstyle, wash and clean your face and apply makeup that you want.

Sleeping on your side or stomach

If this is your favorite way to pleasant dreams, gravity could cause the fluid to accumulate around your eyes and other lower parts of the body. The skin loses its elasticity and begins to "bend". I keep sleeping in these positions can even lead to rupture of collagen fibers, and provisional morning line, can turn into permanent. 

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