Saturday, December 15, 2012

Makeup errors

When makeup and daily nurturing ..
need to pay attention to some very important details ..
that you perhaps do not notice ..
but the people around you right now .. Falls in the eye

Too much makeup

Causing too much powder and mascara and you are doing the first basic errors. Substrate should never look like a mask, and moreover only will further accentuate wrinkles, while too much mascara creates an unnatural appearance, and by the end of the day can look pretty messy.

Tip: invest in good quality powder and apply it only when it is really needed. During the day, let your eyes have a natural look and make sure it does not make your mascara clumps on eyelashes

Ignored TEETH

A smile is the first thing people notice each other. Healthy teeth and kept not only contribute to your health than you can rejuvenate and for a few years.

Tip: Wash your teeth regularly and floss tartar. Regularly go to the dentist to control to make sure that with your teeth all right.

Messy or overly plucked eyebrows

Do not go overboard when it comes to pulling the eyebrows - sometimes it happens that in some places there are not growing or starts to grow in all directions.

Tip: Keep your eyebrows are always moderate thickness that follows the natural line. Small comb, comb them and Bold Smedja eyebrow pencil, but never as a pencil observed.


It must have happened to have bought a hair dye only because you could see the color of the hair on the model shown on the package, and when you try it on yourself, the result was disastrous. The reason is simple: everyone's natural hair color reacts differently to the paint and chemicals in them and therefore turn out different colors. After all, the model in the picture painted by experts, and you can still do it in private houses, so do not expect miracles.

Tip: Always check the instructions on the package and find out what color you would expect given your current hair color. However, it is safest to leave in the hands of experts.


Well-groomed hands and feet will complete your sleek look, while the also a neglected hands and nails and cracked heels in seconds violate any effort on your looks.

Tip: Regular pat hand cream and nail Maintain neat - cut them regularly, and if you have long fingernails - they file the shrimp and remove the excess. Also Prevent cracked heels scraping the rough skin and causing fatty cream. Take care of them and toenails Maintain neat.

Barrettes or headband may be a temporary solution, but it can not be called haircut. 

Tip: At least every two months to visit the hairdresser and at least trim the ends. Neatly trimmed and groomed hair is like icing on the face and body nourished.

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