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Beautiful and manicured hands

There is a way that the line spacing treatments and trips to save money, and your hands and still be beautiful and cherished 

Nails should not be too long. It is better to be short nails or medium length, the less chance that some "shut up" or breaks, longer lasting and easier on shorter nails.

Apply a moisturizer regularly, not just at night before bed, but several times a day. Get special cuticle oil or face cream for care of the area, because ordinary moisturizers are not strong enough to feed the delicate skin around the nail, which is prone to dryness cracking.

If the paint is in good condition and is not grazed, three or four days after a manicure, apply one coat of clearcoat. In this way, can protect the color and extra sparkle that will make you look like you just came from the salon.

If possible, avoid using your nails as tools. Your beautiful, manicured nails are not used to open cans and removing labels from products.

Too hot water causes cracking paint, and the paint is removed quickly. If you got my nails done, do not take a shower for an hour. If you wash your dishes in your hands, use gloves.


Nurture your nails

Manicured nails and hands are mirror women. Nails to be beautiful is not enough nalakirati. Before coating it is necessary to manicure your hands and then the icing on the cake at the end and put the varnish on the nails. If you do not have the time and money to visit a professional salon nail using the following tips and you can have beautiful and healthy nails.
First Nurture your cuticles - when cutting cuticles need to be careful not to snap it down skin deep. It would be best to block out the skin, rather than the cut. If you cut every time you will make more skins and it will be thicker. Suppression will lose its pull. Use skin emollients and gadgets for suppression. If you do not have at hand softener, you can dip your hands for a few minutes in hot water, until the skins are tender.
Second Shape file of nails - regular cut and file the nails and try to give you all the nails are the same length.That will be more beautiful nails, the less will be broken and shoot.
3rd Nail polish - at least once a week, your nails polish special nail file polish, because that improves circulation nails. On the one hand, hold the two minutes and do not press. After polishing nail polish oil, grease, so that we could be healthier and stronger.
4th Pamper your hands regular hand cream - on hand cream, hand and as soon as you feel that your hands are dry moisturise. So to protect them.
5th White pencil polish - nails using this pen will make you look more beautiful, cleaner and neater. Use it under the edges of the nail.
6th Food polish - and diet can affect the appearance of the nail. We put in our body calcium, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin C. Avoid fatty food intake hrranu and high in protein and minerals, because they contain substances that help build nail.
7th Nail polish - nail polish in a cool place that would not change the consistency.
8th Less is more - do every day to remove nail polish and re-apply. It would be good to do it once or twice a week, because for removing nail polish dry up. Use for removing oil-based varnish.
9th Massage your hands - hand massage improves circulation and faster and healthier nail growth.


Experts advise how to extend the duration of manicure - nails to perfect the steps

If you want to extend the life of your manicure, apply the advice of experts who are well known for many famous nail embellishment around the world.

Provide the best

Do not be ashamed to bring their favorite bottle of nail polish next time you go to a salon manicure. Since they are paying a lot of women, salons sometimes add thinner varnish to prolong their shelf life, which can leave its mark on the color or create air bubbles once the cause.

Dry thoroughly before painting nails

"If there is a remainder of a product, such as a moisturizing cream, oil, water and the like., Varnish is not well connected with the fingernail," she explained Weingarter Essie, Essie Cosmetics head home.

Seal color

"Primer, paint and the top layer should be applied on the edge of the nail - the part that shorten scissors or scalpel," advises Jane Park, owner of several beauty salons nail. This quick and simple trick will help you maintain your manicure and almost doubled its "duration".

Slowly apply the varnish
The main thing that women do not pay attention is to be gradually applied varnish. Instead brzopotezno applying nail polish to the nanosecond, try a deep breath (not too far back, because you will be stunned), hold your breath and slow movement caused lakh in three lines. First, along the middle of the nail, and then on each side, advises Deborah Lippmann, who cares for nail beauty celebrities such as Cher, George Clooney, Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker and Renee Zellweger. That will be easier and faster dry you will not spend a lot of time lamataju─çi hand to rapidly hardens. A few minutes after the first coat and apply a second. This step will increase the time between two manicure, but also to extend the duration of your nail polish.

Take care and after painting

Although many products advertised as varnishes that dry only 60 seconds or a minute - two, the truth is quite the opposite. You might touch makes it easy to dry, but it can take up to 12 hours to be fully hardened. Heat can adversely affect this process, therefore, refrain from washing your hands in warm water, showering and washing dishes, and equally avoid the sauna.

Caress Daily Nail

The surface of the skin and nails require constant care, not an occasional coat once every two weeks. Only in this way will ensure the least possible cuticles and prevent its peeling or listing. Unlike conventional skin lotion, oil for its nail has a special formula with vitamin E in jojojbinim oil, which can enter deep into the nail.


Care for the gentlest touch: Tips for beautiful hands and nails

Some worry about your hands being part of the daily routine. Protect them with cream and gloves, so that your manicure in its full glory came to the fore. See what the basic guidelines for proper hand care.
In winter, you are not required expensive creams but need to make a habit every day Mazet hands after washing

Regular care
For beautiful hands is an important regular care. In winter, you are not required expensive creams but need to make a habit every day Mazet hands after washing. Dry skin will soften quickly if Mazet and hands before going to bed. To give you a cream always at hand, bring in a bag of small, practical package of hand cream.
When you put the mask on your face, make sure to apply it in your hands. Natapkatjte is the skin on your hands and put a nylon gloves.

Do not over-wash your hands frequently with soap strong, especially in winter. When you wash dishes and do the chores, put the gloves as detergents, except that dry the skin, remove the nails with a protective layer, and their surface becomes susceptible to fungus and bacteria.

Although long nails elongated fingers and hands are feminine, they still look the cleanest with short rounded nails. Trim nails to the length of three or four millimeters, and then keep the length of the periodic filing.Groomed nails and regularly involve removing varnish and nail care cuticle.

Call attention to your hands, modern colors of nail polish. Latest collections this season include a purple, pink and red shades, though, regardless of trends, nail colors according to cuddle with wardrobe and makeup.
Varnish is applied in two thin coats. Before painting, apply clear varnish or lacquer for surface, and then coated with nail varnish ordinary. That will be more easy to keep your fingernails. When the coating should be careful about how it is easier to apply. Nails need to be put on the bottom to the top. A thin line of the nail root should remain free because the nails will then be able to breathe.

Lemon juice feels nails
Lemon juice is a bleaching agent for nails. It acts as an exfoliate your skin at the base of the nail. Nails to hold two minutes in lemon juice. If the skin is dry and toe nails if they make lists of the most preferred the bath oil. Olive oil, sunflower or sesame oil to warm up, and then soak your fingers or the entire hand. This treatment lasts for 10 minutes. 

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