Friday, December 14, 2012

Botox for hair

After the holiday season, our hair is often not in the way they would like. How to restore your hair and restore its beauty after the sun, the sea and the salt, there are a myriad of ways. One of the most frequent of late, and the treatment from L'Oréal Professionnel line Fiberceutic or better known as "Botox for hair". 

Botoksiranje hair, although it sounds a bit strange, recently spread across the hairdressers. Botoksiranjem growing craze, and it seems that a new hit in the care of hair walked through the front door. After a somewhat controversial "Brazilian blow", it's time for something new.

It is actually a kind of revolutionary serum that fills the fiber deeply damaged hair. The treatment is ideal for ladies who often flat (iron) or your hair is exposed to chemicals or treated hair. Botoksiranja a natural treatment, and lasts up to ten washes. In addition to the quality of the hair gets, it is also easier to comb and now is at first glance much healthier and more beautiful.

It is possible to afford botoksiranje and if you do not have much free time and money to throw away - the price varies between 100 and 200 kn, depending on the length of the hair salon and selected, and the entire treatment takes no longer than 40 minutes.

How Botox works on the hair:
Hair is renewed, strengthened
Great hair, natural look
The fibers are more resistant, firmer
Dryer is easy to shape
Effect of washing up to 10

So, if you want to reward your hair after long sunny days, try new popular trend - the results will follow.And if you still do not follow the one "who risks, benefits," the good old masks and packs also make your own.

Botox for hair

L'Oreal Fiberceutic you can buy exclusively in salons.
Aesthetic medicine has become a new source of inspiration when we talk about hair care. With the introduction of active molecules such as Botox and hyaluronic acid, has opened up a whole new field of cosmetic products, particularly skin care products. In space, hair care newfound technology every day demolish the existing barriers. This revolution can be said to be a word - Intra-Cylantem a new molecule that acts in the fiber core.

It was inspired by the molecules of glass technology, which hardens during evaporation in the core of hair fiber and thus incorporates the internal structure of the hair. It operates in the core fiber and helps in filling the interior of the hair. When molecules come in contact with the hair fiber, is formed by the inner structure of the hair and penetrates deep enough to create a flexible, yet strong enough system that supports the fibers and prevents them from collapsing. Fiber is given long-term support.

L'Oreal Professionnel took advantage of the benefits of these molecules to create products for women with chemically treated, damaged hair deep in critical condition - Fiberceutic, SOS hair products.

It is used in special salons for hair fiber filling. This is the first treatment ever tried, and works up to 10 washes hair. The service consists of applying two different products whose joint action helps achieve deep restorative effect on the hair fiber:

Step 1: Serum fill damaged hair fibers deep in critical condition
Step 2: Renewing Serum Treatment locking in the hair fiber (for thin or thick hair)

Before treatment
Disappearance flakes
Hair is porous and fragile
The fibers break, no structure
and lifeless, like the straw

After treatment
Hair is renewed, strengthened
Great hair, natural look
The fibers are more resistant, firmer to the touch
Dryer is easy to shape

Yet L'Oréal Professionnel is designed and Fiberceutic care products at home. Products of 200 ml at the price of 144 kuna you can buy exclusively in salons. The result is a deep fill fiber, the volume of damaged hair and floral scent.

Serum youth
Barber's new hit .... botox of the hair!

Botoksiranje hair is ideal for those who frequently use the iron for hair or chemically treated (hair coloring, highlights)

After 'ironing' the face, neck and other body parts, recently available botoksiranje Croatian women - hair!

Of course, it is not a Botox than the serum which fills the hair fiber that is deeply corrupt. We decided to check whether it is yet another lure for attracting women in hair salons or service that really her hair, which is due to the development of technology and the increasingly treated by mechanical and chemical means, it helps to look healthier and shinier.

Treatment does not contain harmful chemical ingredients, and is ideal for those who regularly color your hair, bleaching preparations and treat it destroyed.

'Botoksiranje hair is ideal for those who frequently use the iron for hair or chemically treated (hair coloring, highlights). Hair after such treatment even look old. Botoksiranja treatment is natural and does not remain in the hair and lasts up to 10 washes, "explains the head of education at L'Oreal . 

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