Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to hide flaws?

Women are never satisfied with their appearance. That is a fact. Some therefore resort to plastic surgery, while others turn to hide imperfections make-up. 

Here are some tips for those less brave.

First How to reduce eye expressed
Hard, big eyes often dominate over other facial features. Best načnin to draw attention to them is to use dark shades for the eyes and shower.

For daily use neutral eyeshadow look that is two shades darker than your skin color - apply it to the whole eyelid. Terepavica line draw a line with a dark brown eyeliner and smudge that would not be too harsh.Repeat the process on the lower eyelid and its interior.
Finish with mascara for volume. Try to avoid mascara to lengthen lashes.

For a more dramatic look, 'smoky' the direction in which you should definitely go. Sedefastih Instead, use a matte eye shadows because it helps in reducing the visual eye. To emphasize use something lighter shades just below the eyebrow.

Second How to make small eyes bigger and brighter?
The most important thing is to use bright colors around your eyes and never inflict dark ink on the lower lid because it will make your eyes smaller.

Many makeup professionals use white or black eyeliner for the inside part of the eyelid - this must be an essential part of your make-up instruments if you are blessed with smaller eyes.
The upper eyelid can use a pencil or ink, and to extend the line to the corners of the eyes.

Neutral shades are your best friends, but their use shall be as simple as possible. Use only two tones at the same time and just a bit of black paint to highlight the line. In this way, you will make them bigger and to emphasize their shape.

Be sure to emphasize the eyelids as they open your eyes and point.
First, they curl, then apply mascara, concentrating on the middle and outer corners pull them up.

Pay attention to the eyebrows - if they are located near dense and it will make your eyes smaller. Try them počpati a little further than usual, the distance the width of a thumb, if you can. 

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