Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to have beautiful hair?

Long hair is often something that most girls want to have. 
To grow the long hair you only need to follow simple rules and principles that will keep you healthy.

First I do not wear hats
It may sound bizarre, but the hats are a common cause rapid hair loss so if it's not cold outside, avoid hats.Leaning need air and root hair must breathe a cap prevents the normal flow of air which can eventually damage the hair.

Second Occasionally exposed to sunlight, hair
The sun works well on hair growth so make sure that your hair is at least a few minutes a day saw sunlight but do not overdo it because you'll get sunstroke.

3rd Get wet
And also this rule may sound bizarre, but it is healthy for your hair to get wet occasionally. In this rule should be noted that it is not applicable in all places. If you live in an urban area where there are a number of industrial air pollutants exposure hair then rain could bring more harm than good, so be careful.

4th Avoid wigs and bun
Wearing a bun, especially the wig is not recommended when it comes to health care for hair. Wigs have the same effect as a cap or maybe even worse. Wigs block the air flow to your hair and its roots, which is a source of harm to her. Bun can also slow down the flow of air to the root of the hair because the hair stiff.Try to wear hats, wigs and bun as little as possible.

5th Avoid constantly twisting, dyeing and bleaching hair
Hair coloring is a common habit to you? Maybe you should stop soon with that if you want to have healthy hair. Dyeing, bleaching or hair twisting can cause great damage to your hair. Physical exertion during curling hair is not healthy for the same, and often lead to hair pulling.

Prolonged hair coloring can also be very unhealthy because of all the chemicals that contain synthetic paints. If you already plan constantly painted hair then think about some natural dyes like henna. 

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