Thursday, February 16, 2012

The skin after summer!

This past holiday season and the intense sun exposure. After flight, the skin can occur various changes that are a direct result of sun exposure. Most of these changes are harmless and aesthetic, but if you notice the appearance of new moles or changes an existing mole, it is time to consult a dermatologist. Autumn is also the time when the dryness of the skin increases, a change in temperature and humidity leads to deterioration of some skin diseases.

Dryness of skin

After exposure to the sun the skin is thickened and strengthened the scaling, and dryness of her fall by itself increases. Autumn and winter are the time needed boost skin hydration, especially in people with dry skin and eczema susceptibility. Bath oil and creams with urea, lactic acid and other hidration factors can reduce the dryness of the skin and improve its quality.

Dark skin pigmentation

After the flight, the dark patches of skin become more pronounced due to greater exposure to UV rays. In women, most often by melasma, in which dark spots appear due genetic predisposition or due to the use of hormonal preparations, most often during pregnancy. Also, on the face and other body areas, such as a substance. perfumes and some fruits (and vegetables) can be combined with exposure to sunlight to induce phototoxic reactions that can be manifested by the appearance of dark spots on the skin, which become even more visible when you lose ten obtained sunbathing. Autumn and winter are the best time for removal of pigmentation. Sometimes the application of certain creams and gels during the 3-6 months enough for the loss of pigmentation, while sometimes necessary treatments, chemical peels or laser to remove them. Rigorous retardant from the sun, but next spring it is necessary to avoid re-emerged as a preference for the re-emergence of these changes is always there.

The loss of pigment

After the flight is more common occurrence of white spots especially on the neck, trunk and arms. Sometimes it comes to fungal infection called. pityriasis versicolor, with which fungus prevents darkening of the skin evenly, so that after these changes must often notice. Treatment to eliminate the fungus, but it takes several months to equalize skin pigmentation. Implementation antimycotic therapy before the next exposure is the best prevention of occurrence of such changes. White spots can also occur in individuals who have some form of eczema and dry skin after sun exposure and the so-called. pityriasis alba is lost after an intensive skin grease. The small white depigmented spots are caused by damage to the skin of prolonged and intense exposure to sunlight. Sometimes, just after the first flight and noticed depigmented milky white fields indicate vitiligo, a skin disease whose treatment is more effective if started early.

Sun spots

Light-skinned person white or red hair are genetically predisposed to the emergence of small spot whose number increases after exposure to sunlight (lentigines). Other types of changes are sunny spots (lentigo solaris, lentigo senilis), which may be a diameter of 1 to 5 mm or more, and is a sign of chronic skin damage from sunlight. People who have a large number of sun spots on the trunk and have a higher risk of developing skin cancer because it is a sign that had been long and intensively exposed to the sun over a lifetime. These changes are in addition to the face and trunk, usually on the hands, can be removed for aesthetic reasons. Daily sun protection can only partially prevent the emergence of new changes, which result from the accumulation of chronic sun-damaged skin.

The new skin growths

Many people report the occurrence of small growths on the skin of the neck and folds especially after sun exposure.Usually there is a soft fibroma (acrochordones) that can remove various electrosurgical methods. However, if they appeared on the skin of young or new to some of the current changed, it is time to contact a dermatologist for examination and dermoscopy for early diagnosis and early removal of these changes if necessary.

The worsening of skin diseases

Autumn is the time when seasonal diseases exacerbate some of the skin: psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, chronic hand eczema. The fact is that many people from UV radiation and sun exposure leads to changes of appeasement and retreat during the summer, so probably some of these diseases is worse in the fall.


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