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Colored contact lenses

For convenience many often resort to rather than lenses for glasses. However, except for convenience, they are increasingly part of the beauty world. 

In the last ten years, there has been substantial progress in the way of making lenses. The choice is wide and varied. If you did not know, is an interesting statistic to be used in the world 125 million people, including 28 to 38 million in the United States and 13 million in Japan.

Discover how beautiful your eyes could be
Lens color will emphasize the beauty of your eyes. You can choose the one that will gently enhance the effects of natural color or help you to completely change the natural color. Do you need vision correction is good to know that are made suitable for prescription lenses in color. We asked the pros what the situation is with us.

- Most work with lenses of Bausch & Lomb. We are satisfied with the quality and colors. We have no complaints. With the arrival of summer every year to boost sales of cosmetic lenses. They are frequently bought by young, particularly during prom, says Andrijana Sisic of optics Tomic in Mostar.

You will be satisfied and confirmed optics Salihbegović in Sarajevo. Advise and how to properly maintain their hygiene.

- Bausch & Lomb are one of the leading companies in the world of cosmetic lenses. With a range of nine different colors your eyes will look different. People are happy and return for another color. Given that the lens in direct contact with the eye be careful to maintain and follow the instructions opticians and manufacturers. Regular cleaning and maintenance, and proper hygiene can avoid many of the problems and complications associated with lenses, stressed Nisveta Šehović.

Cosmetics and lenses
Always place the lens before make. That will reduce the chance to spread a shadow or mascara. Cream eye shadows are recommended because eye shadow powder can get into the eye and irritate it. Avoid applying eyeliner line between the lower eyelids and the eye, as it can cause eye irritation. When you put hairspray make sure you close your eyes and do not open them until the light particles do not settle.


Brown eyes
Irresistible brown eyes can point out sky-blue colors. To highlight around the edge of the lower lashes, apply to two shades darker and less with light.

Green eyes
You can emphasize the pink, soft pink or lavender. Make sure that the intensity of the applied blinds is not stronger than the color of your eyes, as it will result in excessively made-up eyelids.

Blue eyes
Highlight them smoky look, who have been holding the leading position. You can also select and earthy tones. Brown pencil, draw the edges of the eyelids to highlight the shape of the eye.

When it comes to color contact lenses most people immediately think of the possibility of changing the color of the iris of the eye. Such lenses in optics called cosmetic or colored contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses allow you to change the natural color of the eyes in various colors that are offered by renowned manufacturers of contact lenses. For the most demanding carriers even to order a special colored contact lenses, which not only provides an original look, but completely natural look after certain holders of various eye injuries.

Types of color contact lens
Cosmetic contact lenses can be divided into transparent and opaque colored colored. Opaque colored lenses are used for significant changes in the color of the eye and for holders who naturally have dark eye color. Transparent colored lenses are more used to a stronger expression of the natural eye color or for its elucidation.

Neither type of cosmetic lenses do not fully cover the natural eye color, so the results can sometimes be below expectations. Change the color of dark brown eyes to light blue color with a standard lens is difficult.In order implementing his new look was completely satisfied, it is best to try another lens on the eye examined by a specialist.

Although the central part of the cosmetic lenses clear opportunities for good vision, some carriers still bothered by the following problems: if the lens during blinking or move significantly dilate your pupils, the colored part of the lens can temporarily impair visual perception. Of course, the lens itself after a few moments back into place, and this should not be seen as a bigger problem.

Crazy contact lenses
Cosmetic lenses with the most colors, but also the least comfortable to wear are called. "Crazy" contact lenses and film. This type of lens is initially only used in the entertainment industry, and the trend has spread to the rest of the public. Now on various Party can not have a problem cat eyes, alien eyes and a completely different look. The lack of this radical change of appearance is low oxygen permeability through the lens that reaches the eye, so the period of wearing these lenses is limited to a minimum.

Important tips and warnings
Colored contact lenses are often perceived in society as cosmetics, especially when they are without vision.This creates the impression that they carry and the first purchase did not need assistance from an ophthalmologist or optometrist. This is a mistake! Cosmetic lenses without diopters, but serves only to change the look, it also comes in contact with the eye, and there is also a risk to health and the other wearing contact lenses. Without adequate review and the first application with experts it's best not to take up the lenses.

Another mistake I've colored lens holders often allow testing of the lenses of other carriers. Avoid borrowing lenses amongst friends and family, because to lie down immediately after application absorb bacteria from the surface of the eye, that another person can cause inflammation or irritation of the eyes large.


Eyes the color of dress

Who thinks that the lens color with the invention of the century, think cheating ...

Appeared in the '50 sale. years in America, as an optical aid, but rather as a fashion statement, it says "Stil".

Fashion designers have come up with this time he was very classy ladies to have eyes in the color that matches the color of clothing. So, do not dress in eye color, as this would significantly narrowed the choice of shades, but vice versa.

Skilled optician immediately set out to work and started making little contact lenses in all colors, so you are able to order ladies' eye color that matches the dress. "

How then technology has not been perfected, even though the lens was thin and made in various sizes, in the middle with a small unpainted white to "world view" was normal. 

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