Friday, December 14, 2012

How to prevent aging hand

Aging Hand
Your hands are increasingly resemble Bakin? Here to help

What can you do to remove the traces of aging hands or, better still, at times prevent their occurrence?Check out what they have on the subject to say the dermatologist, chemist and cosmetologist!

Word dermatologist

The arms are next to the face and neck are the most exposed part of the body, but a lot of women about them not take sufficient care to protect them from the sun - which is why an early start to show signs of damage. Excessive sun exposure causes stains (overproduction of melanin) and prominent veins (due to damage collagen, which leads to thinning of the skin). Fat loss that comes with age, it also helps to look more prominent veins. Skin whitening products contain vitamin C or kojic acid, which can reduce the stain after three months of daily use. 'But you must not forget every morning to apply sunscreen every three hours when you're out there - to prevent the emergence of new spots, "says Kathy Fields, professor of dermatology at the University of California and author of Write Your Skin a Prescription for Change. He points out that no cream can not completely remove varicose veins in the hands, while some creams can make it less visible.

The word chemist

When your hands are dry, more come to the fore and all irregularities, which is why it is important to maintain hand skin moist. Most body lotions moisturizing is not enough for your hands, so use creams that contain ingredients that retain moisture, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, and ingredients that prevent moisture loss, such as petrolatum, cocoa butter. The cream should be applied several times a day, especially when you wash your hands frequently for possible Influenza, warned chemist Ni'Kita Wilson, vice president for research and innovation in the laboratory Englewood. It is very important to wear the leather gloves that protect your hands from the dry air and UV radiation, which can cause damage even in the winter.

Word beauticians

Because of the irregular and cracked cuticles, hands look worn. To rejuvenate them, Exfoliate hands and then apply to each nail curing agent and softening the skin. Give him a few minutes to absorb, and then with the help of sticks (or any other 'tools' for the skin) push the cuticles. 'The long, pointy nails look old-fashioned, so cut them shorter and rounder shape. Keep in mind that the lacquer shades of blue veins stand out even more, so keep discolored or warm natural colors. And if you go to the beautician manicure, try treatment with paraffin wax. 'The skin is soft after her like a baby, "says Lisa Logan, a beautician whose clients BeyoncĂ©, and Madonna. 

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