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Hair loss

Why hair is falling? 

When you begin to notice that your hair is falling uncontrollably, you must first find the cause of the decline

Each day, they noticed it or not, we lose about a hundred hairs, which is normal. However, when the process of falling out of control, the result can be a concern especially for women. To better understand hair loss, it does not seem to know how to be a hair grows. The cycle of hair growth lasts between two and six years, and for most people the hair grows 1.25 inches per month. At that time, 90 percent of the hair you should be actively growing, the other 10 percent is in a resting stage. That hair is in a resting stage, after two or three months off, and at that point begins the process of growing new hair. And so the cycle is constant.If that cycle is disrupted or accelerated for some reason, then there is a problem.

Hair loss in women can have different causes, and therefore many treatments.
Causes of hair loss in women can be - illness, physical or emotional stress, hormonal disorder, taking certain medications, and side effects to certain health problems. When you begin to notice that your hair is falling uncontrollably, you must first find the cause of the decline. It is necessary to understand that hair loss is not to be taken lightly, because it has a specific cause you to begin to heal as soon as possible. Therefore, do not put off a visit to a general practitioner who is able to send certain blood tests, or better yet, visit a dermatologist.

Rough treatment for hair and hairstyle
Chemical products such as hair dye, bleach, and preparations for permanent waving or straightening of hair in general are safe for your hair, unless you are not used properly or are used too often. Due to improper use of chemicals is possible to damage the hair follicles, or "burn out" due to improper application and use of chemicals. On the other hand, women who constantly disagree hair in a ponytail, bun or similar hairstyle, clamped and fastened with elastic bands, and different types of pins, may lose their hair. Precisely because of these mechanical and chemical treatment of the skin may cause permanent and irreparable damage to the hair roots.

Hereditary baldness
Although the most widespread hereditary baldness in men, and occurs in a small number of women. Such hair loss is also called androgenetic alopecia, a hair loss cause hormones. The hormone testosterone is starting to change in the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DTH), which has a negative effect on hair follicles.Although testosterone is a male hormone known as women and carry a small amount of the hormone. The decline in hormone levels that occurs during menopause can result in hormonal imbalance, which leads to thinning of hair on the crown area and on each side of the head. Fortunately a small number of women lose their hair most in this area. More often there is a drastic prorjeÄ‘enja.

Hormonal disorders
Hair loss can be due to hormonal disturbances that occur at each stage of life. Thus, loss of hair can occur when starting or after stopping contraception, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause or after removal surgery on the uterus and ovaries. As we noted at the outset, because of the hormone imbalance lot more hair follicles enter the resting phase, and hence the decline. If you are unable to determine the cause of hair loss your doctor may refer you to a specific search to determine if you have a thyroid problem, certain autoimmune disorders, iron deficiency, or syphilis.

One of the possible causes of hair loss can be a pregnancy, including postpartum period. Because of the increased amounts of hormones during pregnancy, hair that fell to normal, no waste, no postpartum because there is a possibility of falling hair stronger. Sometimes the hair loss starts and three months after giving birth, or after hormonal changes, and sometimes to the next three months that new hair starts to grow again.

Mental and physical illnesses and operations
Illness or surgery can also cause increased hair loss, due to the increased number of hair follicles entering the resting phase. The body that is under stress because of certain diseases, such as anemia, lupus, severe infection, or thyroid disease, adjusting its features and focuses on areas that are important to the life of the hair growth. After correcting a health problem, it is up to six months to make hair began to grow again.

Nutritional deficiency
Nutritional problems resulting from excessive dieting or eating disorders may also lead to shock in the body, so there will occasionally stop growing hair.
As is the case with the disease, the body adapts to the lack of protein, vitamins and minerals, and all body functions that are not primary, the body is placed "on hold", which among other things includes hair growth.

Medications and Vitamins
Chemotherapy is one of the best-known example of causes of hair loss. The chemotherapy attacks all fast-growing cells in the body (such as a tumor), but including the hair follicles. Also, certain medicines to control your blood pressure or gout can cause hair loss. As the lack of vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss, also a high amount of vitamin A can cause hair loss.

Aging are few in number, most of the hair of women. Unfortunately against hair loss caused by aging has no cure, but it is a proper diet and proper hair care can slow down.

How to prevent and treat hair loss?

Unfortunately, hair loss in women has so much therapy, as there are causes, and no single solution.Solutions range from simple mode that allows you to get better hair transplantation, and treatment depends on the cause of hair loss, hair loss, and how much influence the confidence of the people.

There are a few possible solutions against hair loss.
Lotions and creams - Creams and lotions containing Rogaine or Regain (minoxidil) which helps in hair growth, especially the preferred therapy in individuals hereditary hair loss. These products are directly placed on the scalp.
Anti-inflammatory drugs - a steroid cream or injection can help calm down the hair follicles that have undergone chemical treatments unprofessional or inappropriate styles.
Changing drugs - if you use certain drugs cause hair loss, try to exchange them for others, who do not have these side effects.
Toupees and wigs - Unfortunately, when there is no other help, toupees and wigs can be an alternative to hair loss and baldness.
Operation - There are a number of operational procedures that can help to restore hair, but unfortunately most women are not good candidates for such procedures as in most cases lose hair evenly all over the scalp (not the case with men). In some countries, a woman's hair transplant has not been approved by health organizations, they often do not result in the desired effect. Before you decide on this method, the well-informed.

Perfect hair and summer

We are all aware of the great dangers posed by excessive exposure of the skin to sun rays. The hair under the harmful influence of the sun becomes dry, brittle, thin, lifeless, hard to shape and loses its shine. If the hair is Bojana, the color fades and the tops are cracked and the curls ...

It is important to make sure your hair enough hydration and protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Hair care products from so-called. "Sun" line kept the hair from the harmful effects of the sun and keep it beautiful and healthy.

Tips for Summer Hair Care

First Healthy Hair

Before going on holiday, visiting hairdressers and make sure that your journey to a healthy and cropped hair. Healthy hair is easier to nurture and resists cracking.

Second Avoid "ZVIZDAN"

Your hair will be grateful if you expose it to the sun in the afternoon, the warmest period of 11 to 13 hours.But if you must, be sure to adequately protect special hair products (UV spray).

3rd Headdress

The best way to protect hair from the sun that does not expose your hair to sun rays. While you are in the sun, keep your hair be covered by a hat, a cap, a scarf or other head-covering.

4th Shampoos, conditioners and styling products with UV protection

Do not ignore the harmful effects of the sun even when it comes to hair. Use products that protect against harmful rays and your hair will be grateful.

5th Shampoo Cleaner

When using products for treatment and styling with SPF, it would be every ten days to wash my hair clarifying shampoo to clean the hair thoroughly with remaining ingredients protection.

6th Parting

Do not forget to put a protective compound on the edge of hair and parting. Vertex directly exposed to the sun will bake later and itch, and it's better to be safe!

7th Hydration

To reduced the harmful effects of sun exposure hair to a minimum, use a good quality conditioners with protein or keratin, which nourishes the hair.

8th Do not use the "do it yourself" remedies to lighten hair

Forget alcohol, peroxide, lemon juice and other medicines with which you want to achieve lighter shades of hair while in the sun. Your hair will be after such treatment in even worse condition, and very - dry. Invest in quality "sun" hair products, you will be paid.

Replace your hair look healthy and swaying

By applying our simple care tips, tricks and massage to shape and your hair will shine like never before.Trim the ends, refresh your color, massage, apply themes and nutritious package. For the perfect reflection of the sun in your hair this spring for the special supplements, rich in vitamins and proteins.

The time is right to refresh your hair color gradient that is not damaged. Consult with your stylist about the choice of color, which will restore the shine to your hair

If this winter you often visited the hairdresser, it's time to get rid of dry and bloom over that distort the appearance of your hair. Sometimes it's just one centimeter cropped hair enough that she looks healthier and fresher. If you decided to look different, we advise you to choose an interesting bob hairstyle that will be this spring in fashion.

Second Rub TOPICS
To make the hair roots were supplied with nutrients and scalp elastic, strong massage weekly themes fingers. Then, using a circular motion, apply Ampoule with vitamins to nourish the hair roots and make stronger.

3rd Strengthen ROOT
If your hair is dry, brittle and brittle means that it lacks keratin, a protein that strengthens hair structure.Special products with keratin deep into the hair and restore porous places. Remember that the keratin is not the same thing as creatine, which restores hair strength, helping her to stay strong and protect against splitting hairs. After regular use products with these ingredients will reduce the hair fall.

4th Feed the VLASI
Because of the loss of humidity hair loses elasticity, making it difficult to shape. Preporodiće the preparations with silk proteins and pro-retinol for renewal of cells and ceramide. They are also excellent products with amino acids and pro-vitamin B5, which give new strength to the hair. It is desirable to occasionally apply a package for damaged hair, hair curled in foil and wrap a warm towel. After 20 minutes, thoroughly rinse. This thermal treatment helps effective ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair and regenerate it.

5th Refresh COLOR
The time is right to refresh your hair color gradient that is not damaged. Consult with your stylist about the choice of color, which will restore the shine to your hair. If you can paint it yourself, paint, mix with troprocentnim hydrogen peroxide and apply to the entire length of the hair. For damaged hair using hydrogen diluted with a little water. It is enough to hold the paint on the hair for ten to 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

6th Up volume
Lush hairstyles are still in fashion. If your hair looks extra letters, isprskajte a gentle nail shaping, move down and dry out hair. If you put the hair diffuser, a special supplement to dry, haircut will be even more luxuriant.

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10 top tips for shiny hair in summer

Sun, sea and chlorine damaged hair, which can make you look older. But if you follow simple tips to care and protect the hair, the summer will be cared for, bright and youthful.

Dyed hair is more susceptible to damage caused by the sun's rays, which
Rain, wind, sea and chlorinated water, all this is damaging to your hair. The structure of the hair also badly affected by the different treatments to change the color or shape of the hair, but it is the most damaging solar radiation negatively. That's why you need during flight preparations containing SPF, because the hair under the influence of UV rays can become dry, brittle, blossoming at the ends, loses its color, luster and strength, and therefore more difficult to shape and comb. However, hair damage caused by UV rays are just a cosmetic problem, so they are not a threat to health, which is the case if there is damage to the skin.Therefore, to protect hair from the sun until recently paid little importance, explains MSc. pH. Suzana Miljkovic, a specialist in cosmetology, in "Sunbathing, yes or no" label "pen."

In addition to dry the area, sun rays also stimulate increased secretion of sebum, which is faster and more hair grease at the roots. To mitigate this phenomenon, often do not comb your hair or run your finger through it. In addition, use a shampoo for oily hair and apply conditioner only on the ends, never the root.Hair wash cold, not hot water, while dry, avoid hair closer to the roots.

10 Care Tips
First Treat your hair as you would your favorite, expensive cashmere sweater.
Second Protect the preparations with UV filters on the skin when you apply a protective lotion.
3rd Do not save! The more preparation apply, will be secure.
4th For maximum protection preparations Apply first spray onto your hands and then gently rub it on your hair.
5th Remember that, in addition to sunscreen, hats and scarves ideal protection from the sun.
6th Avoid blow-drying, hot curlers, and press figaro it will further dry out. Let it dry naturally.
7th While swimming, protect it from the sun, salt and chlorine for swimming cap.
8th Walk out from the sea or the pool, rinse in the shower.
9th Before and after the summer dry trim, split ends.
10th Refresh color after returning from summer-color shampoo, herbal paint or paint without ammonia.

Dyed hair is more susceptible to damage caused by the sun's rays that it is to some extent already dehydrated. At the same time, the sun fading hair color. To maintain a healthy shine and look of your hair during the summer be sure to use shampoo and balm for colored hair that are formulated to preserve and enhance the intensity of the color. After returning from the sea, if you notice that your hair color faded, however, recommend that you refresh the color shampoo, herbal or paint color for your hair without ammonia, after which make your hair look shiny.

Sea water further dries out your hair, so it's important that after leaving the sea or the pool must rinse.Simpler solution is to wear a bathing cap that will protect your hair from sun and chlorine or salt.
Distinctly blue or shaded hair usually turns green after swimming in the pool because the water in which there is too much chlorine. In this case, using a simple trick. Apply ketchup on your hair, hold for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water and then wash it off with shampoo. Ketchup will neutralize the color green. 

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