Saturday, December 15, 2012

Body care without a lot of money

For quality care you do not need expensive products, but fresh ingredients from which you can make great masks, peels, and packages, and at the same time and save. 

Cleopatra's bath
For a magical soft skin pour in hot water 200 ml cream and three tablespoons of walnut oil. Instead you can use the cream and milk.

Honeymoon peel

For a clean, smooth skin, body scrubs make honey. Mix two tablespoons of salt with four tablespoons of honey, rub the body and take a shower.

Tarator mask

For higher moisture create a mask of yogurt and cucumber. Yogurt Apply a thin layer to the face, and put it over the cucumber slices and leave them for 20 minutes at his face.

Olive oil for gentle neck

Whisk three tablespoons of hot olive oil and a little honey and apply on the neck wrap and a damp cotton cloth or towel. Leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Pack of avocado and egg

Restore dry and damaged ends and restore hair shine and volume mask from avocado and egg. Whisk mashed avocado with two egg yolks and apply to hair. After 20 minutes rinse thoroughly. 

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