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Get ready for spring

There is a spring and nature awoke. Wake up you are. With just a few small tips shine spring splendor 

First Foundation - When applying surface use the same rule that less is more. You can apply a light powder foundation, loose powder forget, because it will emphasize the tiniest wrinkles and skin imperfections. The real solution is a tinted moisturizer, illuminator, which will make your face look fresher and younger. Minor irregularities can cover concealer. What matters is a good concealer that will cover up dark circles. They're all the orange pigment, as neutralize bluish color of dark circles.

Second Cheeks - In just a few brush strokes, you can refresh the look of the entire face.
Choose a cream blush and apply them on the head to complete the romantic look.

3rd Eyes - Use shades of earth tones and soft pink. You on the inside of the lower eyelid apply a creamy white pencil to visually enlarge the eyes. How to make your eyes bigger the edge of the eyebrow can cause light white cream eyeshadow, but be sure to apply a different shadow on the rest of the lid, you have to take into account the transition from color to color. Apply a light eyeshadow on the inner part of the upper eyelid. If you have green or blue eyes, pointed to them as a substrate using a light pink shade, and in the corners of the eyes, apply darker shades of violet and pink. Slightly apply mascara, and a full impression of naturalness achieved will brown mascara. Eyebrows must be plucked regularly. If you do not know yourself pull up, you can always be left to a professional, who will do it right ..

4th Lips - Lip Frame peach lips, and then gently rub it with your fingers to avoid strict pencil lines. Brush them with a glow in the same tone, which will cause the center of the lips, so you will visually enhance them or choose from light pink lipstick.

This spring greens reach for eye shadow

Play around with the colors green and refresh your look. It is important to be moderate with the paint as it would be contrary to one might turn green because of your looks.

Over the eyelid as a base, apply a lighter shade of green. This will give the eyes a fresher look. Then apply a darker shade from the edge of the eyelids. Make sure the transition between light and dark colors. How to make your eyes bigger in the inner corners of the eyes, apply a soft pearly gray or white color, which you can apply immediately beneath the eyebrow. For bigger eyes stronger highlight colors. In the end, apply a larger amount of mascara.

Tip: Dark colors give depth shading his eyes, and a bright highlight specific parts of the eyelid

Spring is the time when you have a need to be noticed, and that will most easily achieved with a little make-up tricks, occasional fashion cloth, the unavoidable sleek look.

Under the sunlight all the more beautiful, more radiant, brighter, and how would you dazzled in its full glory bring you a few tips on how you will achieve it:

First For spring cleaning and care of the body

- Dehydration is detrimental to your skin, so listen to the advice of experts who say eight glasses of water a day for the top shape of the body and skin.
- Avoid heavy, fatty and high-calorie foods. Dermatologists recommend that the more times a week you eat food that contains omega-3 fatty acids which have in most nuts, almonds and hladnovodnoj fish.
- Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, and dairy products
- Move as much as possible in the fresh air
- Avoid carbonated drinks and reduce your intake of caffeine, I'd rather drink tea

Second Make-up Tips

- Worn out skin peel is best to take a rest and a light massage. We recommend masks and creams based on chamomile or eucalyptus.
- Spring is a time of festive colors so be sure to wear your purse pink varieties blush, eye shadow and lip gloss.
- Orange lipstick guarantees you attention wherever they appear, because if you do not love you any on hand.
- Forget the heavy makeup and exaggerated, it is sufficient to point out just one segment of the face, eyes, lips or cheeks.
- For evening variants be imaginative and play around with yellow, green and gray eye shadows.

3rd Fashion-pashion patches

- Dresses, skirts and shoes flower patterns
- Belts in all colors in combination with flowing tunics and tights
- Shoes in bright colors
- Accessories from the ribbons and flowers (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, scarves, and rajfići Hairpin)
- Rags sailor sample
- Large colorful bags
- Skirt with flounces
- And finally the inevitable sunglasses.

Spring is a good time to "present" a bright and playful color, but the search for the ideal shades can be a real challenge.

In order to ease the search, here are some shades of make-up that perfectly fit people with darker skin.

- If your skin tone is warm, then follow the make-up and warm colors. Coral, terracotta, Indian pink, orange and sunny yellow will highlight the natural glow of your skin.

- You have a great tan, and you agree to vibrant colors, but you want something more subtle? In this case, select airy shades. Instead of matte lipsticks, lip color, select, cream blush and discreetly shimmering eye shadow. This way you will achieve a colorful, but a fresh and natural look.

For you to choose a bright and airy, but remember that the ultra-bright color trend this spring!

Protecting the skin to sunlight

With the first days of spring are increasingly being outdoors, use every opportunity to make after a long winter breathe fresh air and drink a coffee on the terrace of the kind. With the benefits of wearing the outdoors, we have to be aware of certain risks. Specifically, our skin after winter unprotected, fragile.Staying indoors, heated air and cold weather have taken their toll. Now we need to regenerate and protect the skin from the effects of the spring sun is stronger than it appears.
I have known that it was necessary to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun throughout the year and the spring certainly no exception, as the sun was indeed a pleasant spring is getting stronger. So do not go out without being inflicted with his daily care protection!

Privacy normal and dry skin

The skin is daily exposed to the harmful effects of sun and pollutants from the environment. In doing so it loses moisture, minerals and trace elements that are dissolved in water and which are necessary for the proper functioning of cellular metabolism. The skin is dry and becomes unresistant and the effect of UVA and UVB radiation brings long-term effects and damage. Cosmetics Adrience has an answer to this problem - Oligosource protective moisturizing treatment with SPF 20th The sunscreen to protect normal and dry skin care technology that is innovative restores moisture levels in the skin and minerals due atomiziranoj sea water from the Adriatic and protects the skin due to UVA and UVB filters new generation. Thanks to her, the skin is protected from the environment, does not lose moisture and maintain softness and healthy appearance. The cream is designed for the sensitive skin.
Oligosource Protective Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 20 is unique in that it:

It protects the skin from the effects of sunlight
Replenishes lost moisture and minerals and trace elements
Contains extract of red algae rich in vitamins (B1, B2, C, PP).
We recommend that it is used in combination with intensive moisturizing serum Oligosource Oligosource and moisturizing treatment for the eye area.

Enjoy spring

Proletni home treatment

Every woman wants to date the arrival of the most beautiful shine in all its glory, and show all their attributes, the curves, slender figure until manicured and beautiful skin and shiny hair.

Because of the crowded business schedule, but lack of funds and many ladies can not afford and sometimes very expensive cosmetic treatments, but what you can do is lose a few minutes and prepare yourself small home beauty treatment. That's why we bring you some tips on how you can best take advantage of their home foods:

Carrot and honey for Humidity
Carrots skin moisture and makes it more elastic, so not bad from time to time to eat carrots, so it will easily restore the supply of vitamin A in the body. If you do not like carrot sticks then you can apply without. For this little homemade treatment you need three large carrots and four tablespoons of honey. Clean the carrots, cook and mash. Allow to cool and mix with honey. Apply the mixture to your face and rinse after 10 minutes.

Sour cream for a nice cleavage
Mask of the cream will soften wrinkles and help make your cleavage look stunning and attractive. You will need 200 g of cheese, two tablespoons of cream and egg yolks one. Mix all ingredients and apply to the neckline. After twenty minutes, remove the paper towel and pat dry the rest of the cotton bud. Do not wash, because it would be more efficient for this mask ..

Eggs for Healthy Hair
Egg protein structure regenerate hair follicles and give shine. For the mask, mix two eggs with half a liter of milk and rub it into your hair. Wrap your head in a towel and leave for ten minutes. Then add some shampoo and wash your hair. After this treatment, the hair will be soft as silk. For the same purpose, and you can use beer mixed with a few tablespoons of olive oil

Cute Proletni Care

Who does not love sweets, especially now that you can buy in stores all kinds of sweets in all colors, flavors and shapes. Always entice even more difficult to resist them, but the thought of warm days announce skirts and dresses, it is stronger, so they go round in a big circle.

However, the sweets are not that harmful and research shows that say they promote the secretion of serotonin, a hormone that affects mood. So feel free to treat a bad mood or chocolate biscuits. But for all those addicted to sweets bring good news, and that is that at least some of them, and great for skin care. So sweeten spring days with this sweet delicacy:

Sugar - moderate consumption of sugar will give you energy, because glucose metabolism products sources supply the cells with oxygen. However, sugar can also be used as a tool for peeling, and moreover skin with elasticity. For the sugar scrub you need is one cup of sugar and four tablespoons of massage oil. Mix oil and sugar, apply to damp skin and massage with circular movements, then rinse with warm water.

Chocolate - chocolate, although not one of the sweets that contribute to frailty, it is excellent as a means to massage. Chocolate contains theobromine, which dilates blood vessels and traces of caffeine, which stimulates metabolism, which affects the tissue tightening. For chocolate massage you will need a chocolate and two tablespoons of almond oil.
Melt the chocolate and while still hot add oil. Apply the lukewarm chocolate buttocks and hips, and gently massage.

Strawberries - rich in vitamin C, which effectively revitalizes skin and provides the skin with a pinkish tan.Excellent for removing impurities from the skin. For this mask you need is a handful of strawberries, three tablespoons of sour cream and one teaspoon of olive oil. The mashed strawberries add the cream and oil and apply on face. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

rends come and go, but some colors are always just perfect. Find exactly that, perfect shade of eye shadow is not always easy, but once you find it will be much easier.

Each season, to a greater or lesser extent, the changing trends in colors to clothing and makeup. Regardless of the trends, there are colors that you fit perfectly with the color of eyes, hair and complexion.

These are the three factors which are decisive in choosing the perfect shade. However, the main criteria is the color of your eyes, because only the right shade come to the fore.

Blue eyes
The best colors for blue-eyed girls are pink, orange, brown, purple, and golden caramel that will cool blue color to give warmth. Add to that a little blush in peach and pale lipstick, and the result will be excellent.Blue-eyed observations should avoid shades of greens. Blue-eyed, if you want to preserve the "cool" look, should use silver eyeshadow and black mascara.

Green eyes
If your eyes are green, the best choice is lavender, which will make them more expressive and give them a dose of drama. Good shades of eyeshadow colors are copper, fuchsia, gold, apricot, plum color and olive drab. These shades blinds are best to combine with some darker lipstick, sporty shades of red. Avoid shades of blue.

Brown eyes
Brown eyes best suit warm shades of brown, beige, caramel and gold, and dark brown to chocolate. To add your own eyes a little more heat, you can use brown eyeliner and brown mascara, but you will not go wrong with black. Brown eyes fit and warm shades of green. If your eyes are distinctly reddish, choose dark green and dark yellow tint shades.

Useful Tips
- If your eyes are blue, the right choice will be a darker shade of blue that will even further deepen the blue in your eyes. - Do not forget the golden rule - if you emphasize the eyes, lips, let them be as natural colors.
- Always use a good quality blinds and make sure the expiration date, to avoid unwanted inflammation and itching.
- At the end of the day always good to clean the eyes of makeup.
- Shadow is best applied using a thin brush. So that you will achieve more for better mutual sljubi color so as not to see the sudden transitions between colors.

Warmer days, but the latest collection in stores suggests that this spring will be the sign of floral pieces with bright and cheerful colors.

So it's time to get rid of the gloomy winter colors and refresh your wardrobe favorite floral pieces of clothing.

Floral designs are ideal for all ages and it is all the more reason to make your choice for this spring is the flowers in any form. Fashion designers recommend larger patterns of real and abstract flowers on jackets, skirts, blouses, scarves, clothing and rest.

Anything goes for this spring, the roses and lilies to orchids. It does not matter which one you will choose, it's just a romantic mood that will awaken in you while wearing floral patterns.

We bring you a few tips on how to wear a floral design in accordance with their holdings:

- If you are tall or big, you can choose any floral design, from huge to tiny petal flowers.

- If you are of slight build, avoid larger motifs on the clothes, as you will be further visually "cut". If you do not want to wear finer patterns, complete your style floral detail. Painted flower petals look best on light, airy materials. So if your choice is flowers, then we will consider only a light and airy materials.

- For daily walk around and enjoy the relaxed style of flower. Midi dress floral designs will make you look fresh and romantic.

- When it comes to evening occasions, flowers should be present only as an accessory. It only takes one piece of clothing is floral patterns. You can also choose one color combination to freshen floral scarf around the neck or waist.

- Do not forget the flowers and the details, such as underwear, belts, headbands, hair clips ...

Enjoy and "procvjetajte" in style!

Preparation for the spring summer moments

First and foremost, every woman has to be natural. I think that makes us the most beautiful. Again, if we decide to have a change to align with their behavior, daily duties, complexion, color of eyes.

Confidently look is not easy considering all those propaganda posters that consistently require of us look like we came out under a surgical knife. Firstly Straighten up! Not just to see the most beautiful girl who keeps slouching.

What is so beautiful in this photo? Naturalness above all. Natural hair, light clothing, no fakery, the moment of truth and beauty.

Many of us have a complex. There are blamed for cellulite, stretch marks, as well as our natural "imperfect" material. If you look at who are the most beautiful and successful women in the world will convince you of their butts are nowhere near small, bony or anorexic butts. These women built like guitars. Enjoy its nature and people they admire.

So relax and enjoy it all together in her curves. Because she is a woman without curves?

But let's be tastefully dressed. Disaster to see women exposing their bodies in tight pants or tights as in a case where all the toppings. I think it's more or less how the make-up and in the dressing. I do not mean that it is better for less, and sometimes it is better to cover a part of the second order came to the fore and shone.

Another important thing is to realize that we share some fake celebrities and their flickering glow can be a role model in everything. It's nice to pick up a occasional ideas from some of them, but copying a star from head to toe bordering on insanity. Here's why ...
Most of us looks a lot better than Lindsy in its natural release, and still want to be retouched Lindsy. So why, man?

What I think I should do in preparation for this summer's put on a little healthy dark complexion. I do not think that I would now be lying in a tanning bed for 15 minutes every day. I do not want to pick up the disease right now by the way. So buy some self-tanning lotion, enjoy more in the nature of the sun because finally we had a nice time. The skin will be so ready for summer, and you have to defend it, and protective factors.

The worst thing is to see a woman in the middle of summer with a bunch of makeup on it. From foundation, concealer to all these overwhelming colors and lubricants ... sunlit face should not be all that chemistry on it. A little mascara and clear lip gloss make miracles.

No make-up please!
I once watched an interview with Diana Ross, who said that every true diva must have a lot of hair. I like that theory.
I'm going to enjoy this summer in their dresses and Soseki. Do not give up and summer schemes.

And what else is left? Ah, yes. Exercise with a good dvd with exercises. Do not be lazy! Laugh and think positively and take all the fashion tips with a grain of salt until well not rethink what is for us and what is not.

And finally pack their bags and go somewhere for 3-4 months to show your hard work, relax the body, feed the soul and meet some new people, make some new good habits, have fun ...

It's never too early to forecast what the upcoming season will be the trend, especially when it comes to fashion accessories, which, unlike the clothes and shoes, and sometimes survive multiple seasons in a row.

This means that about jewelry, scarves and other accessories do not have to overly burden if you have the right pieces in the drawers, and we bring you an outline of what will be, among others, and wear this spring.

Animal pattern
The first and most important detail is definitely a fashion accessory with animal pattern. Apart from leopard fur coats and trousers with gepardovim pattern of jewelry that fits in the African, safari, Asian and tribal motif piece is a must isfurati this spring.

Metal jewelry, whether gold or silver, easily fits all and guaranteed to already have some who will need this upcoming season and be useful in giving one final glam your look. While metal jewelry once worn only on special occasions, now that rule is no longer valid, so you can wear it anytime and anywhere.

Isfurajte big ring with a huge crystal swampy green, deep purple or indigo color that you will wear only on the index finger. Believe me, you will not be left unnoticed.

Purses, less
The arrival of spring means burying deep winter clothes in the closet and pull those lighter pieces, which applies to bags. Some bulky wait until fall or winter, and now they wear less, purses or one letter over his shoulder. Not only do they look nicer, but well come as a relief to the exhausted shoulders.

As you've cleaned up the thick coats, and save them with scarves, a light pull on those vintage scarves that for months waiting to see the light of day. Kerchief around his neck is a great replacement for a massive necklace, and the same piece can be worn in dozens of different ways.

Floral patterns
What is spring without floral patterns? Lightweight dresses, pants, bags, scarves, jewelry and even suffers floral patterns, so there is no fear that you can not go wrong with them.

Sequins, all around us
The craze for clothes and accessories šljokičastim not stop, which is great news. This means that some of the details that you've worn this fall or winter, you can isfurati and again in the spring.

10 accessories

There are many reasons why those who are not big fans of fashion "crazy" for the accessories.

Jewelry, shoes, handbags ... have nothing to do with the "figure", because they look great on everyone, regardless of material and weight.

Read which ten are considered "must have"!

First Shoes with high heels
Whether you are at the tip, rounded, open front ... these shoes are a great choice both for business and for the evening "look". It would be best to have a pair of classic black in color.

Second Flat shoes
Simple comfortable loafers or ballet we need in situations when we forget to put in the first place. Maybe not as sexy as the shoes with vertiginous heels, but they definitely look cute.

3rd Diamonds
Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets ... it does not matter what form they come, these gems are still glamorous and irresistible shine, even in the case when you carry them with tattered jeans and a simple shirt.

4th Pearls
Whether you wear a classic pearl necklace and earrings adorned with minimal one pearl of great and precious beads will give any outfit a touch of elegance required.

5th Structured Bag
Medium-sized and made of genuine leather, this bag will come in handy in everyday situations.

6th Letter Bag
This is an essential accessory for formal evening occasions. The slim and elegant bag is perfectly suited to your needs.

7th Belt
This piece of "heavy-handed" look in seconds can turn into a neat and elegant. It would be good to have more: thick, thin, with decorations ...

8th Cocktail ring
His evening "look-in" add a touch of glamor and extravagance with a cocktail ring decorated with a large glittery stones in various colors.

9th Thick bracelet
Gold, silver, wood ... it does not matter! This bracelet will "spice up" any outfit.

10th Metal Clock
Choose the high-quality and classic style, so it takes a long time and you carry it with everything!

As much as the fashion changed nothing could shake forever and accessories that complement najobičniju outfit and make it glamorous and solemnity.

Fashion Accessories are the ones that make your eye catching and distinctive style, so do not let yourself to any outfit you choose the occasional bruise, necklace or pair of crazy shoes.
Here are some details that are true evergreens fashion without which women can easily:

First Weal
This, often overlooked fashion accessory we are surrounded everywhere by strips of gift until barrettes in our hair. Ribbons combined in the right way can give your outfit a magical and glamorous shine. Small bruise on her arm can be turned into bracelets, but if you prefer to use the details on the clothes, then a big bow with sequins or crystals will find a place on your favorite dress that will emphasize to the waist.
Today Neckwear experience as a reflection of femininity and tenderness, and the most integral part of the style of girls that feel young and unencumbered.

Second Jewelry
All of our bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings are part of a special style that is just because of the variety of jewelry genuine. The same necklace can combine in different ways. Jewelry is the only evergreen that can be made of any material. In the past, fashioned from bone and stone, and now gradually moved to the wide variety of gems and precious stones. For a unique look glamorous and feel free to take an adventure to the glittering and large pieces of jewelry.

3rd High heels ... mmm, irresistibly
There is something primal in women's feet in high heels. They just give the female figure sensuality, elegance and sexiness. In every man's fantasies women wearing sky-high heels, but they are an essential part of all the festivities. So decorate your feet with ultra high heels and shine.

4th Red is the eternal
In addition to highlighting the beautiful lips red lipstick brings us the full face in the foreground, luring glances and sighs filled with different desires. Red as the color of love, sex and passion in one of the most beautiful parts of the body is a winning combination for an irresistible look. Pogriješitii if not "book" proctor for it in your cosmetic bag.

The main trends for spring are already a few months ago you determine the most famous hair stylists at major fashion weeks. With New York we recommend slicked bun, braids, razdljeljak the middle and perfectly wavy hair

Hairstyles can repair or uprospastiti first impression. Fit it or not, people's first impression based on a complete "hello effect", so most impression on you by your appearance. One of the very important kompomenti are hairstyles that, depending on the style, they can point out your character, to be conspicuous or imperceptible.
You must be wondering what hairstyle will wear this season. The good thing is that almost all of these trends continue in the former, only in a modified form. We have selected the most prominent haircuts, color and haircuts that will be worn this season:

The popularity of this practice braiding hair is still continuing. Braid which the most notable are the mercenaries that fish is very easy to do, namely braids of thin strands. This kind of haircut fits all, and you can wear them seven days a week, thanks to their imagination: a high braided ponytail into a braid, regular braid, braid braided headbands around their heads instead ... Agree with bangs, which are allowed to fall carelessly.

Hairstyles '40's
This trend came to the fore last year, but they remain an inspiration to us in this. This hairstyle is glamorous and perfect for special occasions when you want to shine. Remember that curly hair must be firm and not sagging. Such hairstyles can be especially pronounced on lighter hair, and ideal length is at least shoulder-length. The combination of this trend with the red lipstick and black shower.

Slicked back hair
Slicked back hair by using a comb and create a lot of gel. Hair can in no way be matted and each hair has to be in its place. Do you want your hair to move to the side, so you right choice because it will provide exactly this way carrying experience the greatest book. Combine slicked back hair with a hair ornament or braid.This look should know how to wear and avoid it if your face is round, The Perfect.

This season wear a bun in three variants: Chignon, on top of the head and twisted with ribbons. This simple and chic hairstyle is appropriate and for that and for the night, and this season it is recommended to look more natural and neurena chignon. Punđica on top requires a dose of courage and playfulness. When you think of the twisted punđicama with ribbons, forget the old-fashioned feel. Ribbons braided into their hair are more modern than ever. Instead, you can wrap the tape and separate strands.

Often we are so preoccupied with the haircut and hairstyle can forget painting, which indeed can change the overall appearance. Blue is one of those fashion trends that is very popular these years. Before you go to the hairdresser think twice, because this color is not for everyone. This trend is the best self-confident women, and women with short hair. Black is always in, although the effect of losing hair short. Izbrijanja head requires more courage than all the hairstyles, but before your hair stylist suggest a haircut razmislte about the work you do and the circle of people where you're going, it will all be benevolent.

Purple is the color hit

The world's biggest makeup artists are presented in fashion shows for spring / summer 2010. makeup trends for this season. Pastel shadows, luminous complexion, eyeliner and red lips are just some of the trends.

They do, however, emphasize that their advice should not be followed blindly, but find inspiration in them, adapt them, and so save yourself a dose of individuality. Dior, Chanel, Cavalli, Versace make-up artists have defined six proljećnih trends.

Purple is in

'''' Versace's models wore make your purple. While last winter was a modern matte shades of purple, spring brings a novelty in that it is now this color should be transparent and lightweight. All shades are admitted, and lilac and plum color, and tamoljubičasta and purple ...
Extra tip: purple shadows can create the impression that your eyes are red and irritated. This will be avoided if the inner lower eyelid apply a white crayon.

Rejuvenate the

Woman-girl style, it is a natural, decent makeup, makeup artist choice house "Burberry", "Chloe", "Gucci", "Balmen" ... They are a fantastic base for makeup only use mineral powder and the other nipple there are more mascara, lip gloss, bronzer and svijetlobež golden and pink shadows.

Extra tip: If you have impure skin, full face cover with a transparent liquid with powder, and put on the problem of concealer.

Be catnip

All "Cavalli" models had black eyeliner on the upper lid, which is in the form of a broad line straight up towards the temples. The main house makeup artist "Marc Jacob" eyeliner is charted and the upper and lower eyelids.
Extra tip: If you are not skilled with liquid eyeliner, use a soft crayon.

In the fashion of the porcelain complexion

To get skin satin gloss, make-up designer Nicole Fahri used a fine shimmer bronzer. The main "Revlonov" makeup artist mixed the cream with golden shimmering loose powder, "Sanel" makeup artist's model cheekbones to inflict kajsijaroze blush.
Extra tip: To equalize perfectly porcelain complexion and achieve the effect, powder before applying the foundation.

Red, yes, but ...

At this year's show "Dior" list models had bright red, glossy lips. Koralnocrveni lipstick reigned in Mizrahija, "Prada" is selected narandžastocrveni and "Dolce and Gabbana" pushing the color of cherries.
Classic red is not in vogue, but all other shades are.
Extra tip: If you use a breathable koralnocrveni lipstick pencil you will not need, but if you choose to look a la "Dior", you must oivičite lips because the lipstick will smear.

Turquoise shadows

Turquoise shadows dominated the home shows "Luella", orange and aquamarine were your favorite shows at Derek Lam, and many well-known make-up artists have insisted on pink lip gloss, turquoise, blue and green crayon for the eyes and the same these shadows.
Extra tip: Make-up in bright colors requires a delicate approach. Akcentujte just one detail on the face.


An ideal make-up for your face

Unsolvable shortcomings as a person rather long face, sharp chin or spaced eyes, easily be concealed with makeup. With a large number of Hollywood parties, as Jennifer Aniston or Sarah Jessica Parker, imperfect and not notice it thanks to these little tricks ...

Thin lips will look fuller by putting your makeup on the lighter colors

If you want your lips look fuller, apply them to a brighter lipstick and lip gloss. In this way the optical enhancing lips. Put the darker, matte lipstick, the color will "swallow" and what have you, so that your lips look smaller and thinner
Hint: First draw the edges of the lip pencil pink. Then fill in your lips with lipstick and lip gloss for the end of the paragraph.

Darker tones will visually shorten long face
Women with elongated face and usually have a high forehead. In order to shorten the optical face, put a darker shade at the roots of the hair and the beard. Apply blush to the cheeks of her ears.
Tip: Apply with a sponge broncer below the hair roots and the lower part of the chin. Broad brush, apply blush to the cheeks of the top of the ears.

A good combination of colors you can "spaced" eyes.
Do you have too close your eyes, apply two different shades of eyeshadows on your eyelids. Apply the lighter eyeshadow on the inner part of the lid, and a darker place on the outside of the eyelid.
Tip: The inner half of the eyelid, apply a champagne-colored eyeshadow, and put on the outside of a darker hue, the color of chocolate, and make a gentle gradient. For better performance, draw the outside of the eyelid to the middle of a black kohl eye.

Dark shades evoke the depth and highlight eyes
When you open your eyes, eyes you can almost not see it - here's how and remedied the problem. On the whole eyelid, apply a light eyeshadow, and the crease apply a dark shade of eye shadow.
Tip: Apply eyeshadow to the entire eyelid color of champagne or soft pink. After that I put on the crease darker brown eye shadow and make a crescent shape to the eyebrows

Good use of color will put his chin in the background
Prominent cheeks draw the attention away from the chin. Apply the darker shade of powder chin and so will reduce the visual.
Tip: Apply the brush to the cheeks blush pink circular motion. The edge of the chin, put some darker powder and gently merge with the background.

The light-dark contrast will create a balance
The inside of the eyelid osjenčajte darker eye shadow and apply to the outside of the light, vivid color and glitter.
Tip: Apply a darker eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyelid, and the middle osjenčajte kapka.Na outside of the eyelid, apply the light color (can be sparkling), and create a smooth transition between colors. 

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