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Lip on cold days

The lips stand out all the sex appeal of persons, and are created for beautification. However, the lip skin is especially fragile, so it needs special care to keep baršunatost. 
Unlike the skin, the skin is much more sensitive lips: she has no sebaceous or sweat glands, and thus not protected by the natural protective layer of fat and neostaje moisture. While facial skin has about 16 layers of dead cells that protect against external influences, the skin has only three to five layers. It does not produce no melanin that gives the dark color and protects from the sun. That is why it is so important to her protective and moisturizing ingredients applied externally.

Surely you already know the kind of temptation your lips in the cold and wind, damaged, vulnerable, hypersensitive, and the smallest decline in immunity may pass herpes on his lip. Sticks of lip protection are your everyday ally against bad weather, and when they do help, reach for a more efficient means.
Recommendation: Dr.Hauschka Med Labimint Acute Lip Care Stick is for chapped lips and vulnerable, which relieves the symptoms of labial herpes. His healing power lies in pure undiluted fresh squeezed juices of herbs such as echinacea, calendula, sage ...

The skin on the lips and above them, is prone to wrinkles and smokers appear and typical vertical "smokers" are fighting over her lips. To prevent or compensate for these problems to begin with time antiejdž care, products that will maintain moisture and protects lips, but also help regenerate skin. Creams with growth factors, beginning with the regeneration of the surface to deeper layers of the skin are an excellent solution.
Recommendation: SkinMedica Lip Plump System with two products: first, the growth factors regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes, and others with microspheres hijauronske acid affects the volume, giving crisp appearance and shine.

Permanent makeup
- The first and most important thing the permanent make-up is no need to note that you are a permanent makeup! - Says Mirjana Cabunac, skilled expert in the application of permanent makeup.
Application techniques are advanced, and the time when the lips uokviravane dark lines in the past. - Lips are best when they are just a shade darker or almost identical to the original color - Mirjana says - They can hem, to cover up senčiti asymmetry, and my favorite is the deep shading process, which injects color except at the edges, and pink lips part , angles of the central part.
Mirjana has advised that if you are prone to cold sore on his lip, act pre-emptively, and recalls that permanent makeup is not forever, its duration is limited to three to five years - which is good, because the face, aging, changing, and permanent make up over time corrected.

- When choosing a lip augmentation substance, does not recommend use of permanent fillers, because it turned out that over the years there is a possibility of granuloma formation, and the result is irreversible.Biodegradable hyaluronic fillers are the right choice, with subtle, natural results - Zeljko Cabunac advise, coach for the application of international hijaluronskih fillers. - Hyaluronic fillers can fill in the lips and rejuvenate without an increase, allowing them to only add jedrost and fill fine lines and wrinkles above the lip - says Cabunac.
Increasing the lip hyaluronan to charge if you like, and these fillers are temporary and will have your lips if you do not like or you work too much, certainly after a few months to return to a previous state, so if you could choose the size and appearance of the lips.
Cosmetic products to increase the lips, of course, can not be compared with the increase of filler, but they give the effect of fresh, juicy, full lips. These are based on ingredients that hydrate the skin vigorously, and others which accelerate blood circulation, and oživaljavaju color after application. Talik Smile & Kiss has cinnamon, ginger and pepper for better circulation, and peptides and marine collagen podpunjavju wrinkles and give jedrost.

The best advice for the best oral

Make-up artists famous ladies advise on how to properly care for and highlight sensual lips. Discover cake great masters of the trade.
Coral color is perfect for spring. This color seems to have a bright, cheerful face

James Kaliardos: energetic COLOR
Lipstick color that you choose is very important and can make up artists say that you set the mood for the day.
- If in the morning and do not have a lot of time to choose colors, always opt for the lighter. Red is a great color, but pink or coral color suits daily requirement - states that James Kaliardos of lips Madonna, Linda Evangelista, Julianne Moore.
This mejk ap artist says he has received very helpful advice from Madonna - she uses rounded brush of short hairs for applying lipstick. When you finish karminisanjem, put a little bit of powder.

To paint lasted longer, especially when you use a darker lipstick, it is best to place one layer, so natapkate powder, then use lipstick again.
- Use a pencil for shaping the mouth, the best matte texture - Westman recommends that cares about Kate Hudson and Cate Blanchett, and that was in 2008. Artistic Director of "Revlon".
If you have rumeniji complexion, use more naradžasto red tones. If you have red hair, brown-red colors are the ideal solution. It is best to apply lipstick with a brush and color spreading toes.

Red lipstick is a magical product, and everyone agrees, but in different shades. As you get older, it loses lip lines and lipstick do not cuddle up to the very edges to avoid the effect of "bleeding" or as if you are bitten someone.
- Lipstick always looks different in the package, as opposed to when you first apply. When choosing the perfumery, try a little how's the finger. Color on the index finger is most similar to the lips. Choose the color of lipstick in accordance with a tan - advises Willer.


Lemon, sage and honey for soft lips and cultivated

MILK AND EGGS Cracked lip corners often result from a lack of vitamin B 2, which has eggs and dairy products. Half a liter of milk covers half of the daily requirement for this vitamin.

CHAMOMILE Chamomile tea is very good for the sores in the mouth. Cook the flower chamomile tea, strain it and let it cool. Rinse your mouth with it four times a day.

HOMEOPATHY Homeopathy is used in very small doses of mercury, which relieves inflammation of mucous membrane of the mouth.

LEMON wanted you to be rosy lips, and do not use lipstick? Try this trick! Zagrizite five seconds lemon slice. Lips will be two hours well vascularized and therefore will receive a nice color.

BALM Tiny bubbles on the lips disappear in the blink of an eye if three or four times a day you rubbed cream based balm. You can use it as a preventive bubbles would not have arisen.

Sage Sage is very effective against inflammation of the mouth and gums because of injuries disinfect wounds. Cook sage tea, allow to cool and rinse your mouth four times a day for two minutes.

Honey Honey is a proven tool for soft and gentle lips. Apply a thin layer of honey, leave on for several minutes and lick it. Another effective method is the following: brush gently rub honey.

COCOA-butter because of the high fat content, makes your mouth soft and smooth. It is best to cream based cocoa butter apply before going to bed. 

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