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Beautiful skin is every woman's dream

How to protect your skin in the winter? 

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is subject to damage due to harmful effects of many factors. During the winter it is especially prone to damage, so it is very important to protect it during winter and give it all it takes.

Here are a few things you must do.

First Exfoliate regularly - The top layer of the skin is most likely to damage, the highest level of exposure to numerous factors from the environment. This layer of skin is renewed every seven days, however, this process slows down in the winter. There is not much help either cosmetic, since the layer of dead skin cells slows their absorption. The consequence of this is tired and matte leather. Therefore, it is important to exfoliate every week, because he's very important to maintain soft and glowing skin.

Second Use oil bath - hot bath in the winter months to relax and warm up your body and soul. Use bath and shower gels, which contain oils that refresh the skin and help it to maintain its own pH balance and prevent dehydration. Daily body scrub with a soft brush for the body. This process accelerates cell renewal, stimulates circulation and improves lymphatic drainage.

3rd Regenerate dry skin on my hands - the cold, the air, central heat, and hard work, cause dryness and irritation of the skin of the hand. That's why you need to lubricate your hands often, if nothing else, after each wash, cream, enriched with vitamins and glycerin and gently rub the cream especially in the nail bed.Every night before going to bed massage the cream into the skin zanokice around the nail.

4th Hydrate the body - lotion and body cream are the most effective means of protection. They contain a number of substances, such as coconut oil or avocado, aloe faith, almond oil, beeswax and oil bar. Dry skin in need of intensive care lotion or milk containing more hidratiziraju─çih materials. For oily skin need to use less intense lotions and oil-free milk. Sensitive skin is nurtured very mild milk or lotion containing natural ingredients, but without the perfume components.

5th Prevent Sweating - When physical activity, especially if you ski under heavy winter clothes the body is increased sweating. Now may be always at hand antiperspirant that will protect you from sweating for 48 hours and give you a fresh feeling.


Winter really care for your face

Skin care in winter requires specific because all the problems that would otherwise have become more pronounced. Wind, cold, dry indoor air irritates and dries the skin and its immunity falls. This was most noticeable on the facial skin, which loses its healthy color and quality.

Before you go out on the ice and wind through the day cream, apply a thin layer of sunscreen with an SPF, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. If you have dry skin, choose a stronger protective barrier, and if you have a mixed type, let it be a light texture

No matter what your skin type and whatever the cosmetic brand you use, in the winter you need to use intensive treatment in the form of serums, elixirs and ampoules to remedy the situation. Then, you need to properly clean and care for the person, and to use sunscreen when you go out, explains Mary Domazet beautician.

For oily skin
Cleaning: Do not clean the face of aggressive methods, and alcohol-based products do not come to mind.Wash your face and remove makeup is soft foams and gels that do not dry the skin. Avoid milk.
Peeling: Once a week, do a gentle exfoliation with mikrogranulama.
Cream: The cream should be light texture and contain components that supply the cells with water. It may be cream with extracts of pomegranate, kiwi and more.
Mask: a mask of clay.

Cleaning: use the drug in the form of milk or emulsion that leaves a slight film are ideal for cleaning dry skin, preventing disclosure of water and reduce discomfort cracking.
Peeling: Once a week do a gentle enzyme peel. Never operate a mechanical exfoliation.
Mask: Use soothing mask based on panthenol, chamomile, horse chestnut and nutritious masks, such masks of camellias.
Cream: Choose a cream that intensely compensated lipids and nourishes the skin.

Cleaning: Wash your face gently foams and gels that do not dry the skin. To remove makeup, you can easily use the milk.
Peeling: Exfoliate once a week, and will answer you, and mild enzyme peels and a very slight mechanical.
Masks: In the zone oily face a mask of clay, and the cheeks put nutritious mask.
Cream: Choose a light texture cream that intensely hydrate skin.


ada and how to put the cream in order to be more efficient

To make a product for face penetrated deeply into the skin, it is essential to do a basic scrubs. The first cream that you apply immediately after that, the skin will absorb best. If, for example, you have a problem with acne, the first place the cream that combats them, and then you can put lotion SPF. If you use the products to two problems, one morning put the "naked" skin, and another before bed. This will give you one hundred percent effect both creams. It is best to put the cream lightly oily.

The exceptions are those with retinoids and anti-wrinkle. They were better placed after the other creams.Dermatologists recommend that the person washes with warm, not cold water. That raises the temperature of the body, opening the pores, and thus will facilitate the absorption of cream. Their ingredients are so easily through the skin and quickly act on the cells than when the skin is warm.
Another way to increase the absorption of nutrients from the cream that skin care done with those containing a larger amount of natural oils and waxes. But this is not true in the case if you use products with retinoids, vitamin C, and various acids. Also, it is better to avoid them altogether if you are prone to acne.

For oily skin, water-based creams
Before you go shopping for cream, you have to know exactly what type of skin you have - dry, oily, mixed, sensitive or normal. If you have oily skin, it is best to choose a water-based moisturizer and face mandatory cleaned twice a day. Dry skin requires hydration because it is the most apt wrinkles.

Synthetic fragrances skin damage
As we age, so should start using a moisturizer with such intense ingredients. But dermatologists recommend that people stay away from synthetic fragrances because they are a major cause of allergic reactions. And those with mineral oil can cause skin irritation.

Source: BlicZena

Bring it on fruits, vegetables and water - the latest German study found that concentrations in fruits and vegetables not only improve health, but also the appearance of the skin. In addition, you should drink a glass of water every hour, and two tablespoons of oil with each meal.

Group of scientists from the Institute for Experimental Dermatology at the German university VH (Witten-Herdecke) has concluded that eating five servings of fruits and vegetables arranged in the day have a positive effect on the entire body, especially the skin.

These concentrates can improve hydration, skin thickness and density, according to a study published in the January issue of the scientific journal SPP (Skin Pharmacology and Physiology).

Scientists have come up with the following results of a skin condition in a group of middle-aged women for 12 weeks.
Some women are two times a day during the study were given capsules of the concentrate of fruits and vegetables, while others have received "placebo" (placebo).

At the end of the study were women who received capsules concentrate perceived greater improvement of microcirculation of skin (in 39 percent of the women), better hydration of the epidermis (nine percent) and thicker (16 percent) and heavier (six percent) of the epidermis.

To protect skin from the winter "aggression", recommended intake of fruits and vegetables rich in water, and a glass of water every hour.

In addition, for improved skin resistance to external influences, experts recommend the introduction of low-fat - two tablespoons of oil (olive, walnut, rapeseed ...) at every meal, which provides entry into the body of essential fatty acids and vitamin E needed skin.

In addition, of course, the daily recommended daily application of creams on your face.


Skin due to the sun much faster old

Tan looks appealing to many, but the consequences to the health of your skin and leave the sun's rays should compel you to still enjoy the summer in the shade. It is enough to look at a photograph of truck drivers which is one half of the face at least ten years older than the other due to the decades-long exposure to sunlight.

Since the sun's rays releasing free radicals that adversely affect the collagen and elastin in the skin, it is necessary to use sunscreen even when the minimum area of ​​skin exposed to the sun. In addition, chronic exposure to UVA rays causes thickening of skin and destroys the elastic fibers and the skin loses its youthfulness or faster man.

The bigger factor
Sunscreen should contain a combination of UVA and UVB filters, and their main characteristic is SPF - sun protection factor that protects us from harmful solar radiation. If using powders during the summer, choose one that contains SPF. Most people think that an SPF 50 Plus provides long-lasting protection, which is not true. Factors between 30 and 50 plus there is not much difference, except in price.

Harmful rays of the noon
If you do not, it is best not to go out in the sun between 11 and 16 hours, because then the most intense UV radiation. Dermatologists recommend that a person even protect a factor of 20 during the whole year and not just during the summer.
Between the strongest radiation should wear clothes of thick fabric and if possible long sleeves.

Up to 20 minutes a day
Doctors point out that the twenty minute daily exposure to the sun is necessary for the production of vitamin D, but it should not be done without sunscreen. Those who are at higher risk of developing skin cancer - people with light complexion, freckles, those who have more than 20 moles on the body, and those who have family in the case of skin cancer - have to avoid the sun.

How to choose the cream
Most people elected to the price of cream, not knowing that by itself makes an ass service. When buying, avoid creams containing retinyl palmitate or oksibenzon, because these ingredients are potentially harmful to health.
Avoid using creams because the spray can fill the air toxic particles.
Cream is crucial for their proper application. Be sure to read the manual to know how much sun exposure prior to first apply a cream.


Prepare your skin for summer days

The skin is the spring tired and lifeless. These are expert tips on how to recover and prepare for the warmer days.

A person prepare for summer days and massage. Massage your face a few minutes a day to remove fatigue and puffiness. Fingers firmly massage the skin using a circular motion, start from chin to forehead

With the change of seasons change and moisturizer. When the warm heavy cream can cause inflammation and select a lighter color texture. If you want to use the same cream, then at least "dilute" with rose water before applying to the face.

Spring is ideal for full body exfoliation and before waxing. Exfoliation is excellent and as a preparation for the application of self-tanning means. From peels to waxing should go from 24 to 48 hours.

Homemade masks
Make a natural face mask of papaya, yogurt and honey. Apply the mixture to your face and leave on for eight to ten minutes.

Bring it on fruits and vegetables, water, and omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. Let your choice be and cabbage and kale. Seaweed and Japanese miso soup rich in enzymes beneficial to the skin. 

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