Saturday, December 15, 2012

Makeup has a shelf life

Makeup, like everything else, has its own expiration date. If your make-up 
had changed color, consistency or smell, it's time for spring
Cleaning cosmetic bags.

With our small guide arm yourself with information about the average time
of certain cosmetic products. Be careful, because if
product expire, and you continue to use, can be very
easily cause an allergy, acne, itching, redness, and numerous other
unpleasant occurrence.

Here's how long:

Cleansing milk, toners and serums: two years

Creams: two years

Gels and creams for Eye Care: two years

Lipsticks: three years

Lip Gloss: one to two years

Nail polish: one year

Scrubs: two years

Mascara: four to six months, since the quality mascara
destroys every new opening, and comes in contact with your eyes, the
its shelf life should take special care.

Powders: one to two years, if the powder has changed the smell, color and texture, certainly do not use it

Perfumes: if its color darkens or if you change the scent, so that his
deadline has passed and it's time to say hello, to make it as long as possible
save, remove it from direct sunlight.

Face masks: two years, if the product based on the water

Hand lotion: two years

Funds sunscreen eighteen months

Shampoos, conditioners and masks: two years 

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