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Nail care

Thinking that it consists only of nail varnish. Nails need proper manicure first, and then comes the paint. 

First Skin care on nails
When editing the skin on your nails have to be careful not to truncate too far from the cuticles, and your skin is suppressed. Better than cutting the foreskin is suppression using special means to soften the skin and thus facilitates the moving foreskin.

First remove nail varnish from a special solution for this purpose (pure acetone is too strong). Then apply on the skin especially softener skin (cuticle remover) or soak nails in soapy bath. When you push the soft skin of the rod.

Second Shape the nails turpijicom
To prevent cracking or breaking a nail, and to make you look more beautiful nails regularly and file the Trim them. Be careful that your fingernails are all the same length.

3rd Nail polish
Nail polish once a week to boost circulation. Nail polish on one hand, at least two minutes, but make sure that your blood pressure is too strong, so as not to damage the nails. For this you can use a nail brush. After polishing, apply oil on your nails to be healthier and stronger.

4th Moistening
On hand hand cream, so as soon as you feel that your hands are dry or they need protection, apply cream.

5th Nail White Pencil
This is your odl─Źno for improving the appearance of the nail. Apply pencil under the nail edges - it will express nail color and will look neat and clean.

6th Food for nails
If you have any of the following symptoms, you may want to change your diet:

· Lack of vitamin A and calcium you can manifest itself through dry and brittle nails.
· Bent nails down a sign of a lack of protein, folic acid and vitamin C.
· Vertical lines on fingernails indicates poor digestion and absorption of minerals and protein and vitamin B12, and iron.
· Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to dry, very curved edges fingernail or a darker color.
· White spots on the nails indicate a lack of calcium and zinc.
· Dark red color indicates poor metabolism due to heavy drinking, salty and fatty foods.
· Yellowish nails indicate liver malfunction.
· Blue nails may be the result of irregular heart and lungs.
· Anemia, poor circulation and poor energy levels in the liver and kidneys can be manifested through the pale nails.

How would you were healthy nails and beautiful increase calcium intake through diet and take plenty of protein and minerals that make up the nails: sulfur, iron, silicon, zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamins D, A and E.

7th Nail polish
As a clearcoat surface place that protects nails from "flushing" and cracking, and makes light coat color jednoli─Źnijim. Colored varnish may be applied in two coats as it will enhance the durability of the second layer of sediment, and the color and luster. Each layer of paint must be dried before it is applied to a new one.

8th Keep nail polish in a cool place
Do not nail polish keep warm because it will change the consistency, it would be good to keep it in a cool fixed place.

9th Less is more
Do not remove and re-apply nail polish more than once or twice a week. This will dry out your nails. It would be good for removing nail polish use tool that also moisturizes the nails.

10th Hand massage
Hand massage improves circulation and favorably affect healthy nail growth. This is the perfect way to relax your muscles and your hands feel great.


If you have problems with nails that break easily, here are some tips on how to bring them to perfection.Polished and groomed nails are always desirable, therefore, to begin to try to make a break between the two coating.

Selection of files

Instead of cutting cardboard shape nail file. Is softer than metal, which destroys the keratin. Nail shape following the shape of fingers in one direction. Avoid aggressive filing in both directions.

Wear gloves

Rubber gloves set cotton cloth and protect hands and nails from detergents. Wool and leather protect them from the cold, which badly affects the circulation in the fingers and makes nails brittle.

Home Care

Even when they do not contain acetone, for removing nail polish dry up a bit. After removing the paint, wash your hands gently with soap and rinse them well. The nails are dry in the winter. Apply the lotion to them, wear thin cotton gloves and hold until the evening watching television.


Hand massage stimulates circulation and triggers the production of keratin in the cells. Apply the polish to face cream based on fruit acids, which will act as a peel them and restore them shine.

Nail Nutrition

Some nail polishes contain silicon, which is a valuable ally of the nail. It is essential for the synthesis of collagen and connective tissue, which helps to nail restoration.

Besides the chemical formula for the help, your nails will become stronger and if you become rich diet with vitamins A, C, E (protects nails from damage), B1 and B6 (stimulate circulation) and amino acids that accelerate their growth. Take this "vitamin cocktail" every day. Eat a variety of foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Nails that break easily

The cause of our easily breakable nails are usually lack of exercise, cigarette and wrong clothes, affecting blood circulation. Especially in the winter it is important to warm up the hands and feet, gloves and warm boots.

If your nails break easily, trim them regularly, and at bedtime can soak them in hot olive oil. Gloves are recommended when hand dishwashing detergent or a mild change it, the less damage your nails.
To make nails look neat, we often nalakirati them again, because it is not nice to see a half off easy. But it is necessary to take a little break and let fingernails nenalakirane.

To make nail polish last longer, nalakirajte below the first surface.
It's not easy to nail the one that destroys them, but that means nail should not contain acetone.

A good recipe for a polish that "list" or breaking and sunflower oil. Oil rub your nails and hands, then massage before removing a bit of sugar, so right at the same time and scrub hands and cherish the nails.

When caring for and putting hand cream, and do not forget to rub elbows.

Last few days of sunshine forced many of us to start preparing for the spring. So hurriedly leaving the beauty and hair salon, and lack of time or money and seek appropriate treatment homemade.

In addition to the body and face, hands and nails are a reflection of beauty, health care, and every woman.To start the spring healthy and beautiful hands bring you a few tips on how to achieve it:

- To strengthen nails and cuticles fed at least three times a week, soak them in a mixture of olive oil and lemon

- To soften the hands while washing dishes add a little almond oil (one tablespoon) in soapy water. The water will soften rough skin, and the oil will help to retain moisture and nails,

- On wet skin, apply a mixture made of one tablespoon of honey and spoon of olive oil. Then wrap them with plastic wrap or a plastic bag, and slip it over the cotton gloves and wait 30 minutes. This is great for removing dead skin cells and regeneration,

- The strength of the nail will serve you well and warm milk. Soak your hands in milk for five minutes. It will strengthen and hydrate the skin and nails as much lactose acid, and natural alpha hydroxy acid that gently removes dead skin,

- If you have brittle nails and fragile it is the right medicine for increased intake of calcium. Take enough through diet proteins and minerals that make up the nails such as sulfur, iron, silicon, zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamins D, A and E,

- Keep your nail polish in a cool place. Do not store it in a warm, because it will change the consistency, it would be good to keep it in a cool place.
In order to improve the quality of nutrition and nails bring you some of the symptoms that will point out the flaws: lack of vitamin A and calcium is manifested by dry, brittle nails, if they are bent down as a sign of a lack of protein, folic acid and vitamin C, the vertical lines on fingernails indicates poor digestion and absorption of minerals and protein and vitamin B12 deficiency, and iron, an insufficient intake of vitamin B12 can lead to dry, very curved nail tips or darker colors, white spots on the nails indicate a lack of calcium and zinc

The perfect home manicure in 14 steps

Each of us wants to have a beautiful and manicured hands. In these cold days, the hands, due to cold weather, prone to dryness. Hands and nails requires a special, in-depth care. To do this, follow these steps fourteen and you will be satisfied with the performance.

Wash hands thoroughly in warm water with soap (the best would be the disinfectant). After that, well dry hands and nails.

Remove any residual paint remover nail polish (preferably the oil-based, because it is less aggressive polish).

Apply the liquid to remove the cuticle and during its operation, file the nails into shape, keeping in mind the natural shape of the nail.

Push back cuticles with a wooden or metal cuticle pusher. This will cause unwanted cuticles itself apart. It's a much better method of cutting the cuticle, which then gradually become harder and harder to remove.

Pour warm water into a plastic container by adding a slice of lemon or grapefruit. Fruit is there to help clean up the lower part of the nail and whiten them naturally.

Towel dry your hands and apply a thin layer of moisturizing hand mask.

Wrap your hands in warm gloves or a towel. Allow your hands to rest 5 minutes. The mask will penetrate deep into your skin and nourish it.

Clean the mask simply rinse your sponge or Nasko warm running water. Do not forget to wash your hands after every towel dry thoroughly, because water remains in the hands of just further dry the skin.

Buff nails with polish files gently passing over the surface of the nail. The aim is only slightly removed fat from the surface. If you have naturally dry nails that peel away the surface, skip this step.

After that, start a massage with moisturizing cream for hands, and if the skin is extremely dry hands and rough, massage work with a fatty cream. Circular motion massage each part of the hand including the nails.

Each nail should be cleaned with acetone before we apply it to the nail polish.

Apply the selected base nail lacquer collection from one you are using. In stores now with a particular collection, varnishes and bases or forearm longer period to preserve the color on your nails

After the forearm dry nalakirajte nails with only two coats of your favorite nail polish. With bright colors (red, purple, blue) must apply two coats.

After a few minutes, when the lacquer coat dries, apply a cuticle oil. Oil necessarily a good rub on your nails and cuticles.

Easy to healthy and beautiful nails

Beautiful decoration are hand-kept nails. And they look good, you need to know a few basic things - we present a U.S. dermatologist advice, which will help them to look nice and healthy.

Fingernails should Mazet cream every day because they need to be hydrated. The biggest problem with nails and caused by lack of hydration. Dry nails break, peel and become brittle. If you are with all this and dehydrated, cuticles on them not only look bad but also painful.
The best way to protect your nails if you use thick creams, even the fat out of the question.

Nail polish once a week to boost circulation. Nail polish on one hand, at least two minutes, but make sure that your blood pressure is too strong, to avoid damaging the nail. After polishing, apply oil to the nails to be healthier and stronger. Also, do not allow anyone to use your rasp, not even born sister.

Nail growth
Nail growth is individual, and it can not be changed. Nails grow an average of three millimeters during the month. Their growth can be affected by hormones and temperature (nails grow faster in summer than in winter). The slow nail growth may also affect poor quality nutrition, infection, and year.

Nails and Health
There is a myth that white spots on the nails indicate a lack of vitamins in the body. More likely is that these patches due to minor injuries that disappear as the nail grows. However, the dark spots are a problem. If you have recently injured arm, a dark stain is not a concern. But if not, and you notice a black, red or brown color on your nails, it can be a sign of skin cancer. Also, dry and brittle nails indicate a lack of vitamin A and calcium, and bent nails down the sign of a lack of protein, folic acid and vitamin C. The vertical lines on fingernails indicate indigestion and lack of vitamin B12 and iron. Anemia and poor circulation can manifest through the pale nails.

Natural treatments for thin and brittle nails

Recipes that will restore your nails healthy and shiny look

Thin, dry and brittle nails are a common problem for many women of all ages. There are many reasons why this happens. Dry and brittle nails indicate a lack of vitamin A and calcium, and bent nails down the sign of a lack of protein, folic acid and vitamin C. Brittle nails mean a lack of vitamin B12 and iron. And when you start to exfoliate nails is a sign that the structure of the nail missing hydration.

Shooting nails and cause extreme weather, moisture, too much sun exposure, lack of fluid entered the body, low-quality paints and varnish removers, laundry detergents without heavy gloves, other chemicals ...

To prevent further damage and restore their nails healthy and beautiful hair you must take care of them 'afford' them special treatment. Here are some recipes for natural nail care:

* One of the best ways to work on 'standby' your nails start to pay attention to nutrition. Strengthen your nails so that you enter into the diet vitamins essential for their health and beauty. Vitamins B6, A, C, magnesium, calcium, iron and niacin are what you need.

* Regularly moisturizing can do wonders for dry and brittle nails. Daily moisturizer to pamper them, or better yet, they rub almond or olive oil. Best time to first apply after bathing or washing dishes because it is better absorbed when they are wet. Almond or olive oil will strengthen and cuticles, so they will not shoot and will not be created cuticles.

* If you do not have to start on a daily basis to use nail strengthening nail. This will prevent the cracking and peeling nails. Opt for a nail hardener with vitamin B and protein. These products are not cheap but are excellent for dry and brittle nails.

* Once or twice a week homemade scrub to enhance and strengthen nails. Mix by spoon of olive oil and castor oil with a spoon of honey and half a cup of ground walnuts. Apply the mixture to your hands and nails and rub well. Finally rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

* An excellent remedy for cracked nails the paste squeezed lemon and honey. Rub the nails and put on white cotton gloves and leave it for at least half an hour. 

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