Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hair Colouring

If you want to beautify and rejuvenate the best solution is to change your hair color, or sit cover the natural color refresh. With helpful tips you can seamlessly to color hair.

Choose the right shade

Tone that suits you? This is the first and most difficult step in hair coloring. When choosing colors, first make sure the color complexion and eyes:
If you have a pink or ruddy complexion and blue or green eyes are the best fit of neutral beige and sand colors, but avoid the red glow of color;
If you have a darker complexion, choose darker colors including shades of red;
With a lighter complexion best go paint a darker shade of red, like the color Kosten. If your skin is reddish not be painted in red;
People whose skin tones warmer (yellowish), or a black eye sveđe should choose copper and reddish tones;

Try paint!

There are many factors that influence what will be the effect of any product for dyeing hair. To make sure it is useful first to examine the color of a pencil. Cover the inner strand of color. Look at your watch and note the time. Every few minutes to check the color develops. When there is a hue you want, look at the clock and dry with a hair sample. If the color is really the one you want, it is then time as the paint must remain on the hair.

The amount of color

The amount of color in most of the standard package is enough to paint "average" length hair (shoulder-length). For hair that is long or very thick it is necessary to use two packs of hair dyes to achieve the desired result.

Prepare Supplies

You will need: a comb with pointed tops to separate strands, glass mixing bowl (it will not respond to chemicals), a mirror to the back of the head and hair clips to separate.

Cover the hairs sit

If you are sitting still appear, choose a shade that matches your natural hair color. If you are thinking of brighter colors, better to sit covered hairs do not use color for more than one shade lighter than your natural color.

How to paint izrastak?

Uneven hair color at the roots and the ends of the main character that you've painted yourself. Cover the roots as follows:
Tiller comb or brush for painting use to withdraw razdaljaka many areas of hair. Share each piece in half, which offers four stub hair;
Separate the three clips intercept, to help you along the parted inflicted color that you paint the remaining quarter of the hair;
Apply the color along the parted hair free part and then redistributing it with your fingers. Make sure that in no way do not go more than 6 millimeters;
Pull one more parting close to the first, reapply the color and split along the root. Make a maximum of 10 in each quarter parted hair. When you finish with the last intercept wait and rinse thoroughly.

Keep your hair color!

Regular use shampoos and conditioners for colored hair (consistent with your color). These products contain UV filters and silicon that nourish and protect hair and prevent color and rinse. Before drying the hair, apply the product to the ends of protein rich foods to prevent drying out. In the summer months, protect hair hat.

Careful with curly hair

Curly hair is naturally dry and porous and quickly absorbs the paint (more susceptible to damage). Experts suggest that dilute the paint by replacing hydrogen-third distilled water.
Important: Do not shampoo your hair for at least 24 hours before painting. Rubbing the scalp during shampooing can cause mikoskopske abrasion, which may lead to skin irritation in contact with the chemical. 

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