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How to properly nourish the skin?

Honey for Skin 

Honey is effective, both for the health of the body, and the beauty of the skin. It improves the metabolism, stimulates mental and physical activity, and there is also an antiseptic. In terms of beauty honey is preferably used tool in the fight against acne, and moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Honey is rich in sugars, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C, rich in minerals and enzymes and tannins that perfectly soothe sensitive skin.
For the most effective skin care lotions and creams based on beeswax, because a beneficial effect on the epidermis. Med Replenishes moisture, improves blood circulation, strengthens the epidermis, becoming pink, shiny and smooth.

Spring is the perfect time to focus on your own skin and that's why we bring you some recipes for masks of honey which will be needed freshness whenever it is needed:

Face mask:
One teaspoon of honey, one egg yolk, a few drops of lemon, half a teaspoon of olive or almond oil, mix mayonnaise mixture to obtain, and apply to clean face and neck. Leave to stand for 20 - 30 minutes, then wash your face a gentle chamomile.

Mask cleavage:
Take 2 tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of corn flour and a tablespoon of lemon juice, and stir everything well. Then heat the pan with the mask in warm water so warm and apply it to the neckline. Let them dry for 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm and cold water alternately.

You can restore your hair shine and softness with the help of beneficial effects of honey. Mix three tablespoons of thick honey, two tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Rub the mixture washed and still wet hair. Evenly comb your hair, and wrap in foil and leave for about 20 minutes.Rinse hair with the addition of very little shampoo.

Mask gentle hand:
To refresh your hands and give them enough moisture balm can do this as follows: Mix the tablespoon of honey, half a cup of olive oil and a tablespoon of salt. Rub the mixture into your hands and put on cotton gloves, and let it stand for 10 minutes. Wash your hands with warm water and rub moisturizer

4 great tips for skin care

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It protects us, heat is transferred sense of touch, and therefore deserves to devote enough attention to each day.

Cleansing - We are looking for the ideal preparation for cleansing, for which we do not ask the price. In fact, it is important that the drug adequately remove dirt from our skin, and since it is so short on reserves Lasem person that you choose will not make a mistake, because in addition to its cleansing active ingredients do not have time for any other effect.

Protect your lips - our lip skin, eye and foreface neckline, very thin and requires special care. Therefore, pay attention to the lip balm that you apply to your lips. It must always have sunscreen that will block harmful UV radiation, which at first had consequences exactly the most sensitive areas.

Anti-age products - Thinking that preparations against wrinkles and aging skin should start using it when they start their first signs appear. The retionoidi which are derivatives of vitamin A, essential skin from her 20-year and, if imperceptibly begins to weaken its strength and structure of collagen. Retinodi in antiage preparations not only slow down the aging of our skin, but protect us from damage caused by sunlight.

No komplikujte - Dermatologists suggest that the average adult uses about 5 today care preparations, from lotions, gels, creams, tonics over and peels. With this combination of diverse the better the chance of skin irritation. Therefore Reduce this number to a minimum, and some products are healthier for the skin. This means that are composed of a few components, which will minimu reduced the risk of any adverse skin reactions.

What skin-friendly: 8 tips for professionals and healthy radiant complexion

Do you have a rough, rough, dull skin flaked, his face tensing and itchy? If so, you're one of the 30 percent of women who are faced with the problem of dry skin. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatologist answers frequently asked questions about dry skin and explain how it should be fostered.

If your skin is four hours after lubrication cream dry and tight, it means you have not found the right product. Do a skin test and a dermatologist recommendations from him adequate preparation

Human body fluids is necessary for two reasons: to cast out harmful substances from the body and to perform the feeding cells. If you do not supply a sufficient quantity of fluid, cells, skin sagging and flabby, the skin loses its luster quickly and old

Absolutely. Dry skin is even needed regular exfoliation since it thus becomes softer, and its ability to absorb the active ingredient care products becomes greater. It is important to be gentle scrub so as not to irritate the skin.

3rd How often should I lubricate KREMU

Pamper yourself twice a day, morning and evening. After washing or bathing, the skin needs moisture, which provide creams and lotions. If, despite this the day you feel like your skin is taut face, apply again or spray thermal water spray.

4th How is seen that the skin is dry
If your skin is often tight, you itchy, scaly or rough to the touch, meaning that it needs hydration. If this occurs and the small wrinkles or folds are expressed when the skin on the cheeks gently push upward, know that your skin is too dry or that it lacks moisture

Sure, but only to a certain extent. The skin loses much of the day due to evaporation of moisture, and therefore should be replaced. Active agents such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid and sobitol supplying top layer of skin necessary moisture, and the effect of these substances is now.

6th WHAT IS hyaluronic acid and how does it
Hyaluronic acid produced by our body, that is natural in origin. Represents a major component of joint fluid of humans and other vertebrates, and has the ability to bind themselves to large amounts of water.Hyaluronic acid, which is used in creams is artificially produced in the laboratory, and the latest invention is fragmented hyaluronic acid, which in this form better retain moisture in the skin.

7th HOW DO radiant and fresh TENA
Most importantly, bring enough water in the body, preferably two to three liters of water or unsweetened herbal tea daily. It is important to nourish the skin from the outside, creams that contain moisture and bind it.

If the protective barrier is disrupted, it will accumulate less water in general will be more sensitive. Cream rich in natural vegetable oils such as evening primrose seed oil, olive oil, grape seed oil or argan oil, which by its fat composition reminiscent of the fat from our skin, recover and restore dry skin. Encourage the accumulation of water, and strengthen the skin's barrier and even urea, panthenol and vitamin B3.

9 tricks for professional quality care

In addition to preparations for the care of every lady to have some trick. To make you look better, you discover the treasures of wisdom when it comes to beauty. We have selected nine of the most important rules recommended by hair stylists, make-up artists and dermatologists.

Beauty is very important for every lady, and with years of quality care is even more important. With the right advice and cosmetics use struńćnjakaVODA
Always drink plenty of fluids. It does not have to be eight glasses a day, but as many as you need to never feel thirsty.
Extra tip: Drink a glass of water before meals and you will never overeat.

Use sunscreen, regardless of the time is cloudy, sunny, rainy. Harmful sun rays are the most common cause of skin cancer, but its premature aging.
Extra tip: Use daily cream with UV protection factor 15th It's the least you can do for your complexion.

You can influence the prettier complexion while you sleep. Feel the magic of retinol. This ingredient in creams stimulate the production of collagen, removes dead cells and stimulates their traffic.
Extra tip: Invest in a reputable creams with retinol. The effect will be obvious, and the skin will thank you.

Cultivate and neck
Also how you treat your face, and treats the arms and neck. The skin on the neck is thinner and more demanding, so do not skip to the TLC. The arms also require care.
Extra tip: Every time you put the cream on your face, just take a little longer and spread and her neck, and then rub it in your hands.

Self-tanning cream
Use creams to darken complexion that he was tanned and healthy. Avoid too much sun.
Extra tip: Buy a lotion that contains self-tanning factor - I'll hide varicose veins and capillaries, and your legs will look slimmer.

Exercise facial muscles. It is also the fastest way, but also the cheapest, to allow the skin to circulate, it will make a deposit of oxygen. It will help you have a healthy, dewy complexion.
Extra tip: Every morning before going to work, when you wash your face and brush your teeth, at least ten seconds, making faces in the mirror.

Fresh fruit and vegetables
Free radicals play an important role in the aging process. Keep your diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, which has a lot of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E.
Extra tip: Antioxidants can be applied to a person through a variety of preparations.

Well cropped haircut is worth more than any other hair care products. Haircut is like a dress: If you have a model that does very well, jewelry is irrelevant.
Extra tip: At least once a year, make an appointment with a reputable hairdresser.

Good works
If you do something that makes you satisfied, chances are you'll have a happy face. Studies have shown that people who seem happy preferred.
Extra tip: Be kind to your loved ones, but do something for a colleague, a neighbor, passerby.


Spa secrets for perfect skin

Because of today's pace of life, the greater the exposure to everyday stress. This requires adequate combat it govih negative effects on the skin. Among other things, can help and treatments in spas. However, the nine basic tricks beauty expe war, these treatments can prepare in your home.

Care must allocate time
Peeling for the body, except the effect that leaves the skin will make you feel completely fresh and rested.Beauticians special trick is to treat each part of the body for five to ten minutes de. Treatment of shoulder start and end at the toes. Because, visibly softer skin takes a lot of time elapsed. Professionals use unique ways to remove dead cells from the skin. Slow circular motion with the thumb and causing pil ing on dry skin will make it silky and shiny.

Do not underestimate the products in the supermarket
When making cream treatments, many spa centers rely on cheap but effi cient ingredients. So will a tub of water for a pedicure you suffer milk. The acid softens his skin just as well as a dedicated and expensive creams. It is not uncommon to add sugar to exfoliate the means, to make it more efficient and rougher.Secret appendix to the body cream and honey moisturizing effect increases. Another great trick for home use is the juice of half a lemon in a relaxing bath.

Use more of the daily dose
Many use scrubs, lotions and body milk in minimal amounts of term. It is therefore not surprising result of his dissatisfaction with often. The spas sparing care creams, because in addition to nourish the skin, leaving the effect of lux's ability and quality of treatment.

Care not need expensive equipment
Spa-centers do not have the op remu high technological performances. For efficient care professionals even use simple tools. Practiced applying creams and masks ordinary brushes for painting. Washcloth change at least once a month, because the ideal medium for sku build up of bacteria. New products contributing to lead a much better feel to the skin.

Masks can have multiple purposes
Favorite face mask who Rist and his neck and chest. The skin on these parts of the body is as sensitive as the face. For maximum effect, gently rub the mask over his face light touch down, a quick upward movement.In this way, accelerate blood circulation and absorption of nutrients.

Magical water droplets
Longer life full effect of the skin after treatment is achieved by regular hydration. Coat the entire body cream three to five minutes after I strengthen the international or shower. Otherwise, moisture will evaporate from the skin, and the cream will fail to effectively penetrate the skin, as in the case that it is still moist.

Wrap in soft terry
When you achieve the desired effect on the skin wrap me in henna and scented bathrobe. If your gown has warmed up, the heat will raise the temperature of the body, and the nourishing oils and creams from SAS tojci easier to penetrate deep into the cell. Prepare yourself a cup of green tea, relax and enjoy.

Take advantage of a wealth of smell
In a resort spas Vayu simple but interesting trick, using scented candles that emit scents of lavender, eucalyptus and citrus. The absolute hit in certain governmental spas are wax-based candles soy which have replaced traditional paraffin enzymatic, because 30 times slower up and emit more intense fragrance.

The key to enjoy a special spa atmosphere
The subdued light is the first step in obtaining a perfect environment. Pleasant atmos fera do not always include many lighted candles, because both conventional lighting can make a special atmosphere. Opt for lower wattage bulbs of the songs karenog glass. Low lamp post to emit a warm light and discreet.


Dry Skin Care

Dry skin is most often very sensitive, and in winter it is very possible that aggravated her condition, so it is very important to be properly nurtured. It is best to not dry out the skin apply a variety of commercial creams and lotions that contain mineral oils and other petroleum products from petroleum.
Creams and other skin care products, which are based on natural hypoallergenic ingredients are the best choice. Preparations based on coconut oil are very effective, since the coconut is rich in vitamins A, C, D and E, and protein. Natural lotions, creams and oils are very useful because they heal your skin, providing her enough moisture and protect from further damage and aging.
If you have a problem with dry skin on the face, avoid washing my face with water from the tap. There are often contained chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that have a positive effect on your skin. Instead, use the parking bottled water or mineral. Also, if you want to refresh the face and at the same time, mineral water and freeze quickly refreshments will always be at hand.
For cleaning use a dry skin tonics and lotions without alcohol, and the best they are natural. Also, provide enough moisture inside the skin, drink plenty of water and eat more healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.
Make-up and customize your skin is sure to protect yourself from the sun when you go out.
If your skin is difficult to recover, be sure to visit a dermatologist to get proper treatment and help your skin to recover. 

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