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Cosmetic counseling

Chapped lips are you, the hair color is not quite what it was in the box, make a daily struggle with the swollen eyes ... Read 5 short and very simple beauty tips and solve the everyday problems!

- Use baby products for the body because they are gentle, effective and cheap (lotions, body lotion, shower products and wipes you can use to download makeup).

- If you are not satisfied with the result of dyeing at home does not have to run our freezer because you can remedy the situation. Heat the olive oil to body temperature and apply to hair.

Comb and hold about 15 - 20 minutes. Oil should remove the color bar or prepare for a new destruction ...

- If your lips dry and rough moisturise with a thick layer of care preparations containing honey. Then gently massage your toothbrush. That will improve circulation and well-moistened lips.

- If your eyes are swollen, the best solution, not to mention the average is 2 bushes soaked in whole milk and let the eyes of 10-minutes. Fat from milk reassure the skin.

- If you plan to clean the bathroom, before scrubbing tub with hot water, to apply a thick layer of hand cream for regular hands and put gloves.

Heat water and your body with the help of creams will make your hands as soft as the girls.

Quick Tips for Every Woman!

There are a few little tricks that will help you achieve the desired effect quickly and in a very short time.Each of us is at least several times happened to rush somewhere, and as soon as we remove the bag from the face prints, quick dry nail polish or just before you dry your hair. There are a few little tricks with which you can do all of this successfully.

Drying nail polish
Soak your nails in a bowl of water with ice cubes. Ice water dries quickly easy. Then, two minutes easy air dried again and then soak in cold water for three minutes. Between two layers of varnish, cold dry air from the blowdryer first layer.

Prevent facial sweating
While exercise put cold, wet towel behind the door. The cold shrinks blood vessels and helps keep the body temperature down quickly. Thus, the washing up with cold water have the same effect. When you go to practice, bring along a bottle of spray filled with cool water and when you feel your face burning, lightly spray your face and you will see what will be refreshments.

Reduce Eye bag
The towel or cloth to wrap a bag of frozen vegetables and put over his face to stand for 10 minutes. Why bag with vegetables? Because shape fits face shape. Soft towel soaked in chamomile tea will also help.

The fastest cure irritation from waxing
Spread on waxed area a little hydrocortisone cream (buy at a pharmacy). Avoid waxing for three days before and after menstruation, because at that time the most sensitive skin.

Get rid of dandruff
Short and sweet-Mix 400 ml of apple cider vinegar with 400 ml of water. With that Rinse hair and dandruff will disappear.

How to remove traces of self-tan
Soak a cotton ball with lemon juice and skip over the parts that you colorful. Citric acid is a natural bleach and exfoliate the skin. Another option is a circular motion and massage it with baking soda on a colorful parts. Tanning lotion can pomješati with moisturizer because the paint will thus be natural.

Quick drying
After you wash your hair, rub it well with a towel and then put mousse in your hair because it will prevent the hair to absorb more water. When you put the foam, turn your head down and blow dry. When the lower part of the hair is dry, brush, comb and dry the upper part. This will shorten the drying of at least one-third the usual time.

How to remove fingerprints from the face of bag
When you get up, wash your face with warm water, then massage the moisturizer. Hot water improves blood flow. After some time, the line will disappear from the bag. Also, instead of cotton, satin pillowcase to sleep.

Color shades

If you are not sure which shade will best highlight color of your iris, which shades look best fit with a particular eye color.

Blue eyes
Best colors are brown and pink. Warm colors are a good contrast of cool blue okica terms that are even more so to the fore. Frame them with black mascara.

Brown eyes
The best colors are green and gold. Both colors will pick colored dots floating in a brown iris. Choose which slightly shimmering eyeshadow and apply it all over the eyelid.

Green eyes
Best colors are lavender color and coffee. Purple shades create a good contrast, and green eyes look dramatic. Warmer shades of brown with green eyes gives a natural look. During the day put the color of coffee, and save for the purple night. Both replenish brown mascara.

The light brown eyes
The best colors are dark green and dark yellow. Depending on your mood, choose a shade that complements a variety of blobs in your eye. Do you want something new, draw the blinds after about the same color koriteći you brush dipped in water.

Shades to suit everyone
Gray, chocolate and black. But since these shades look hard on the eyelid, it is best to use them to draw the line.

This is how they do celebrities

For each part of the face a few basic rules of makeup. Here Closet. Learn how to makeup the famous ladies and learn from them.

How to apply foundation?
Clean the face of your favorite lotion to remove dirt, then apply moisturizer and let it soak. The substrate will work flawlessly when applying concealer to hide flaws, and this will balance out the color of the markings and dark circles.

Want to achieve smooth skin? Use your fingertips to apply a small amount of concealer around the eyes, nose, chin and middle of the forehead, then the tip of your brush or sponge surface gently spread until by the end it equals the color of the skin.

And remember, the idea is not to hide the skin surface, but give it a uniform color, no'' severe'' looks.

It does best
Rachel Bilson always looks fresh because the base surface and applied equally. Rachel loves moisturizing products that are healthy glow.

How to apply blush?
Blush brush before applying you should not shake or blow into it to remove any excess. When applying wave gently in one direction. So you will achieve a natural appearance Florid, and the color will slowly move forward. Smile during application.

It does best
Sienna Miller always used the latest trends in makeup. Her cheeks define fresh and healthy glow.

How to apply eye shadows and mascara?
If you want your small eyes look bigger, use a neutral eyeshadow on the moving lid, and the darker edge of the eye. Use the shower, avoiding the inner corners.

If you want your big eyes seem less, use a warm shade to the eyelid movable and hold the stylus because the showers are too heavy for the expression of his eyes.

If your eyes are placed too close together, you can visually spaced using a darker eyeshadow. Apply it to the outside and up the middle of the eyelid to the outer side of his environment. Apply mascara at the lash root to tip. Ensure that the act soft.

It does best
Rihanna does not deviate from the bold make-up on her eyes.


How to apply lipstick?
Before using pencils and lip balm rose moisten. Then use a pencil to color your lips to emphasize the slope.For lips, apply lip fullness, and lipstick.

It does best
Megan Fox minimum accentuates your eyes to emphasize her lips a glamorous look.

Helpful beauty tips

You probably have at least once been in a situation to give you some cosmetics can disappear just when you need it most, and have the opportunity to buy it. Then the scene comes your resourcefulness. Most of the products would be based on similar substances, so that your hair will not cause any harm if sometimes wash shower gel, or if instead concealer on dark circles, put some cream eye shadows.

Shower Gel - Shampoo
Shower Gel is an adequate substitute for shampoo. Hair washing procedure is the same as with the shampoo, and the result. The hair will definitely be clean. That the end would not be stiff, they apply a balm or packaging for hair.

Balm - Body Milk
Instead balm to damp hair, apply oil to the ends of the body. Its nourishing properties will protect tresses from drying out and will be flexible. It is enough that a bit of oil mixed with water, rub the edges, and then rinse well.

Packaging for hair - face cream
Dripped on the ends rub a little moisturizer. When you dry your hair, you'll notice that the edges softened cream just as you do this packaging for hair.

Liquid Foundation - Concealer and Cream
Concealer Stick can replace the foundation. Apply it on the face of which you want to cover, for example, on the cheeks, forehead and nose, and then the sunđerčić put a little moisturizer and spread.

Concealer - beige eye shadows
If you want to hide dark circles, capillaries or pimples on the face, and you do not have concealer, you will benefit from matte shade of beige. For the evening, the dark circles can be placed and pearly white shadow, but to a lesser extent.

Eye Shadow - Powder Blush plus or gloss for lips
Eyelids can osjenčite and darker pressed powder or blush. Shimmering effect for the evening if you can achieve the central part of the lid, pour a small colorless lip gloss.

Lipstick - eye shadow
If you do not have lipstick, lip color in shadow and the corners toward the center oivičite mouth or lip pencil and gently move your finger across the line was easing towards the middle of the lips.

This season, "colorful" eyes are back in fashion, but they are much more sophisticated than last season. No more neon shades that last winter we were back in the 80's. Taking their place are the pastel shades of lilac, through babyroze to sunčanožute color, as could be seen on the shows of Nicole Farhi and "Dior".

Brown is the new black

Some designers suggest that even buy white shadows that will get along well with tan, summer tan. Also, say, brown is the "new black", any eyeliner or mascara. As far as eyeliner, keep your inspiration in his application to be the Hollywood divas of the '40s of the last century.

First Smeared lipstick
If you happen to fall in the toilet almost in shock as they watched the rest of you, do not panic-fix it.Moisten the cloth and gently clean the "painful" place. Color pencil is the best way to prevent these types of problems.

Second Aching feet
When you get your head high heels, regardless of the price you paid to get them up-to izujte for a few seconds and move the fingers. For the next time you try to get gelirane pads nor dr.Scholl.

3rd Bubbles of nail polish
This problem can only be solved by removing varnish. The prospect of "severe" color paint in layers, even if it reports eternity.

4th The disaster of the self-tan
First aid is the lemon juice and peel the body. Always make sure that you look your elbow and knee.

5th Error with dark hair
Wash your hair with shampoo for oily hair conditioner and hold a little longer. After three days, go to the hairdresser.

6th Allergy of cream
As soon as you feel the tingling remove the cream. Do not put the lining of black tea or chamomile.

7th An accident with a blow
You dried your hair, strand and you got caught in the brush. The easiest way to solve the problem of slow hopping strand, by strand of hair.

8th Holes in the eyebrow
First aid is the eye shadow, and then the pen that can fill the gap.

9th Peeling around the nose
Exfoliating the skin is inevitable, especially when it's too hot or too cold. If it is urgent remove make-up, apply the cream and cover with powder.

10th Part of the shock
It is best if you expect a lot of work to wear a cashmere T-shirts because they stain the least. And its current remove stains from sweat putting paper towels under the arm of the spray and apply.

If yes, then you surely have noticed them on photographs of everyday life eyes look plain and uninteresting, and the photos from the red carpet operate large, bright and open? What's the secret? Secret actually has a few, and we'll reveal all the tricks of makeup artists, who make-up, Hollywood beauties look real seductress.

Eyebrows give an outline view

Make sure that your eyebrows are plucked nicely and neatly. If you do not know how to fix them, it is better to go to a beauty salon, because eyebrows have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your eyes. When you first pro pluck my eyebrows, you have the right form, and later you'll easily be able to remove just sprouted hairs sticking out. Eyebrows can brighten and good, but not too dark pencil. Be careful not too dark eyebrows, because it will shadow the light look good.

Mascara on lower lashes

Choose a good quality mascara that gives volume and lengthened lashes. Lashes in several layers, and before applying the next one, you must wait until the previous one has dried. Keep in mind that this is still a cool piece of makeup, because otherwise the application made layered black lumps on the top lashes. , Apply mascara on the lower lashes. If you fall into one of those women who have for years avoided applying mascara on the lower lashes, because it "closes" look, it's time to find out that you are greatly mistaken.Mascara on the lower lashes for just the opposite - a view, and you should not skip them.

Bright eye shadow for larger

Along the eyelid, along the edge of the eyebrows or apply a light white shadow. On the inside of the eyelid to put two shades darker shadow than the one you put the lid. Then, gently brush strokes equalize both layers layers in order to get a gradual transition from color to color. Apply a lighter shadow on the edge of the lower eyelid, but only half of the eyelid.

White pencil "open" view

For a seductive look, make-up artists suggest that the lower eyelid oivičite creamy white or sedefbijelom pen. The circulation could come hue and silver pens for the eyes. Although white pencil may sound strange, it really opens up the view, and can be applied on the inner edge of the upper and lower eyelids.

Be sure to curl your eyelashes

Always curl lashes before applying mascara and eyelash curler before treating warm hairdryer. Be careful not to overdo it, of course with the heat, but it's best to be pretty hot curler. You can twist and lashes after applying mascara but mascara has to be completely dry, so you do not ruin your makeup. 

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