Friday, December 14, 2012

Nail extension

Nail UV casting technique or fingernails for a special gel which is dried in a UV lamp. 4-5 gel used, depending on the manufacturer, the application of gels used small brushes made of natural hair and causing it done in a thin layer to the nail would not look unnaturally thick. 

To do the casting, that there should be a 3 mm length of your nails for fixing the mold for casting. Noktna plate is processed with a larger file of gel to better adhere to the nails, cuticles removed, and then put the mold. The mold can be made of aluminum, silicon or foil.

The mold is fixed to the nail, and then applied the gel than half noktne grown over the nail plate and the mold, the mold are tick marks, so you can choose the desired length. The gel dries in 3-5 minutes lamps, and then the mold is removed.

Hardened gel is formed kleŇ°ticama and a scalpel, then applied another gel, followed by drying in lamps and causing a milky white, opaque gel (all other gels are transparent), which formed the top nail so. French manicure. After drying the gel noktna white plate bumpy so following gel nail fills and flat. This gel can be injected Decoration: crystals, sequins, stamp, flowers and the like.

Then, in the end, the gel is applied to the nail and glow naturally follows drying of this layer. The decoration remains sealed with nail texture, so you can not damage or remove the acetone, it lasts as long as a nail. If you decide to paint your nails, it will not be seen.

Thus upgraded manicurist nails in quality with quality materials and takes 20-30 days to perform all the household chores. For this period, the nails will grow to 3-5 mm, so you'll need to shorten and occasionally you to file noktnu board. It is desirable and sometimes paint gloss varnish for the nail.

In any good beauty salons you find this service offered, price is about 20 E, and the upgrade process runs from 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours. 

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