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Get rid of pimples

They say that beauty is only skin deep thing. Whether this is true or not, beauty definitely start with your surface layer, or skin. It does not matter whether you have light or dark tan, what is important is the health of your skin. In fact, the true beauty is in health, and the skin is the mirror of health. Despite this, we often neglect our skin, forgetting to care and taking it for granted, until one day (a miracle!) Does not occur in any of her disorder. Then rushing in pursuit of an artificial and temporary solutions, what are the beauty products, creams, lotions, ... 

This is supported by the fact that, for example. in America (and the same happens with us) amount that has been spent on cosmetics exceeds the total health budget (or the Ministry of Health budget) across the country. This deševa because people generally prefer to beat around the bush with their problems of the skin, rarely accepting the real long-term solutions that would not have to hide behind your unhealthy skin cosmetic masks. On the other hand, experts say that it makes infinitely more damage to the skin by increasing the use of cosmetic products. For these reasons, we will try to emphasize the importance of this part of our body and give you some answers about one of the most common problems related to the skin - čibulje, pimples, zits, acne!

Acne or pimples

Acne or pimples as they are commonly called, are Ciric groups that appear on the site. This is a very common skin condition that is manifested by the appearance of blackheads, white bumps, red bumps, and sometimes deeply embedded čirastim sores that called nodules or cysts. Although it can occur at any period of life, usually thought to be caused by a stronger stress in the teenage years, and in both sexes.

What causes acne?

It is said that acne occur when certain changes occur in the level of hormones in the body that increases the activity of the skin. When the hormone levels in the blood increase, the skin in people prone to acne it reacts by producing excess sebum (oil). Bacteria are attracted to these substances on the skin oil, and they cause acne, which is very different from the very popular myth that acne can cause a diet rich in fatty foods. However, the consumption of certain types of foods can worsen your condition and acne pimples on the skin, so try to avoid this type of food. Of course, it is more important to eat those foods that best suits your body constitution.

What to do with acne?

If you have acne, consult your doctor or dermatologist without delay as soon as possible. This is the best way to get the proper treatment that can help you get a better look. Waiting to outgrow acne or to hold themselves to go can be a serious mistake, since medical treatment can act preventively to avoid scarring.Your doctor will prescribe treatment depending on your skin type and degree to which you've come with acne. Carefully follow your doctor's instructions. As additional measures of treatment adequately clean your skin, avoid oily makeup and any cream for protection from the cold. Do not Rub and squeeze pimples.Do not cover any blemishes cosmetic product, and that you have not consulted with a doctor.


* Gently but thoroughly cleans your skin, some medical soap and water to remove all dirt and makeup.
* Often hydrate your skin.
* Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity.
* Not preklapajte face with his hands.
* Reduce stress. Studies have shown that increased stress can often be linked to the release of the new spots and deterioration of old. The reason for this is a chemical reaction and changes in hormone levels that occurs in our bodies when we are stressed.
* Avoid grebuckave materials.
* Avoid strong soaps, detergents and softeners. Avoid harsh scrubbing and washing the skin.
* Avoid external factors that can cause allergies.
* Identify and avoid all the causes you acne. Although none of the products has not been proven to cause acne in all people, triggers for acne usually have some type of food, lotions, makeup, etc..
* Avoid greasy cosmetics and creams very fatty.

How to squeeze a pimple the right way?

All we were warned during our adolescent period of the dangers that lurk when spraying pimple on your face (zastrašujuće! infection! Irritation!) The truth is that we continue to do, no matter what. But if you decide to squeeze a pimple, it would be good to know the right way to do it. First, you must know what is ok squeeze pimples, some of which should remove your little itchy feet. The general rule is that you should just squeeze bubuljičice with very white peaks. This type of acne is very common in cases with minor skin to acne variable. Never try to squeeze something that is not white, no matter how painful, red or bulging.Nothing will come out, and the pain and irritation will only be stronger.

Ready to start? Read more explanation of the 5 steps.

Step 1: Before the attack on the pimples, make sure that your face and hands are clean and that he made a face scrub. I thought that this implies, as a friend, I did not say that she got skin irritation when he squeezes a pimple in the toilet of the train. Yuck.

Step 2: Use a hot compress some types (after showering, while your skin is naparena or washcloth soaked in warm water), exposing the skin to heat and pressure for at least a minute. This helps to soften the skin around the pimple, thereby facilitating the ejection.

Step 3: Some koristeštapiće the ears, or even a needle for drainage. It's hard to grasp the skin using chopsticks, and work with the needles should be left to someone who has a degree in medical workers. I personally prefer fingers wrapped toilet paper. This process itself remains sterile, and it is easier to keep the skin surrounding the blemish.

Step 4: Time for juicing! The first most important thing to keep in mind that you want to squeeze the contents of which pimples worse. If you do not grasp underneath pimple, risking that it ruptures under the skin that you would cause further infection (and possibly painfully clear). Include your pimple on both sides and gently press your fingertips, not your nails. If a pimple is ripe, it will only take the gentle pressure.If you find that too hard Stipe, and nothing leaves - pustule is simply not ripe. Leave it and try again tomorrow. If the pimple you can squeeze out once or twice to make all out (that's all!) When it starts coming out clear liquid or a small amount of blood, it's time to stop.

Step 5: After you have finished squeezing, gently clean the area around the pimples or cartridge containing alcohol swabs. Do not apply make-up while it is still open and the dew. (This is basically identical to the pouring dirt into the open pore.) For this reason, it is best to allow drainage of the evening, not the morning before going to work. I prefer to leave a little pimple to dry and then apply to face some antibiotic tonic to eliminate the possibility of bacterial infection. Some people prefer to use the targeted treatment for acne.In any case, avoid any product that clog pores, including moisturizers, foundation and so on, as long as the pimple completely dry.


Natural anti-acne

Natural remedies can help prevent acne or lessen inflammation and healing process when you have acne and appears

What would you give to any more in your face and body, and you do not have to watch those ugly acne?What you have not already tried to put a face and pimples how to get rid of them and it does not help, at least not for very long?
We will not go into the reasons why you have acne, because they can really be numerous. But in essence, it is a fact that your skin produces too much sebum (oil) that closes the pores of the skin.

There are two main types of acne - acne vulgaris (common acne) that occur on the face and trunk. Cystic acne occurs in the form of painful cysts or solid painless lump.

One of the more natural ways to relieve acne is a skin treatment in the dermatology clinic or beauty salon.Regular and proper mechanical cleaning of pores, can really help. If you turn a lot of expensive creams that do not help, there are natural remedies that can help prevent acne or lessen inflammation and healing process where acne but also appear.

Folk Remedies

Tea tree oil or lavender place three times a day on acne to prevent infection and speed healing of already existing acne or one that is in the process of becoming.

When your acne erupt before your period, on the day drink a cup or two of tea Konopljike, because this plant helps regulate female hormones. But it takes time to take effect, so you need to consume tea two to three months before you see the first improvements. Do not drink more than the recommended dose of tea, because it can damage your skin.
If you want your pores open up and clean up, soak a piece of cotton in the vinegar or lemon juice and apply face.

One of the old folk remedies to treat pimples is a mixture of honey and spices. Mix one teaspoon of nutmeg powder with one tablespoon of honey and put it on the pimples. Let stand 20 minutes, then rinse. Aloe vera is one of najljekovitijih plants that exists, so that the tonic or freshly squeezed juice from the leaf of the plant may just be really beneficial for the face.

Easy on-site

What is most important to remember that a person should not be treated with too many different products and often accompanies it, because that will do more harm than good. With time you will only further increase the functioning of the sebaceous glands, and your goal is to slow down their work.

Avoid cleaners granular, coarse and rough towel pillow where you sleep. When you remove makeup, wash your face with lukewarm plain water and wipe with a towel. However, if you think that is not enough water use means that are pH-neutral and gentle. But if you want to clean your face with some preparation Mix 125 milliliters of water put one tablespoon of Epsom salt and 3 drops iodine. Heat the water to boiling, cooled, dip a cotton ball and wash your face.

How to squeeze pimples?

Sometimes it is better to leave the pimples to go on their own, and sometimes it's best to squeeze. When the latter seems like a better solution to clean the area around the pimple, sterilize a needle and gently poke the top and squeeze pimples with a cotton swab. Do not pierce or squeezing a pimple before it matures, or do not displace too much because you'll only make things worse.

Get rid of blackheads

The cause of blackheads

Blackheads occur when sebum (fat secreted by our skin) builds up in the pores and hardens. Toxins that are expelled from the body through the skin, are mixed with sebum making blackheads. Top whitehead oxidizes and darkens. Oily and combination skin is prone to blackheads. Most sebaceous glands are located in the T-zone area of ​​the face and the back of the area between the shoulders. For this reason, in this region is usually the most blackheads.

How to get rid of blackheads?

Step One - Cleanse your face and body with the preparation meant for oily skin. Use gels and preparations for washing the base of salicylic acid to clean pores.

Step Two - Apply lotion to clean skin and erase the face and back area with him. The lotion will remove excess oil from your skin.

Step Three - Apply a good quality medicated cream containing resorcinol, a substance used in the treatment of acne, eczema, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients help the absorption of fat and removal of blackheads. You can also use products based on benzoyl peroxide, if your skin after this preparation is dry, after 10 min. You can apply a moisturizer without oil.

Effective tips for the treatment of blackheads

- Work peeling skin areas in which you appear blackheads 3-4 times a week, using gel srcubove and peeling skin because they are not as aggressive.

- Use creams containing alpha hydroxy fruit acids (AHA) such as glycol creams that will remove dead skin.Use AHA creams every three days.

- Get your hair off your face. Greasy hair and skin go together, and hair spreading skin infection.

- Avoid showering and washing my face with soap. I'd rather just wash your face with clean water, and use the shower gels.

- Often use a mask based on zinc.

Extrude or extrude blackheads?

If you suspect that the blackhead is ready to come out, or use the extractor to remove blackheads patches at least once a week. In this way you will clean the pores and reduce those. Only in the extreme case, use your fingers. Napare face to soften the skin and substances that clog pores. Wrap your fingers with a tissue and gently move from each side blackheads. If you can not remove blackheads in this way, let him go, because otherwise you will only damage the skin and cause capillary. And it looks a lot worse than blackheads. This technique can not be applied to the back, but you can take a shower a little longer, to soften your skin. Then take a good dry towel and rub his back.
Otherwise, squeeze pimples and blackheads is not recommended, because the pressure is spread under the skin bacteria that infect the surrounding tissue, and then you have one instead of two spots.

Learn about the most effective ways of treating acne

Cure acne and avoid scarring by Dr Dragan Council Bogatić in Dermatology "Antiejdžing center."

Acne is most common skin disease that affects about 80 percent of adolescents and 10 percent of adults. A great many psychosocial problems. Therefore, it is important to promptly implement individually tailored treatment and avoid scar formation, permanent changes that are difficult to treat.

Why when ACNE
Acne usually affect the face, chest and back, that is the area where there is the most sebaceous glands. For them, the typical open and closed comedones, commonly known as blackheads and inflammatory changes in the form of pimples. Any type of acne that you have, even if they are mild, treatment must be done by a dermatologist.
The main factors for the formation of acne are:
First The increased activity of the sebaceous glands
Second Genetic disorder caused by duct of sebaceous glands and hair follicles, which leads to clogging and obstructing their ejection fat on the skin surface
3rd Multiplying bacteria Propionibacterium acnes
4th Diet does not cause acne, but foods rich in sugars and dairy products can worsen already existing acne.

Acne is a nursing HEAVY lens
Acne usually occurs during puberty and adolescence, and after this period usually spontaneously suppressed. There is, however, women were first given in menopause or in their fourth, fifth or even sixth decade reappear. These are called. adult acne treatment that much more difficult and slower than the adolescent. Then it is necessary to contact a dermatologist because the treatment usually requires the strongest therapy. Do not experiment with creams.

Less severe forms of acne medically treated locally, special preparations in the form of lotions, gels and creams. The effect is expected after two to three months of continuous use.
More serious forms, with topical therapy and require systemic treatment tablets. Dermatologists usually prescribe antibiotics or birth control pills. In the most severe forms of acne or acne intermediate level in which the usual treatment yielded no results used isotretinoin.

IN Beautician
Cosmetic acne treatment procedures complement the medical treatment, and includes:
First Manually removing blackheads and pimples content
Second Deep cleanses skin serums based irises, seaweed and so on.
3rd A special massage technique that regulates the sebaceous and sweat glands, and skin pH is both a type of peel
4th Chemical peels, as well as other types of peels
5th Treatment of fruit acids, which regulate the sebaceous and sweat glands, reduce facial redness and reduce acne scars.
Treatments for acne treatment in Belgrade salons cost of 2,000 dinars to 3,500 dinars.


Acne is a problem that occurs most often in young people in their teens. Although it is expected that up to twenty years of age, but the problem go away, it is very possible that it will be a while. In puberty, the body produces more sex hormones, female hormones, and even a small amount of women male sex hormones - androgens.
Therefore, the sebaceous glands become more active, while the Kratina and proteins inside the pores start to form lumps that zjedno with dead skin and fat clogging and create plugs. Cap prevents excess sebum to leave, and the bacteria multiply and irritate the skin that turns red and infected.
Acne can be a big problem for most young people. Proper hygiene and diet, in some cases, produce results, but most turn to a dermatologist for help.
It is important to clean the face of products intended for troubled skin, and exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin that closes the pores and improves acne. In addition, plenty of water and a healthy diet, no sugar intake are often recommended. However, acne often develop into psychological problem, and people with problem skin wrinkles to the complex.
The best and most appropriate solution is to turn to a dermatologist. After the treatment, which can last from one to several months, your "problem" will slowly improve. 

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