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Brazilian keratin

Brazilian keratin, treatment for damaged hair is the most advanced, fastest and most effective way to recover your damaged hair and give her back her natural look. 

For a number of years across a widespread and popular in all the countries of South Amerke. 

In the past year, has made a real turnaround in the salons of Central America, the U.S., Middle East, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. 

Recently, available in our market! 

Do you want your hair to be silky and strong, with reduced volume and a natural look? 
Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a product made of the finest ingredients in the world cosmetology. With extract of cocoa and chocolate flavors this excellent product will reduce the volume of your hair and enhance its shine. With its contents hydrolyzed keratin, vitamins, cocoa extract, collagen, and polikaterinom combination of silicone protects your hair from mechanical impacts hair straightener and blowdryer. 

It is important to know: 

Hair is composed of keratin that 90% of the dyeing, bleaching, tapiranju, overheating and other harmful processes disappear from the hair strands, resulting in cracking and damage. 

This preparation process and consume creatine, immediately regenerates the hair, giving it a high gloss, porosity hairs disappear and the hair and smooth, and is a straight. 
Then the rule is: the higher quality and healthier hair the effect is smaller, and the greater the damage and the greater efficiency of the preparation. 
on extremely curly hair procedure is repeated after 2 months, while the wavy hair repeated after 3-4 months 
application of this product is possible only partially like. the bangs, the hair ends or on the crown of the head (where appropriate rating) 
amount of preparation required is 30 - 70 ml (no point to exaggerate the amount of the excess will evaporate because, the longer we fenirati, a side effect is not possible) 
The medicine is applied 1-2 inches from the scalp 
If we want to perform the procedure bojanoj hair it is important that the hair colors at least the day before or two weeks after the procedure 
sea ​​and chlorinated water reduces the effects of keratin and the procedure recommended place before the bathing season, which will facilitate the maintenance and summer hair 
it is recommended that people wash their hair at home, shampoo without sulfate or chloride-normal shampoo using a cream wrap the tips of hairs 
in case you've missed a single strand, finishing it later 
procedure can be carried out only with a brush and blow dryer, no ironing the hair more heated, thus guaranteeing greater efficiency and keratin which we enter into it 
Packing 1 liter is enough for 15-20 applications. 

Method of application: 

Below are the instructions on the use of medicines CADIVEU BRAZILIAN BLOW OUT. 
Wash your hair twice using ANTI residue SHAMPOO pH 9, after which dry the hair 80%. Distinguish the cross-hair (on the scalp section 4), and on each separate section (single strand) applies BRAZILIAN THERMAL Shampoo pH 2.8. 
It is recommended to use gloves to avoid skin smežuranost hand because of the high concentration of keratin. 
Once we have the whole hair Apply product, and it is feniramo direct heating locks of hair brushes without the shift from the product until fully evaporated, and the oily hair does not lose effect. 
After that, the hair re-cross suit and strands crossing several times the straightener (the iron). Irons are heated to min. 180 degrees, however, and some of them are different, so it is recommended to use those ceramic wall. When this process is completely finished, rinse your hair with water and apply a DEEP CONDITIONING MASK pH 4.5 and to provide work for 10 minutes with the heat source, followed by rinsing hair, just blow drying and eventual finishing brush (if necessary). 

What is Keratin? 

The structure of hair is a combination of complex protein called keratin and its natural moisture. In the presence of healthy hair keratin is about 90% while the remaining 10% humidity. Keratin is generally responsible for the strength and resilience of hair, and the skin's natural moisture in the main responsible for the elasticity, flexibility, softness and its natural, healthy look. 
Unfortunately, ispravljivači hair, color, perm, blow dry, sun, pollution, chemicals in pools and even daily treatment such as hair combing can destroy keratin and moisture levels in the hair. 

How it works: 
This is a revolutionary treatment that uses a combination of keratin to recover damaged hair replacing its natural keratin lost during blow drying, coloring and other chemical processes. 
This advanced keratin treatment products nanomolekulue that transforms the micro granules that are then učesljane the hair. Unlike traditional keratin sprays (eg deep cleaning hair), this creamy treatment penetrates deep into the structure of damaged and cracked hair without leaving a dry looking hair. 

How to recognize that your hair is damaged? 

Your hair will look and feel will be dry, dull and straw. If we carefully viewed the hair under a microscope to see cracked, separated parts, and even fewer openings on the hair. 

Shift in advanced nanotechnology, scientists in Brazil have discovered an entirely new and permanent hair treatment that can "turn back time rewind 'and rebuild the structure of your hair returning to her appearance that nature gave the original: soft, shiny and healthy. 

Brazilian keratin treatment uses nanomolekularni, the molecules are so small that millions of them can be put on the head of a pin. Incredibly fine and powerful keratin molecules reach deep into the damaged parts of the hair filling them completely. The molecules are then pričvršćenuju dryer with other parts of the cortex of hair forming a permanent, associated keratin, just like natural. 
The result is beautiful, soft and silky hair with superior looks and incredible shine. Hair immediately becomes healthier and easier to maintain. 

Brazilian keratin treatment is literally life back to your hair. Restoration of hair after the first treatment was on average 80% successful, 90% after the second and 100% after the third application. This treatment uses the same keratin protein that is found in your hair, but in a smaller size, which is then attached to the hair structure for permanent repair. 

Brazilian keratin treatment is simply the fastest, most technically advanced and efficient recovery of hair in the world. This new type of technology is successful on all types of hair, but the best results were achieved at extremely damaged hair. 

Brazilian treatment can restore hair styling and leveled it at 4 months 

Brazilian blow dry, a new treatment for the regeneration of dry and damaged hair and effective professional smoothing treatment in the world of hair, recently arrived in Croatia. Ivana Sundov, owner of Diva style of study, which it has itself tried, explains how it works 

Brazilian blow dry, which is also called keratin treatment, which takes about an hour and a half, depending on hair length. The treatment is always preceded by consultation with a stylist - Review and recommendations for hair care in accordance with the condition of the hair. This is followed by washing special shampoo without sulfates and then partially dry. 

Keratin fills damaged hairs 

The central part of the treatment is to apply a product with keratin, a protein that is normally found in our hair, and in this way creates a protective protein layer around the core strand and improves hair condition.This is followed by drying and ironing as the last stage, to flattened curls. If you do not want to have straight hair, this treatment can only go just as it is skipped and the last phase Ironing - isfenira the client if desired. 

The results of treatment are visible immediately, and is generally recommended to repeat it after 16 weeks, although for reasons of efficiency, depending on the condition of the hair, as recommended by the hairdresser can be repeated before. 

Naturally shiny hair without frizz 

We asked John what the rules of hair care after treatment: 

"After treatment, the hair must not be washed the next 72 hours, and if you want straight hair, it must next three days prepeglavati iron. Prolonged retention for keratin in the hair, it's best to maintain the recommended preparations, or at least sulfate-free shampoo. Recommended soaking hair in basins or water, as chlorine and salt water neutralize the effects of the treatment. Kos should not be afraid for 14 days after application of keratin. " 

Ivana has itself tried styling treatment as the Brazilian has naturally curly hair and gently dry the tips: 

"My hair is naturally remained loose, easier and quicker to dry and fenira, which is great for all working women, really shine and is much softer. Hardly wait to repeat the treatment.'d Like to underline that in healthy hair is a result of 80 percent at the first application. " 

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