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Forever Beautiful Hair

6 tips for a better and healthier hair 

There are many ways to keep your hair healthy, but of course the most natural way with the help of home recipes.

Hair is often a reflection of overall health, therefore, for those who want to lead and continue to maintain the beauty of your hair, we give some tips about hair care:

Wash your hair - To properly and thoroughly wash your hair, it is enough to put your hands on the amount of shampoo, comparable to the size of a walnut. Intended amount of shampoo on your palms and rub evenly on hair. Focus on rubbing the scalp because the hair exactly the most fat. If foam hair instantly, no need to shampoo again. Afterwards, rinse the hair thoroughly to avoid irritation of the eyes or face.

Cold water rescues hair - If it is winter, and you do not bath with cold water, however, grit your teeth and rinse your hair with cold water. You'll get the look of a lush and shinier, because cold water stimulates the growth of follicles closure will substantially stronger hair.

Brushing hair - the hair is necessary and advisable to brush for five minutes a day, every morning and every evening. The hair is brushed in any direction. It is very important to apply appropriate money ptilikom regenerator, which encourage the easier combing without pulling, which is harmful, because it leads to hair breakage. Recommended to brush the tops with a rounder, which slows hair greasing.

Different care for different hair types - Each hair has its own factor, their different corresponding factor.When it comes to it, go to your hairdresser and consult a cosmetic product that will do the pobojšati and consistent.

Do not towel dry hair - wet hair is more elastic than dry and therefore more exposed lomljenju.Također, when drying hair towel, hair pulling, pulls, and thus there is a great opportunity to create dandruff. Easy Roll up in a towel, in the same way and dry.

Avoid a lot of styling products for your hair - Trying to edit hairstyle before going out, doing a big mistake by using a variety of products, the gel like, light, foam, hair treatments, etc.. If we use it in excessive amounts, we will make your hair dry and unkempt, as it comes to excess, and hair can not absorb any ingredient. Take a break, your hair will be very grateful.

Edible treatments for hair

If your hair is dry, damaged and lifeless, do not despair. The solution may not be located much further than your kitchen!


Want to soften your hair and make it shiny? Mayonnaise is your solution. Apply a very thin layer of comb mayonnaise, leave on for 30 minutes and shampoo as usual. For deep regenerating action, put a shower cap after you distribute the mayonnaise on your hair and leave on for at least two hours (some movie stars swear by the action of mayonnaise throughout the night).
Also interesting is the fact that mayonnaise will remove chewing gum stuck to your hair - just rub while chewing unstick.


Used for centuries as a tonic that provides health, this delicious acid has the power of removing sludge and debris that accumulates on the hair. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the final rinse water after washing your hair, and if you have a sensitive scalp or dandruff problems before shampooing gently massage into the scalp a little apple cider vinegar. With these advantages, the use of vinegar and promotes skin regeneration.


Blend the avocado, one egg yolk and a little olive oil and massage it well into the hair. Leave on for 30 minutes then rinse and apply conditioner as usual. The resulting glow will be amazing.


Finally, the way in which you can benefit from the effects of bad eggs without cholesterol! Break a few eggs and stir whisk. After shampooing, massage into hair and leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse well. This treatment reinforces and strengthens the follicle hairs, and the result is silky hair with more volume. You can also try a mixture of egg yolks, olive oil and 150 ml of warm water.


Some use beer as a hardener, however, our advice is to use it as a hair conditioner. Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse. So wet hair pour one bottle of beer and massage it well from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly with water cooler, and then additionally rinse without leaving the smell of beer. The result will be a rich glossy hair volume.

Golden tips for beautiful hair

A beautiful, shiny and healthy hair is not a myth. However, you can only have if you stick to some rules.Here are ten tips that will surely fail.

First Properly washing your hair - To thoroughly and properly washed hair, it is enough to put your hands on a comparable amount of shampoo to the size of hazelnuts. When you commit the most money scalp, just because there is a hair grease. However, if the hair is foaming at the first washing, it is not necessary to shampoo again.

Second Different hair, different him - Each hair has its own factor, another factor. Natural hair requires different care than onduliranoj. Get advice hairdressers and improve the quality of hair.

3rd Cold water keeps the hair - If you are intolerant to cold, try to clench your teeth and rinse your hair with cold water. We will give you brighter and more abundant hair because cold water causes the closure of the follicles, and the top layer of hair will be smooth. Cold shower and promotes circulation of the scalp will grow stronger hair.

4th When hair says a lot ... - Trying to brighten the hair, we do a big mistake by using various products.Gels, sprays, conditioners, hair treatments ... If you use too much, at one point coming to excess hair and can not absorb any ingredient. Take a break, the hair will thank you.

5th Do not rub the towel - Wet hair is more elastic than dry. If unduly stretched, rip, rub a towel - there is a great opportunity to create dandruff. Roll up your hair in a towel and was so dry.

6th Combing - Be aware of the equipment to brush or comb your hair. Best brush with rounded tips of natural hair because it keeps the hair and prevents greasing quickly.

7th Drying - previously dry hair before blow drying wet hair because it is particularly sensitive and do not respond well to hot air. If possible, set the hair on the coldest. This will avoid sweating on the scalp caused by hairstyles is unstable and the way you want.

8th Careful with the devices - if straight or curly hair conditioner, it will become brittle and rough. In order not to have caused significant damage, there are special sprays to protect hair from the heat that the surface is covered with hair care and prevent hair dryness.

9th The magic volume - Tapiranje is the enemy of your hair. Volume can be obtained by blow-dry your hair after washing it over my head, and then semi-dry wrap large curlers. You will get a glamorous volume and shiny hair.

10th Help wavy hair - curls are best left alone. While the hair is wet, do not touch it, hold it to dry and then intervene. The corresponding products are liquids care tips, hair shine spray and hair mask that provides the necessary moisture.

Most women will tell you that is not at all happy with my hair. Do not you be one of them, but the idea bazirajte hair care, put some time into it, and that effort will pay off.

Long hair requires attention during the washing and drying, but it is worth the effort because the hair is a mirror of beauty, it is the ornament of women who fit every head. Therefore, pay attention to some good advice:

First Wash your hair from scalp to ends. After washing never collect all the hair on the top of the hair, but it is slightly dry with a towel and allow to dry slightly

Second Bazirajte Conditioner only hair ends, not the scalp, as this hair faster fat

3rd Always shampoo your hair twice, a third time, apply a mask or reganerator and rinse with cold water.Cold water will refresh you in the summer, and will give your hair a perfect shine under the sun

4th You know that hair, press (iron) hair destroying the health of your hair, especially hair that is dry to the roots, so avoid using a fan when you can

5th If you use a hair dryer, use it for a while, then leave the hair to dry out by itself, and then use a hair dryer. Repeat this process until your hair is completely dry

6th Before styling hair wrap in a towel and hold it for a while

7th Remember, never, but really never comb wet hair as the hair is then suitable for cracking and thereby impairs

8th Comb peaks first, then move up. Never begin combing the scalp

9th Periodically change shampoo and conditioner, it is more likely to find one that suits you, in general,

10th During the winter and summer use products. For example, a person's hair will be overtly electricity in winter and less oily, while the summer certainly "be yourself"

11th Everyone has a different scalp and hair from the other-which means that one's favorite shampoo and conditioner and do not need for you to be the best choice

12th Frequent shearing cracked tops is considered sudden and risky procedure;

13th Never Cut your hair done that hates long hair

14th In the company of babies who love to pull and haul long hair, gather it into a ponytail or puja

15th If it's windy, try to protect your hair hid it inside a coat or jacket

16th Do not dye your hair strong funds and do not go to strong chemicals-hair will look a lot healthier if you do not

17th Do not go to sudden infant, it is possible that they cause hair loss

18th Do not smoke your hair will smell better and not look dull and boring as the hair
most smokers

19th Try to wash only twice a week, because the more you wash all the more fat

20th Who tells you, "Your hair is so long," and you're not sure whether it is or not nice, however, say: "Thank you."

Do everything you can to keep your hair long and beautifully groomed. On the surface, it seems a lot of advice and already thinking preovedenim caring for hours, but it seems you are, after each wash take a few minutes and the hair will be like a fairytale. Lastly, do not despair, everyone has days when his hair was horrible and impossible! 

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