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How to choose a lipstick?

Most women use lipstick, it becomes a habit to such an extent as to be excessive and not thinking. Color lipstick is, in principle, choose depending on how you stand and what you feel. However, did you know that certain color lipstick sends a certain message to your environment? The colors that we list fit every woman should choose only colder or warmer tone, according to the complexion - here's what people are subconsciously receiving a message when they see the color of your lipstick. 

Coral color: carmine all such choices are alerting you to a cheerful and outgoing person, it will probably have a positive effect on the mood of the environment. Since there are not many women who wear orange lipstick shades, these selection and ordering you dare, and you want to attract attention.

Neutral: and the name of the lipstick shades, neutral lipstick message that you do not want to attract too much attention. In addition, says that you are peaceful and have a sense of diplomacy as well as being restrained and sophisticated.

Red: the color naprivlačnija younger men - she suggests power, be it on the bed or on a business meeting.Strong, striking colors that will definitely attract attention and dispel those timid when kept.

Violet: If you thought that red expresses sexuality, you are wrong - it's purple. In one survey, which was attended by five thousand respondents, when asked who they seem most sensual colors, the vast majority opted for different shades of purple.

Pink: This color is a lively spirit. He talks about readiness to play, fun and flirting - that color ordering men around him to love to play (in the sense of harmless flirting, not something serious). Some shades of pink and can provide a refined, feminine look.

Let your lips shine

Your lips speak for you - say experts in nonverbal communication.

Citing a Chinese face reading system, they argue that the personality traits associated with the shape and size of the lips. Thin lips indicate a person with a clear objective, independent and secretive nature.Secondary lips reveal a balanced, diplomatic personality, and full lips in a sensual and who knows what to say too much. even claim that your lips and change as you change. If someone has suffered, lip, and people become stiff and tight. When you feel safer, mouth lose this stiffness. Maybe yoga is really smile for your lips.

Pursed lips

Do you want more prominent lips, but you are not ready for a classic red lipstick? Brilliant tones are a little softer and easier to wear than traditional red because they look should not be accurate or smooth, explain the make-up experts. Such color and less common.

What is your color?

The color of your skin is crucial for the selection of roses. Women with a bluish glow of the skin should choose cooler colors like burgundy or purple, while those with a yellowish glare should choose warmer tones, such as the vivid red or gold.

If you have thin lips
First Choose a lighter color. Dark shades will make your lips smaller and rougher. Add lip gloss, but do not overdo it. Gloss reflects light so you can achieve the opposite effect.
Second Apply balm to your lips, then wipe off the excess. External Borders of the lips rose colored pencil and then apply lipstick. Add a little shimmer shades above your lips to highlight them.
3rd If you have thin lips, do not obrubiti beyond their natural lines!

The lips of medium thickness
First You can use a light and dark shade, but avoid too many roses, stick to classic shades rather unconventional Barbie pink or tamnoljubičastog. Use a lip gloss, but not too much.
Second Use the brush to accurately inflicted lipstick without defined borders. To make color last longer, apply lipstick twice and remove the tissue. Gently apply a lip gloss in the middle because of a sense of fullness.
3rd Medium-thick lips look good with bright colors. Do not be afraid to highlight your smile.

If you have thick lips
First Full lips are often faint, so you should be darker, expressive colors. Do not give up the bright colors and try a little lip gloss.
Second Because you do not have the fullness of the lips to define the line, then apply lipstick with your fingers. You will get smeared appearance with unclear boundaries. Add a little lip at the end.
3rd If you want to use lip liner do not choose darker than the natural lip color - will look artificial when lipstick fades. Use a pen to match the color of your lips.

The right way
Suffice it little attention and lipstick will look perfect

First Get rid of the disadvantages
If you peel the lips, first apply exfoliant; soft toothbrush you apply a moisturizer.
Second Prepare the surface
Will remove the deficiencies and to extend the duration of roses if you apply a little bit of a foundation, well it osjenčajte soft sponge.
3rd Outline lips
Neutral colored pencil or colored roses.
4th Apply lipstick
If you apply lip stick, being careful not to cross the line that you drew a pencil. If you apply the paint brush will be more compact.

Avoid Errors

If you have dry lips do not apply the cream because the color of roses to escape. Use special products to soften and prepare the oral fixation. Use creamy lipsticks.

Do not rub your lips after putting on lipstick.

Do during the day to renew lipstick, first remove the old layer of tissue.
Do not throw a lip on which the drop surface water, put it in the refrigerator. But if it rose up in the white coat color change or discard it.

Do not put lipstick on a crust as herpes infection can spread. Use a special antiseptic concealer.

With the wrong rose you look older

Consequently, we asked the make-up experts to help us determine the neutral shades, bright and dark red.Fortunately, although the colors are not exactly certain strong. The selection is as follows:

For light skin: Natural Instinct Revlon, Estee Lauder Sumptuous-Posh Peach, Givenchy 725
For medium shade: No Illusion Clarins. 210, L Oreal Colour Riche no.26, Oriflame Hydra Comfort Lipstic Dusky Rose
For dark skin: Clinique Moisture Sheer SPF 15 Extra Fizzy, Bourjois Chanel No. Infrarouge Matador. 39

Tips ...

When buying a lipstick experiment it on the lips but on the upper arm.

Always close the window of the perfume, the artificial light color changes.

If you bought the wrong color rose do not throw, try to mix it up with some of the lipsticks you already have.

Lipstick gives you

All trends in make-up highlighted the feminine lips. Once the color was important, the second form, but the goal is the same - a prominent symbol of femininity.

A rose and psychologists think - depending on the choice of roses judge a woman's character.

Lips are the decoration of women's faces, his most sensual and most appealing part. They are a symbol of femininity, is appealing, mom kisses, are desirable but challenging. We should cherish them regularly to keep them beautiful and desirable. Sometimes a precise outline of the lips prominent, in some cases, to add or detract. And all this is possible with the proper selection and application of lipstick.

It is the best selling lipstick cosmetic product. And several surveys, which was aimed to examine the habits of women when it comes to make-up, gave the same answer: even women who do not wear makeup in my purse colorless or tinted lip gloss.

Heart-shaped lips

The shape us back in the thirties of the twentieth. century, in the age of black-and-white films and beauties like Clara Bow.

Heart-shaped lips were highlighted not only the shape but also the dark colors of roses, depicting mystery and femininity. How to "draw"? First, apply a pale lip powder to cover up the natural contours. Well then tapered lip pencil, draw a "heart" and našminkajte lips with lipstick.


Texture: how important is the color of roses. It's actually a formula, the composition of which depends rose his final appearance on his lips. Textures can be matte or glossy. This last may be a satin or gloss or ekstrasjajna brilliant mirror-like or light.

Long lasting: it is durable, long-lasting mark on the lipstick that more hours remain the same on the lips.

But transfert: mark the lipstick that does not leave marks on the skin or clothing. A little dry the lips and soon rose of such a beneficial cause surface gloss (label). It is better to use occasionally, for special occasions.

The reflection character

Psychologists say that the choice of lipstick a clear message to the male gender, and also a reflection of a woman. According to them, the red lipstick woman says, "I'm free and ready to seduce." A woman at least once in my life did not want to send such a message? While we strive eye makeup highlight your feelings (do not say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul?), Lipstick emphasize their passions.

What, then, choose a lipstick? A bright red or pink soft, shiny or matte? Or you might opt ​​for a dark purple, almost black rose? Should I always use the same lipstick color or modified in accordance with the clothes?Should I follow the fashion trends or not?

Today it is available to every woman really wide range of colors and textures of lipstick, but the bright red tones and fiery red lips are always "in", despite changes in fashion trends.

Shy or seductive?

Soft, light, almost invisible colors of roses, or just lip gloss discreetly talk about sensitivity and sensuality woman who wears them, and perhaps of lack of courage, of shyness and reserve. Intense colors speak of a decisive turn of a woman and her sexuality hidden.

Psychologists even argue that this relation is proportional to the perpendicular: the stronger and darker colors of roses, and a stronger sex drive and desire for conquest. Recall that at the time Punčke in fashion were black and dark violet lipstick, but unbridled, almost perverse sexual relations. On the other hand, feminists 70th years of refusing to put lipstick on the lips to make and so stressed that she is not "sex object." Either way, one thing is true: lipstick is very effective and important aid to seduction. And it's best to use depending on the occasion.

How to lip makeup

If your lips are regular in shape, give it their advantage. It is important to first obrubiti lip pencil color or the color of roses. Then brush evenly apply lipstick. Then placing your lips on a thin piece of paper to remove excess makeup. Apply another thin layer of roses and repeat the process on paper. Would you like glossy lips, at the end of a finger or a special brush, apply lip gloss.

If your lips are thin and want to increase them, the outline them something outside the natural line of color pencil. Glossy lipstick will visually increase lip volume.

Although today the desirable large and full lips, you might think that your high and should be reduced. And this is achieved lipstick. On the lips, first apply a liquid foundation and then pencil in the color pull the line a bit inside lip contours. Apply a matte lipstick neutral light color.

Tips for perfect lips

Trace the edge of the upper lip pencil skin tones if you want to increase lip volume and fix lipstick.

Pencil skin tones fill small vertical lip lines. When applied lipstick lips will look fuller and larger.

Before make-up, make-up artists put on the lips of models warm compress: the effect does not last long, but it makes it easier to apply a rose and gives lips fullness.

To avoid cracking and dryness of the mouth is good once or twice a month to make peeling lips: Apply a thick layer of gloss on the classic Nivea cream and massage toothbrush very soft cloth.

You have decided to change the color of a rose, or instead use matte lipsticks shiny? The perfume testers lipstick experiment only on the back, not on the lips. If you are not sure that this is what you want lipstick rather not buy it. Try the new, not too expensive lipstick, before you decide to buy an expensive but good quality.

It's not enough to have a lipstick and still use only one color: for special occasions can be depending on the clothes, opt for bolder tones and brighter lipstick.

Now the trendy glossy lips: pencil, lip stick and an integral part of the collection of lip makeup. Lipstick on the other hand today, offering a variety of packages, allowing diverse and creative make-up. They are modern pink tones with a golden glow, shades of peach and strawberry color. You can also opt for shades of purple color when paired with the occasion and outfit. For the perfect shiny dark-haired brown color that pours honey in warm colors, orange or golden beige color.

The magic of roses

Matte or glossy, discreet or loud ... Lipstick is the most powerful friend of our beauty.
The choice depends only on the effect you want to achieve.

How to lip makeup? If you want the lipstick last longer, before applying put some powder on his lips. Then Borders lip pencil color or the color of roses, and then brush evenly apply lipstick. Placing your mouth on a thin piece of paper or a tissue to remove any excess makeup.

Apply another thin layer of roses and repeat the process. Would you like glossy lips, at the end of a finger or a lip brush, apply.

If your lips are thin and want to visually enhance, trimmings millimeter them out the natural color pencil lines. Once the desired brush apply lipstick, highlight the impression of fullness by applying a lighter shade of lipstick on the center of the lower lip.
At the end of the middle fingertip, apply lip gloss colorless.
If your lips too big, you can visually slimmed down to make the pen color within a millimeter of the line contour lips. Then apply a matte lipstick, neutral colors brighter.

If you long for a heart-shaped lips, bright lips with powder cover to conceal the natural contours. Well then tapered lip pencil and draw a heart našminkajte the lipstick.

They are modern pink tones with a golden glow, shades of peach and strawberry colors that fit nicely especially blondes.

You can also opt for shades of purple if you match the clothes and the occasion. For the ideal dark-haired brown color that blends in warm honey-colored, orange or golden beige color.

A bright red tones and fiery red lips are always in, in spite of the changing trends.

Rose Texture is as important as color. This is actually the composition of which depends rose his final appearance on his lips. It can be matte or glossy, and the latter may be a brilliant shine or reflective like a mirror or light. The choice depends only on the effect you want to achieve.

Pick the right gloss according to skin type

Glosses give our lips irresistibly glitter, and besides, most of them are moisturizing, so you give them the proper care.

The first official lip gloss is launched on the market 70-ies of the last century. It is neutral, thick, sticky and therefore very uncomfortable.

However, today's glosses contain nourishing ingredients, and even factors for sun protection. Then there are particles of light reflecting pearls or crystals to live our lips are shiny and lightweight formula that prevents adhesion.

Sweet, fruit, syrups, soft texture that moisturize and give shine are a real treat for your lips, but lip to rest on them as long as possible, you should apply it correctly.

Here's how: Make sure that with your lips before applying lip gloss be smooth, and this will be best achieved if you take a little scrub, and then first apply Vaseline or some pampering cream. Any excess dead skin remove with cotton wool.

Select a lip that fits your skin type:
- If you have a darker skin tones opt for the color orange, coral or apricot.
- If you have fair skin, opt for shades of peach, pale pink or neutral.

And another tip! If you wear a glittering lip gloss, some are matte eye makeup. It will further highlight your lips shine.

Chocolate lipstick - and a nice and delicious

On the market today there are only cosmetic. Correcting the wrinkles, erases dark circles, lengthen lashes. I lipsticks are more resistant, brighter and more beautiful. Looking for something new and attractive, the Belgians have created a chocolate lipstick.

Red lips especially attracted attention when you walk into a candy store Dominica Persona. He is a respected manufacturer of chocolate, though, and I'm a fan of delicious "elixir of beauty." So he came up with the idea to produce chocolate lipstick. It is not difficult to assume that the main charms of lipstick reflected in the taste, when you put it, you will feel like you have just eaten a chocolate ice cream or, as Dominic says, "kiss a loved one."

Dominique Person's creativity teamed with David van Turenhoutom. Together they create jewelry made of chocolate. Unusual business concept, but also a great challenge for chocolate lovers and jewelry, according to "Deutsche Welle".

All jewelery which can be seen here is coated with chocolate and has a special thermal protection, which is particularly important if we take into account the jewelry could be melted. Jewelry that is apparently the "beautiful and delicious" can handle up to 25 degrees.

David van Turnhout decorate pieces of "jewelry chocolate" diamonds. For this decoration does not take much time, but it certainly takes a lot of money. "Everything depends on the diamond," says David van Turnhout, so pendant with silver base and "chocolate" diamonds costs around 4,000.

However, the question is: chocolate, diamonds and women - is not that kind of a bit cliche?

"Oh, no this is not a cliche, primarily because we have this combination made for the first time. We have created something completely new, "the authors refute this assumption. 

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