Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beautiful legs

Many girls (and women) pay close attention to your feet and are proud of their beauty. Plus, with the arrival of warmer weather comes a time when you will discover more legs - the time is coming skirts, shorts (again this season in fashion), and the time and the beach and swimwear. If you want your legs look beautiful and attractive, so that you can proudly walk to town, here are a few things you can do. 

Nice weather is great for cycling, whether you are driving alone or in the company - a great cycling shape leg muscles (by the way you tighten the buttocks). If you are interested in the figures, for one hour a moderately rapid cycling use up 600 calories, which means that everyday cycling great if you want to lose weight. In addition, cycling great influence on the heart and lungs and increases the health of the whole body.

As far as the leg skin, massage is a good idea. You do not have to go to any professional massage, or pay for it, it will be enough if during every shower Scrub the feet of terry glove and rub them with your fingers.After showering, moisturise skin moisturizer to make it soft - and that's it!

Another useful thing you can do for your feet, as well as for the whole body, is to drink herbal teas. Nettle tea is great, because it speeds up your metabolism by improving digestion - so you will not collect in the body needless redundancies. It is very useful and ginseng tea, because it improves circulation, thus reducing the likelihood that you will get cellulite, and alleviates the existing cellulite.
Not too hard, is not it? Cycling (that is, especially in a society, it is so fun you will not even feel it as a kind of obligation), rub your feet in the shower and apply them with cream and drink herbal teas interesting taste - and your feet will be such that you will be proud to show them. 

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