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Beautiful and well-groomed hair

To format the desired hairstyle it is important to choose kavalitetnu and appropriate for your hair brush.The wrong choice can ruin the brush hair, so to begin, read some of the tips for hair professionals. 

"The blow should take care not to brush too big or too small. If the hair is thicker, curly, wavy, then you should have a denser brush the hair pins better workmanship. And with thinner hair, needles should be rare, because through it the air from your blowdryer to style your hair into the desired hairstyle. "

Small styling brush, produced by the hair that is thin or stanjivati ​​started. Massages and stimulates the scalp, without scratching. It is ideal for children.

Medium brush hair care hair with widely distributed, it is suitable for movement and lifting the hair from the roots while blow drying. It is particularly effective in untying strong hair.

Thermal brush is suitable for curling hair straightening, smoothing over styling. The advantage of ceramics in higher and more uniform absorption and heat retention for faster and simpler styling, smoothes, nourishes and adds shine.

Brush with thermoceramic technology - "Their best performance is achieved with styling. At both ends of the bristles are extensions, which prevents pulling hair and highlights. Thanks thermoceramic layer evenly heats the hair, and so does not harm "

Flat brush excellent care of all lengths and types of hair. "When dry hair is good for detangling, soothes hair, does not cause electricity from a special rubberized plastic material that will not damage your hair."

Do not comb the hair from the root!
Besides the wrong brush selected, the most common mistake that most beautiful hair makes a woman combing every time and cause hair breakage, hair is withdrawing from the roots to the ends. On the contrary, say stylists, hair should comb from the roots to the tips, piece by piece. It is always good to repeat and how not to dry the hair until it is completely wet, but only after at least ten minutes to air dry. Avoid overheated air from the fan.


4 Steps to cultivated and vibrant hair

As long as the weather is nice and warm, dry your hair naturally. Use less hair and preparations for revitalizing rinse with cold water. This way, experts advise "Loereal" have nurtured and shiny hair.

Ideal is to wash your hair every four days, but if you need more then a wash. Washed hair wrap in a towel to absorb the water and gently dab hands in the towel

When applying shampoo, massage your scalp to stimulate circulation and help your hair so that there is oxygen and strengthened. Massage the scalp with your fingertips for at least a minute.

Energetic RINSE
Rinse thoroughly to remove the shampoo, but do not at the same time to use hot water because it negatively affects the capillaries. Apply some of the preparations for the care and rehabilitation of the hair enriched with vitamins, extracts with algae or avocado, from root to tip. When the elapsed time indicated on the package, rinse again, preferably with cold water.

Dry the hair, but do not twist it and stretch. It is best to wrap it in a towel to absorb the water and gently dab hands on a towel. Then carefully comb your hair, and a little dried with towels. It is best to then let it air dry. Towel to gently press your hands to absorb the moisture. For combing wet hair combs are best with wide teeth.

Blow drying
If you blow dry your hair, keep in mind that air must not be hot, but tepid. To keep hair seemed lavish, bend your head while drying. When the hair is already semi-dry, apply a product that will give her a glow, and then complete the drying.

Balm, yes or no?
With the balm should not be exaggerated, although many women think the opposite. Use a hair repair that cuts to the very root of the hair, and does not remain on the surface like a balm.

Dilute shampoo
How to use a shampoo for one wash hair? Most experts believe that is enough about tablespoon of shampoo. And another thing: instead of applying it directly to the hair, dissolve it in a glass of lukewarm water.

Nutritious Packaging
If you put the packages regenerate hair, it is best to choose a product that contains vitamins and algae extracts, avocado or olive. Apply it evenly to the entire comb your hair, from root to tip. Leave it to act for as long as prescribed instructions.


egg tips for shiny hair

Do you want to lighten your hair, or make it darker, or are they just restore luster, and in a home? To achieve a more natural effect, follow our instructions.

DO YOU WANT TO: lighten hair
If you have a dark-haired, and want to become a blonde, it would be good to let the experts, and if you still decide to do it yourself, instead of warm, golden, grayish tones to choose not to fire orange.

Do you want to freshen up a bit and lighten the highlights, in this you can use lemon. Wash your hair with shampoo neutral, and then rub squeezed lemon juice. Wait twenty minutes to rest. Rinse with warm water.

Do you want to make it shinier, you could use beer, full of protein, which acts directly on the hair growth and shine. Mix beer with kašćicom honey and leave on the hair for half an hour, and then rinse well.

Now when you have such a good color, make sure you keep it up. Use shampoos and conditioners designed blond hair, enriched with extracts of wheat germ and sunflower which will highlight the splendor of blond hair. Blonde hair is more sensitive, so you need to be treated more often with masks and packs. It should contain protective filters that protect tresses from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

WISH YOU: Being a darker
Choose a shade or two darker than what you have. For the most natural effect of the safest neutral shades of brown. When you're finished painting, wash your hair until the water is completely clear, and then apply the balm, except that nourishes the hair and used for fixing the color. Tresses in full color are accepted approximately 48 to 72 hours after coloring, so if you are not at home to reach a shade you like, even get a haircut mitigate the damage.

The hair will be slightly darker place it on the ivy and walnut mixture: 10 kašćica chopped ivy leaf and 5 leaf kašćica walnut boil in a quart of water. This mixture twice a day and wash your hair it would be after ten treatments should darken.

Hairdressers say that the paint will be more stable and healthier hair if you do not wash too often - the best is twice a week.

Brown hair is the easiest to maintain, unless you are naturally very bright, so you have to watch out for izrastak. Use products based on chestnuts and cocoa brown sheen will highlight and avoid hairspray. He destroys the glow brown hair, and if you really must use it, be sure afterwards apply a shine serum.

DO YOU WANT TO: highlight your natural color
A lot of women try several different hair color and go to the stage of blondes brunette, but in the end it is decided to return to his natural hair color. Do you want to stop the paint, you have to know that the process, after years of treating hair, take (especially if you do not want to cut). When you get it, cultivate hair products for shine to your natural color look more beautiful and healthier.

That can help you the most several types of oil. Once a week, apply a mixture of olive, coconut and sesame oils. Keep the mixture on the hair during the night. For uncoloured hair is fine and avocado oil because it highlights the natural color and silky shine to the hair.

Do you want to receive coloring your natural shade, it's best to choose a color that is closest to the color of your hair, and then slightly lighten a few thin strands.

If you decide to restore the natural shades of hair using a mild shampoo enriched with royal jelly, which nourishes the hair and makes it more vigorous. Once a week, make a nourishing wrap with egg yolk, olive or castor oil.


Want to improve the quality of hair?

Dissatisfied quality of your hair? Today and change your eating problems would be halved. Find out what else you can do for your hair.

Proper and regular diet affects health, but also the quality of the hair. The daily diet should have the optimum amount of: vitamins, proteins, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, selenium, calcium, zinc, iron, carotene and silicon. Experts advise to drink every day from 4 to 6 glasses of water. on the list of desirable foods are:
Fruits: citrus fruits, figs, apples, apricots and nuts.
Vegetables and Grains: Beans, peas, beans, lentils, mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, green vegetables, rice, whole grains and flax seed.
Meat and dairy products: poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs.

To keep your hair nice and it would be his ideal that at least once in two days, gently masirateprirodnim liquids such as tea, thyme, nettle tea, thistle tea, tonic or oil of Rosemary oil ricunusovo (two hours before washing) . For red or dry scalp experts advise rubbing a mixture of oil of lavender, geranium, almond and olive trees.

Should avoid high concentrations of smoke or smog, it is very detrimental to the hair. Smoke and other particles accumulate in the hair and decompose or chemically damaged hair.

Regular hair washing prevents shrinkage of fat in your hair and mucous gland function, thereby allowing proper nutrition hair. To have a lush mane avoid ammonia, poor quality hair dyes, shampoos and non-performing assets remained strong.

Wind, rain ...
Hair should not be exposed to too much sun, wind, chlorine and salt water. Avoid too much stretching the hair in a ponytail, use barrettes for her strong physically interfere. Do not use harsh brushes. Avoid over-drying your hair with warm blow.

Apple Cider - shine and health of hair

Healthy hair has a pH level BETWEEN 4 and 4.5 - when in this condition cuticles are closed and sealed, so the hair is smooth and better reflects the light. The natural pH of the hair that is slightly acidic. Painting, chemical treatment of hair, shampooing and raises the pH of the hair. When the hair has a higher pH becomes porous and does not lie flat, but flying in all directions. Then the hair ruffling, seems less orderly and more frizzy and breaks.
Since vinegar is acidic, with a pH between 2.5 and 3.5 (depending on the type and concentration), a great idea is to use it diluted the final rinse. That will reduce the pH value that can be raised for several reasons - will descend cuticle, the hair will be shinier, less tangle, easier to design and fluffy.

Vinegar also removes mineral deposits that occur as a result of the use of hard water and the air impure.Removes sebum deposits and styling products. When used for this purpose (as a tool for deep cleaning) is used in higher concentrations than normal (25-50%). Rub the hair and leave on for several minutes and then rinse.

How to use apple cider vinegar as a rinse aid? Mix 75 ml of apple cider vinegar with one liter of water. Pour this into a plastic bottle and use as a flushing agent at the end of the washing process and package the hair.The hair will be softer and shinier

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