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As against excessive sweating?

Active you are a woman, full of enthusiasm and even more full-time duty. Chase here, you rush over there, UPEK out the sun, and how not to sweat? Then came the unpleasant smell of sweat, though, it feels ulepljeno ... Maybe not quite as active, but still, the heat that currently the government is simply impossible not to sweat - which brings us back to the above-mentioned problem of odors and emotions. How to solve this problem? The usual way is, of course, deodorant, and adequate personal hygiene. To remind you of the most important things, as well as some widespread misconceptions. 

Often referred to, especially in the hot summer days, it should give priority to light clothing made of natural materials. Not only are these fabrics healthier but in some synthetic fabrics sweat a lot more, so we need two or even three deodorant. Yes, synthetics are often easier to maintain, but it might still be worth a look hard about some natural fabrics.

Occasionally you may hear: "It is not normal to sweat as much!" That's not exactly true - Sweating is completely normal and natural phenomenon that serves to regulate body temperature. When cold, the less you sweat, and when it is hot, or are exposed to physical harm, or have a fever, sweating more because sweat evaporation lowers body temperature and allows the normal operation of the body. There are people who believe that they do not sweat, but it's just a (wrong) impression - would be in really big trouble if health is indeed the case.

Some people believe that deodorants completely unnatural - and, as unnatural as the soaps that eliminate impurities. Deodorants are simply a necessary part of personal hygiene in the civilized world, helping to neutralize odors that accumulate during perspiration.

One misconception about deodorants is that antiperspirants and deodorants are the same thing: they are not. Deodorants remove odors resulting from the decomposition of sweat on the skin, antiperspirants temporarily reduce the secretion of sweat by clogging of the skin. All deodorants long-acting (24 hours) have antiperspirativni effect.

Antiperspirants its effect antiperspirants can thank the aluminum derivatives, that is, the aluminum salts. It is the only known today for a successful suppression of sweating. For aluminum salts have long been rumored to be harmful, but it has not really been proven nor disproved either.

Some believe that aluminum salts have toxic effects on the nervous system, there is no evidence for it. It has what the evidence is that people with sensitive skin can not tolerate salt aluminum ones because they irritate the skin - such persons must use regular deodorants, which will neutralize odors, but will not reduce sweating. How to know if the salt has aluminum deodorants? Read the list of ingredients - the manufacturer is required by law to list them on the label.

Sweat itself has no nose, an unpleasant odor from developing in the dirt and bacteria that decompose in contact with sweat. Therefore, it is always necessary to maintain personal hygiene. Some people believe that taking a shower every day is not necessary, at least when it comes to removing odors, when used with a long acting deodorant. This is not true because deodorant can not remove dirt or bacteria from the skin. Do not worry; usual showering will reduce effects of deodorant. If you have sensitive skin, deodorant can be used long-acting every second or third day - every day showering you that nothing will interfere.

Yet another erroneous belief is that the roll-on deodorant stick and less effective than the spray.Effectiveness of them is the same, just the spray you get a feeling of freshness on your skin when you apply it - and that's the whole difference. Less effective deodorants are a collection of perfume, deodorant because it smells with the strength of toilet water. They are suitable for people who sweat less.

You can often hear that after waxing should not put deodorant. It is true, as waxing, depending on the method, or irritate the skin, or open pores, or both. It is best to put the talk on legs, in order to speed calming the skin, and the next day apply deodorant.

Another thing about hygiene: If you do not change clothes, deodorant does not help either. Clothes soaked with sweat odor will spread, and that's it. It is best to change clothes every day, t-shirts and shirts that are in direct contact with the body.

Hell of a disease called excessive sweating

From a disease that is known in professional circles as a hyperhidrosis sufferer in the world to millions of people.

Recently, a German dermatologist Karl Reinhard Achenbach published a book titled ŤZnojenje - Advisor healthy ones pogođeneť. And the problem is not irrelevant testimony and groups to help people get overly sweaty founded in Berlin

Most affected by the disease claim that their sweating greatly interferes with normal life, from being troubled by discomfort due to handling a wet hand, the constant feeling with you that something is wrong and that everyone notice your ugly stains on clothing to the fact that the phenomenon may be very dangerous for some professions - such as electricians.
Interesting and recognition - a machine that in the drawer of his desk holding a spare shirt dresses that every time the boss has to go to an interview or a woman who claims to be no foul perspiration certainly married another man.

So although sweating generally healthy - 99 percent of sweat is water - and was responsible for the regulation of body temperature, it is difficult to determine the boundary between normal and disordered or excessive secretion of sweat.

According to Aschenbach enhanced showering and using deodorants does not help too much off problems except that combats body odor. The most effective means is that medical Botulinumtoxin are not allowed.

It is used more and Iontoforesis water is running in the pool with running water and electricity supply and light operation (ETS - endoscopic transthoracic simfatekotomija) in which the sebaceous glands removed or stayed sweaty nerves in the chest or abdomen. Unfortunately, this is not the final solution, because after the surgery performed sweat broke out in other parts of the body.

Sweating may be reduced

Sweating, especially in summer, is a natural phenomenon that can not be prevented, but it can alleviate.

Sweating mngobrojne has good function of the human body, but it can be quite uncomfortable. In addition to "smell" the wet stains on clothes are also undesirable consequence of sweating.

If you have a problem and try to solve them in a tea of ​​chamomile, which will squeeze half a lemon and add a few drops of sugar. Drink this tea every night before bed. Recommended and pumpkin juice or tomato. A day is enough to drink 200 ml.

Women who are most of the face is sweating, you should not wear makeup and men to cause the cream to just shaved cheeks.

Drink plenty of fluids, primarily water, not sugary drinks and alcohol. And coffee stimulates sweating, so opt for tea and sage, mint and fennel. Tea should be drunk hot or lukewarm.

Avoid hot pepper, and rush to cucumbers, zucchini, watermelon, tomatoes, bananas and spinach.

Finally and most importantly - maintain regular hygiene products including: soap and water first, and then the deodorant! 

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