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Lip correction

There are many women who increased their lips, but many more are you still planning on it. If you fall into the latter here are some data. 

Correction of the lips can be permanent or temporary.

If you just want to try it, collagen is the best solution. Takes six to eight months and generally well tolerated.

And synthetic fillers (Chargers) are good for testing, but they last a year or two, as opposed to permanent is not absorbed by the body.

Many surgeons avoid permanent lip filler, at least not for the first time, it can not be corrected form if the patient is not satisfied.

Lips can increase both its own fat. Liposuction, fat is removed from a specific part of the body, purify the needle and injected into the lips. Desired shape is obtained by the surgeon shapes the lips gently with your fingers.

If you find none of these techniques can not match the lips to increase and make up - only one application pearl gloss will achieve the desired visual effect. No pain, no harm to health, and it is not expensive.

You want fuller lips?

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, an expression of character, nose, and lips are a reflection of sensuality.Perhaps because of that lip augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgery.

There are several techniques for lip augmentation and reshaping: non-surgical techniques are performed using an increasing variety of injectable materials (which shall include injections), temporary or permanent.

Surgical techniques performed in two ways: its own tissue transplantation (fat, dermis, fascia, tendons) or by using synthetic implants (Goretex, Softform, Ultrasoft)

Also, doing the type of surgery and lip-lifting, multiple VY-plastic suspension suture (philtropexy) ...

There are a number of substances used for lip augmentation. They belong to the group of so-called soft tissue fillers and are used for filling, thickening and enlargement of the soft tissues, especially the skin and subcutaneous tissue, but also the mouth, the correction of wrinkles and folds of various irregularities in the skin, and other defects.

These are substances that are either in the form of a thick liquid high viscosity, or the suspension of larger particles - microspheres. At this time, the world market with more than 70 of these preparations.

How it works

For lip augmentation are interested in people of different ages, as well as men, and in increasing numbers.

The intervention is performed in some of the local anesthetic (topična, infiltrative) or in regional block anesthesia, and sometimes it works and if general anesthesia as part of a more extensive surgery (face-lifts, nose ...).

If used for injectable fillers, the intervention is short (15-30 min), and if it comes to transplant its own tissue (fat, fascia) or from surgery (lip-lifting, VY-plastic) then it takes a little longer and sometimes requires work in two or three stages.

Before the intervention is mandatory visit to the doctor and review. Based on the current state of the lips (thickness, width, shape, edges, angles, position, condition of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, muscle condition, the possible existence of wrinkles, any previous interventions), and taking into account the specific desires of each patient is determined by the amount of substance is required, which is expressed in milliliters or cubic centimeters, the magazine reported, "Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery."

After the intervention, there are islands that are in some patients very slight, and in others more. Most of the island is drawn after 2 - 4 days, and disappear entirely after 7 - 10 days. Also, it may cause bruising that move slowly for 5 - 10 days.

Oral, after a increase, often tense and hard, and that there may be a transient itching. The patient receives the necessary instructions on how to behave in the postoperative period, in terms of the possible use of cold compresses, massage, taking antiedemous and analgesic therapy, as well as preparations for the treatment of bruises.

Checkup is normally scheduled after 15 days. Possible minor additions, corrections of irregularities and asymmetries are done in a month, if necessary, before.


In the first three days, there may be redness, swelling, bruising, tension and induration, pruritus, and later infection, discoloration, reactivation of herpes, persistent local symptoms (redness, swelling, induration, pruritus), teleangiectasias dislocations preparations, asymmetry, nodules , granulomas, ulceration.

What is most troubling, and doctors and patients is the possibility of the appearance of a ball that patient care and bother them, even when they do not see. If they are visible, then they disturb the natural good looks and lips and can lead to a real deformity.

There is actually dealing with two quite different phenomena, which are displayed as large or small, single or multiple, soft or hard ball. These are nodules and granulomas.

Nodule appears in the first two months, usually the individual and the grain size of the lens or small pea.Clearly limited. Sometimes the massage can be eliminated, and if that fails, the only thing left is to wait for spontaneous resorption (if the material resorptivan) to access or surgical excision.

The cause of the nodules is usually inadequate injection technique.

Granuloma occurs later, after six months, one year or more, almost always occurs in large numbers, and its mass is larger than the nodules, and sometimes seemed to spread to surrounding tissues. As treatment, the application of local and systemic corticosteroids, which gives pretty good results.

Over time, these changes spontaneously recede, but that could take years. The cause of granuloma is still unknown.

How long does the effect

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accurately predict how individual patients react to different substances.It turned out that the two items separately unpredictable (and these are the ones most important to patients): How long will the effect achieved and the likelihood granuloma formation.

Effect was temporary so-called substances usually takes 4 - 6, or even 10 months, but it turned out to be much faster and reabsorb, which is of course not satisfactory. When it comes to lasting substance, it talks about for years: 5 - 10, and more.

However, complications can last for years.

Granuloma formation probability of chance is relatively small and, according to different statistics, ranging from 0.01 to 1.0 percent.

This complication, as well as others, there may be no matter what the substance is used, permanent or temporary, but what is definitely proved the rule:

- The higher incidence of complications in the use of durable materials in relation to the interim
- The frequency of complications is higher if applied inadequate injection technique (often inadequate layer, too deep, too shallow)
- The frequency of complications increases with increasing amounts of injected substances (especially durables).


It is enough just a little color, a little dull, a few good moves that your lips look fuller, and kisses are sweeter ...

Create a base before make peeling lips

First Step
Borders precision lip pencil first. She should be in natural colors, ie. similar to the color of your lips. Do you use dark shades, lines around the lips will be very visible and you will look unnatural.

Second step
Apply lipstick in soft shades of peach or beige hues that contains shiny particles that reflect light so your lips look fuller.

3rd step
Put a little white blinds on your finger and gently move it along the entire lip and put some in the middle of the golden shades.

4th step
Apply a colorless glossa (the lower and upper lip) avoiding lip corners that you would not have smeared lipstick.

5th step
The edge of the upper lip nježnorozim highlight shade for the eyes.

Full lips, besides being attractive, off year. What if your nature is endowed pursed lips what Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson? Do not despair, you learn a few tricks ...

There are several ways to increase the lips, whether they pay a visit to plastic surgeon, was reaching for a little make-up equipment.

Injectable fillers
Chemical fillers like Juvederm and Restylanea, which is injected into the lips, making them fuller and inhabit.

- Inject the product into lips, avoiding the edges where it can form a hump, the doctor said Tracy Mountford, the American Cosmetic Skin Clinic.

Hyaluronic acid is great, makes your lips plump and very mobile, but they last about six months to a year.

More permanent solution, Permalip, such as the so-called injected. filler, while the silicon is used as the implant. Implants are very effective, but the downside is that they are difficult to remove if the patient wants to restore the old look, especially if something goes wrong.

Fat Transfer
Fat is removed from the abdomen or thighs and injected into the lips. Thus, using its own tissues instead of foreign bodies. This is not a permanent solution, and because some fat cells damaged during transmission, lips subside. It takes about four proceedings.

Lip gloss from which swell
It is a cosmetic product that lips not only gives shine, but they are the active ingredient in peppers, capsicum, emphasizes that the bulge. Temporarily, the effect of this product for lips is quite effective. The effect is similar to, but much softer, as if you are on the lips caused chillies.

Anti-aging products
It is about all the products from the glow of the creams that claim to reduce wrinkles and eventually make mlađahnijima lips. Contain hyaluronic acid and / or collagen. These products do not have an instant effect, just like a face cream, but the long-term desirable.

Lip Care Products
They are used as a basis for the face - Apply before rose to soften lips and filled lines. A clever combination of ingredients will help lipstick stay on your lips longer without separation.

Make-up tricks - to perfect lips in just a few steps
Exfoliate your lips before applying color to ensure soft lips .. Then on the lips, put some light powder to make sure they are dry. The following is a secret weapon for mladolikiji lips look that resembles a push-up bra: lipliner. No one has a perfectly symmetrical lips, even the most glamorous celebrities. So reach for a pencil, it will now framed and increase your lips, make-up will prevent overflow.

When applying lip liner, you have to press it enough to leave a clear outline, yet gentle enough to not be over-emphasized. Apply it to the outer edge of the natural lip line, and even a little over the edge to achieve the magical effect of fuller lips.
At the very end we will apply a gloss lips give extra fullness.

8 tricks for perfect lip wrinkle

If you have small lines around the lips, why do you keep lipstick smudge, do not despair. All you need is a little patience and a few little things, like a balm, liquid foundation, lipstick, pens contour ... and your lips will always look perfect.

At the center of the lips, put some glitter colorless shine

Select balmzam that contains ingredients for wrinkles, apply a thin layer to your lips, wait a few minutes to soak up the skin and remove the excess with a tissue paper.

Second LIQUID POWDER to cover wrinkles
Liquid Powder dab on lips finger or sponge. Go over the edge of the lips to fill wrinkles and help define the shape of a pen. Finally apply a transpare ntnog loose powder.

Avoid dark matte lipsticks of which lips look thinner. Choose shiny, bright shades, so the lips look fuller and fresher and wrinkles will be less notice it.

4th Pencil for perfect form
With a soft pencil, draw accurate natural color ivcu lips. To achieve the perfect shape, the pen must be well sharpened. It is important that the line is not by plotting the natural edge of the lips.

Preparations have been completed, you can finally apply lipstick. Do this by using a brush because you will be more precise. It is best to apply a thin layer of protection to the edge of the lips.

6th Remove excess wipes
Remove excess lipstick that would razmazivao. Folded a tissue between your upper and lower lips and press them.

7th Powder fixers RUŽ
To be retained as long as lipstick on the lips, brush again, apply a transparent loose powder. Then add another thin layer of roses.

8th GLOSS fullness
You've prepared surface, contour plot, you applied lipstick. To serve the end of the race which will your lips look fuller. At the center of the lips, put some glitter colorless shine. 

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